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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 19, 2012

SumAll, a new venture backed e-commerce data analytics tool, has rolled out a fully integrated new version of their platform that allows PayPal customers access to their online stores business intelligence data.

Business owners who already use PayPal as one of their payment gateways, can, with just a few clicks, easily integrate their data with SumAll and immediately gain real-time actionable insights about their stores.

SumAlls software was built from the ground up, and allows online e-commerce business owners to answer questions such as:

*Are new or old customers more valuable?

*Which days of the week produce the highest revenue?

*If sales continue at the current rate, what is my expected yearly revenue?

As well as many others.

SumAll aims to shake-up the business intelligence market with a platform that delivers sophisticated revenue analysis at an affordable price. Launched in November, 2011, the company is already tracking over 300 million in real-time revenue data.

PayPal is giant in the online commerce industry, and were so thrilled to offer all of their customers integration with our tool. We hope this will allow each of the millions of PayPal users to stay focused on growing their businesses and earning more money, said SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson.

With a seed investment from General Catalyst, Wellington and Matrix Ventures, the young company has put together a tight, top-notch team, and will continue to expand with the products scope and reach.

About SumAll:

Headquartered in New York City, SumAll’s platform provides real-time data analytics and business intelligence to e-commerce store owners. For more information, please visit:

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by OSSCube

Article by Kate

The father of Hadoop participate in Chinese 2011 for cloud computing conference – Careers

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The institute of computing technology, the Chinese academy of sciences sponsored Hadoop China 2011 cloud computation conference (Hadoop in China 2011, HiC2011) will be on December 2, to 3, in Beijing convention center, this will be Hadoop in China community an annual technology event! Conference will be united international and domestic Hadoop and cloud Computing technology application success enterprise, and introduce the international research field for cloud Computing and DISC (Data Intensive Super Computing) research direction of academic point of view. Through the technical application and scientific research double cloud computing technology perspective and Hadoop open source ecological system present situation and development trend.

Doug Cutting, Apache software foundation Hadoop, chairman of the father of the”

The father of Hadoop first visit to participate in exchange

Congress special invited Lucene, Nutch, Hadoop, the father of the open source software, Apache software foundation chairman and ApacheHadoop project director Mr. DougCutting; Condor founder University of Wisconsin–Madison’s MironLivny professor; GOOGLE, facebook, and many other experts site speech communication, some experts to is for the first time in China for communication.

In recent years, more and more domestic and foreign Internet companies and traditional enterprises have realized data bring the potential value of the asset scale. To Hadoop, as a representative of the mass data Processing (BigData Processing) technology becomes mature makes “business is king” to “data is king” to change. Such as clean out treasure of the company’s “data cube” application, which based on the analysis of the transaction data and mining, provide dynamic hot line industry and market development trend of depth data services. Mass data processing technology development often beyond imagination. Take the user has 600 million of Facebook, for example, mass data processing more toward the real-time, on the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) from the original delay of 24 to 48 hours evolution to less than 10 seconds to meet online and real time data analysis needs. Can see “if performance not meet demand is the function is lost” such a system design guiding ideology. In addition, the scale of the data without appropriate “digging treasure tool” is unable to reflect its value. Information retrieval, content mining, natural language processing, data visualization, calculation of advertising, geographic information system, etc all use Hadoop technology research and development from the data to value of all kinds of tools, and played the “mass data digging treasure” role.

The prosperity of Hadoop community to see. More and more companies at home and abroad to participate in community development Hadoop, or directly to the use of open source software online. This greatly promote the Hadoop technology in domestic promoted development, expanded the mass data processing of should use range. We are delighted to see images of passion flesh research Hadoop, this year’s VLDB appearing several articles and MapReduce/Hadoop related papers. This shows Hadoop and many can improve the place can be improved. On the other hand, some business software also be in to Hadoop technology draws close, compatible Hadoop software stack. At the same time, there was a group of both at home and abroad to provide technical advice and service Hadoop, Hadoop mass data processing technology of commercial value gradually get the attention of the industry.

Mass data digging treasure

Hadoopin China assembly has four th, this year’s conference theme is “mass data digging treasure”. Hope to “is the most meticulous detail, the research and development direct exchange interaction” make the congress to “understand the actual demand, listen to master, promote the application practice, point to carry forward the spirit of open source” purposes. The more hope that through HiC2011 congress with more grassroots Hadoop hero!!!!!

About the Author

I’m Kate , which offers quality products such as Led Solar Street Lights, LED Tunnel Light Manufacturer, and many more. Know more , please visit LED FloodLights .

