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The Beauty and Joy of Computing

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Big Data: .9 Billion opportunity for IT Services and Consulting Industry
International Data Corporation recently released its “Big Data technology and services forecast” predicting that Big Data market will grow from $ 3.2 billion in 2010 to $ 16.9 billion in 2015, a compounded annual growth rate of 40% and “growth of …
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GridIron Systems' TurboCharger Certified to Accelerate Databases With NetApp
SUNNYVALE, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/27/12 — GridIron® Systems, a pioneer in Big Data acceleration, today announced its TurboCharger™ SAN acceleration appliance has been certified as interoperable with NetApp® unified storage solutions.
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IDC and SAP discuss the challenges that telcos face regarding big data.

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Question by : Can hadoop be used to play games?
I have been researching lately about “hadoop” over the web since our professor at the university told us about it(i am a Computer Science student).So far I have found out that it can be used to all sorts of things, like searching,compilling large texts, image recognitioning and many many more, but then when I searched at google I couldn’t find anything about hadoop and game developing.So here is my question, can “hadoop”, with its “Map-Reduce”, be used to program 2-3 CPUs so that they can run the same game at the same time?
Let’s say that a game requires 2.6 GHz CPU processor and you got 2 laptops with 1.5 GHz CPU processor each, can I apply that somehow so I can run the game smoothly??

P.S.Sorry if I said too much this is the first time that I use Yahoo Answers.

Best answer:

Answer by abhishek j
if a game requires large set of data (like to be searched or processed) or some calculation which cannot be handled by one cpu than it might help..

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San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2012

Infineta Systems, the first and only provider of WAN optimization systems for Big Traffic workflows, today announced that its Infineta Data Mobility Switch (DMS) was selected as a finalist for Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.coms annual Product of the Year award in the network equipment category. Infineta is one of six finalists to be selected by a panel of judges out of hundreds of entries.

Infineta Systems is the first networking company to develop and market commercial WAN optimization systems that accelerate inter-data center WANs running at up to 10Gbps wire speeds. Powered by its Velocity Dedupe Engine, the Infineta DMS delivers unrivaled levels of throughput and scalability. The DMS serves as a critical building block for enterprises grappling with Big Traffic workflows such as high speed replication and remote backup, and cross-site storage and server virtualization, and Big Data.

With enterprise data sets reaching aggregate volumes in the 100s of terabytes to petabytes, and storage needs doubling every year, there is a dire need for scalable WAN optimization solutions to accelerate the large volumes of data being transferred between data centers.

Unlike other WAN optimization solutions, Infinetas DMS can reduce traffic footprints at multi-Gigabit speeds while incurring only microseconds of processing latency. The DMS is the only WAN optimization solution capable of supporting the next generation of advanced data center architectures. With the DMS, for example, customers can easily turn a 1Gbps WAN into a virtual 5Gbps link, leading to increased network throughput and guaranteed bandwidth availability. Not only is the DMS able to significantly improve the performance for all Big Traffic workflows traversing enterprise WAN networks, it is also a financially sound investment, with a typical return on investment in a sub-year timeframe.

We are very proud and honored that Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.coms panel of judges have recognized Infinetas flagship product, the DMS, and its capabilities, stated Haseeb Budhani, Vice President of Products at Infineta Systems. This recognition underscores the leadership approach Infineta has taken in understanding how enterprise IT strategies around data protection, virtualization and Big Data are leading to Big Traffic issues on the WAN, and how next-generation WAN optimization solutions can address these Big Traffic challenges.

About Infineta Systems

Based in San Jose, California, Infineta Systems is a privately-held, leading provider of WAN optimization systems for Big Traffic. The companys patent-pending Velocity Dedupe Engine delivers unprecedented levels of throughput, scalability and bandwidth capacity to support critical machine-scale workflows across the data center interconnect. Its flagship product, the Infineta Data Mobility Switch, accelerates multi-gigabit BCDR (business continuity/disaster recovery), cross-site virtualization, and Big Data traffic. The company is backed by Rembrandt Venture Partners, Alloy Ventures and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information, visit

Infineta, Infineta Systems, Data Mobility Switch, and Velocity Dedupe Engine are trademarks or registered trademarks of Infineta Systems, Inc., in the U.S. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

Think Big Analytics, a leading Big Data engineering and analytics services company today announced a Big Data Cloud Practice focused on deploying analytics solutions that leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS). Think Big engineers and data scientists work with enterprise clients to brainstorm, design, develop and deploy advanced analytics solutions. By designing fit for purpose analytics solutions for streaming, adhoc, fast access and machine learning use cases, Think Big provides clients with the ability to enhance the value of their infrastructure and data, and monetize insights.

To support clients needs to develop their big data technology skills, Think Big will offer lab intensive education courses through its Think Big Academy. Think Big Academy offers courses ranging from 3-5 days covering all facets of building Big Data solutions, including comprehensive training in the principles of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), advanced data modeling and data science courses and strategies for configuring and utilizing Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and Amazon DynamoDB for large scale analytics.

