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Visualization is a powerful technique that helps you create the things you want in life. By visualizing your goals you’ll send a picture to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind creates your reality through the messages you send to it. Joseph Murphy says that any mental picture, backed by faith and perseverance, will come to pass through the miracle-working power of your subconscious. Every time you think of something you visualize it. By visualizing a certain event or a situation, or an object, such as a car, a house, money, success etc, we attract it into our life.

Brian Tracy states in his famous book „Goals” that the most common characteristic of leaders at all levels, throughout the ages, is that they have a “vision.”  Tracy claims that successful people are those who visualize the kind of success they want to enjoy, in advance. They use visualization consciously or unconsciously, by imagining their goals as already accomplished. Prior to every new experience, they visualize previous success experiences that are similar to the upcoming event.

Unsuccessful, unhappy people talk about their problems and worries, and they see themselves as victims. Unsuccessful people recall their previous “failure experiences.” They think about the last time they failed or did poorly and they imagine failing again. As a result, their subconscious minds have been preprogrammed for failure, rather than success. Although they try to think positively about their goals, they still have the same old negative victim images in their subconscious. In spite of teachings of many gurus we follow we still end up at the same lives we have. Bruce Lipton argues that the reason is that we maybe have gone through the changes in our conscious mind, but we still live under the control of our subconscious mind. Just because we put something in our conscious mind it doesn’t change our subconscious belief system.

It is essential that you learn to manage and control this visualizing capability of your mind and focus it, like a laser beam, in the direction of achieving the goals that are most important to you. Therefore we must pay attention to the pictures and messages that are surrounding us. Pictures we draw or hang on a wall reflect our subconscious image. I started to pay attention on the pictures that surrounded me after I had seen the movie „The Secret”. I discovered that when complaining all the time that I am the only one who cleans and washes dishes I had a poster of Pierre-Auguste Renoir “The Inn of Mere Anthony” on my kitchen wall where a woman cleans dishes. There are lot of motivational posters available with powerful quotations that help you focus your mind on things that you want in your life. It is essential to focus your mind on positive statements and surround yourself with uplifting quotations and images. For example, if you have poster on the wall with the quotation „Where there is an open window there exists limitless opportunity”, it lifts you up and encourages you every time when you feel frustrated and doors seem to be closed. You must take control of your mental pictures because you always perform according to your self-image. Your self-image is made up of the mental pictures that you feed into your mind prior to any event. You have complete control over your mental pictures. You can choose to feed your mind with positive, exciting, success images or vice versa, you can end up allowing yourself to be preoccupied by failure images. Surrounding yourself with uplifting quotations and images, such as the quotation of Richard Brinsley Sheridan “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed” you’ll feed your mind with success images. If you look back, you will find that almost everything you visualized positively eventually came true for you. Trust it, believe in its power, and wonders will happen.

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