Big data is shaping the way companies of all sizes develop new products and identify new opportunities for efficiency, said Terry Wise, Director of Business Development, AWS. Think Big Analytics is applying their unique delivery methodology and training programs to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, Amazon DynamoDB and the whole portfolio of AWS services. We are pleased Think Big Analytics is part of the AWS Solution Provider ecosystem, bringing our joint customers new opportunities to leverage cloud based big data solutions.

We are excited to announce the Big Data Cloud consulting practice, which will enhance our innovative approach and methodology in working with clients, said Rick Farnell, President, at Think Big Analytics. We have a successful deployment track record and our investment in deploying solutions on Amazon Web Services plus AWS innovative technology roadmap is a powerful combination that offers the services and technology to help our consultants and clients rapidly design, develop and deploy complex analytics solutions.

To learn more about Think Big Analytics services and our Think Big Academy courses visit

About Think Big Analytics

Founded by some of the top talent from leading technology firms such as Quantcast, Accenture, C-Bridge, Sun Microsystems and Oracle, Think Big Analytics is a professional services firm focused exclusively on Big Data analytics solutions. With a proven track record including many Fortune 500 clients, Think Big Analytics helps clients brainstorm, design, engineer and scale new ways to monetize data assets. To learn more about the power of Big Data, or to schedule a Brainstorming session, contact Think Big Analytics

The Think Big Analytics logo is a trademark of Think Big Analytics. Hadoop is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation. Any other names contained herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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A primer for Testers on Data Warehouses, ETL, Business Intelligence and how to test them Are you hearing and reading about Big Data, Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW), the ETL Process and Business Intelligence (BI)? The software markets for EDW and BI are quickly approaching billion, according to Gartner, and Big Data is growing at an exponential pace. Are you being tasked to test these environments or would you like to learn about them and be prepared for when you are asked to test them? RTTS, the Software Quality Experts, is providing this groundbreaking webinar, based upon their many years of experience in providing software quality solutions for more than 400 companies. This video is geared towards:  QA Testers  Automated Test Engineers  Quality Assurance Analysts  Business Analysts  Developers  Project Managers …and anyone else who is (a) new to the EDW space, (b) wants to be educated in the business and technical sides and (c) wants to understand how to test them. You will learn the answer to the following questions: • What is Big Data and what does it mean to me? • What are the business reasons for a building a Data Warehouse and for using Business Intelligence software? • How do Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence tools and ETL work from a technical perspective? • Who are the primary players in this software space? • How do I test these environments? • What tools should I use? Don’t wait for your QA team to be assigned to an EDW project — view

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big data demo At Intel’s Research & Innovation Forum 2011 we can across an demo that shows how huge amounts of data can be manipulated on mobile devices. They are revisiting traditional volume rendering techniques to provide excellent realism on platforms with high end CPUs and integrated graphics. Check out the mobile device using their advanced rendering technique to display streamed data. With more and more big data in the cloud finding ways to enable visualization of large, complex datasets on the new generation of mobile devices is important. The demo specifically how end users in the medical field can now use their smartphones or tablets to view tomography data in an operating theater.

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SecureWave – Enterprise Security Threats: Defining and Avoiding Malware and Data Leakage
from Enterprise Security Threats: Defining and Avoiding Malware and Data Leakage
Price: USD 0
View Details about SecureWave

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 19, 2012

Pursway announced today a partnership with MetroPCS Communications, Inc. that it has been selected to help enhance its customer engagement and acquisition program through the use of Pursways Influencer Marketing Management (IMM) software platform and related marketing consulting services.

After working with Pursway for a year on several marketing programs, Pursways software has consistently identified key influencers and their followers within our customer base, said James Sartain, Vice President, Strategy & Analytics, MetroPCS. As a company that already enjoys strong word-of-mouth marketing, identifying and catering to an influencer customers specific level of interest in MetroPCS products and services provides additional leverage in our marketing programs to reach more potential customers.

Consumers today are influenced by the people they know as much as any marketing message. Pursways IMM solution enables organizations to identify customers that influence their friends and families purchase behavior.

We are excited to add MetroPCS to our growing list of marquee customers seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing spend through influencer marketing, said Elery Pfeffer, CEO of Pursway. Identifying and managing influencers will enable MetroPCS to better fit their marketing communications to customers varying interests and levels of engagement, and as a result increase the return on investment on marketing campaigns.

About MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

Dallas-based MetroPCS Communications, Inc. is a provider of no annual contract, unlimited wireless communications service for a flat-rate. MetroPCS is the fifth largest facilities-based wireless carrier in the United States based on number of subscribers served. With Metro USA (SM), MetroPCS customers can use their service in areas throughout the United States covering a population of over 280 million people. As of December 31, 2011, MetroPCS had over 9.3 million subscribers. For more information please visit

About Pursway

Pursway empowers consumer-facing organizations to close the gap between how they market and how people buy. The Pursway patent-pending technology enables companies to identify, measure, and impact how opinion leaders shape their followers purchasing decisions. Using Pursways big data analytical solutions, leading global organizations in telecommunications, retail, and financial services are realizing 5-10x improvement in the ROI of customer acquisition, cross-sell, and churn prevention efforts.

Michal Rosenberg



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