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A few Big Data Analytics products I can recommend:

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Most popular distributed computing eBay auctions:

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Posted by jaymepobre748 May - 22 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS (Sanjog Aul) – CIO Talk Radio
from CIO Talk Radio
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Question by : Future scope of distributed computing?
Can anyone plz tell me what kind of future does distributed computing have?
m searching for this topic for an month and have understood what distributed computing exactly but dont know what to write as “future scope for distributed computing” in my seminar report!!

Best answer:

Answer by Matthew
Honestly this is one of the reasons you join a professional organization like IEEE or AAAS, so you can have access to the lastest scientific journals, news and eBooks on various topics. Oh and btw this question from a technical perspective is quite vague, but I’ll try to answer it.

Now, Distributed computing can be look at from several levels, so I’ll start with the lowest hardware. Todays and future processors (for the time being anyways) cannot operate any faster than they are now, since and the heat output would be unacceptable, for more info see Link 1. Thus there are two options either utilize a neuromorphic architecture, or put more processors on a single chip. Since the neuromorphic architechture is still in it’s infancy, the current alternative it put more core/processors on a single chip and/or utilize multiprocessor motherboards. Hence, if current and future programs what to maintain acceptable performance going into the future they need to make use of Concurrency and Parallel programming.

Now lets take a look at software, most platforms today such as Java EE, Linux, Windows, Mac just to name a few support a multitasking model, thus they allow multiple processes and threads of execution, also they allow for a shared or distributed memory model on the same computer.

Lets skip a couple levels and get to the interesting part, Clusters, Clouds and Grids. A single physical computer can only support a limited number of resources (memory, processors, graphics cards, expension slots, etc…) thus you can run only a certain class of programs on a single computer with reasonable performance. However if you add CORBA, MPI, and PVM to the mix you are no longer limited to a single computer or a single operating system. Thus any network of computers and operating systems can work together as one computer, solving problems no single computer ever could (in a reasonable amount of time that is).


The short answer to your question a very long, interesting a fruitful future. To be honest where only now beginning to tap the potential computing reservoir as far is distributed computing is concerned, the possibilities are only limited by ones imagination.

PS: Check out the following programming languages they support concurrency, or distributed programming in some way or the other;


they may be other, but these one are at the tip of my tongue.

Hope this gives you a new perspective on distributed computing.
Enjoy lol!!!

Give your answer to this question below!

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Check out these distributed computing images:


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".

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Jim Harris – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ) Radio
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Article by RealWire

Survey of Nearly 1,000 Organizations Shows that Users Want Intuitive, Mobile and Actionable BI and Big Data Analytics – Bloor Group White Paper Reveals Technology Architecture to Deliver It

REDWOOD CITY, CA, November 10, 2011 – Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.), today announced the results of a survey it commissioned to give a realistic picture of how Business Intelligence (BI) is perceived as well as its usage patterns within large enterprises. The results show that users want more intuitive, mobile and actionable BI and Big Data Analytics. In addition, Actian is releasing a white paper by Robin Bloor, Ph.D. of The Bloor Group that reveals details of the technology architecture designed to deliver them.

The worldwide survey, carried out by Actian, polled 918 organizations. Respondents included BI power users, managers and executives, 74 percent of which have BI implementations. The poll found that 76 percent of respondents with BI solutions available to them recorded use at just five percent of their time or less.

Users cited a range of reasons for lack of use, including non-intuitive design, a mismatch of output data to business needs as well as the inability to take action based on reports. In addition, 69 percent of respondents wanted access to BI on their mobile devices, claiming that such functionality would be useful or very useful. More than three quarters (76.2 percent) wanted users to have the ability to set event triggers based on real time data analytics – something that to date has not been available, especially within the confines of the enterprise.

“These results will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked in the data analytics space over the past couple of years,” said Steve Shine, CEO, Actian. “Our customers regularly report on the stagnation of BI, as well as an inability to keep pace with the consumer technology that users enjoy in their personal lives. As data management becomes one of the key opportunities for companies to create competitive differentiation, Actian is connecting the gap between big data analytics and consumer style apps to bring action to BI.”

Actian’s Cloud Action Platform and Action AppsIn September, Actian announced plans to launch a Cloud Action Platform to make it easy for any business user to create Action Apps – lightweight consumer-like applications that automate business actions from insights and real-time changes in data. Using the Action Methodology Developers will be able to use the Cloud Action Platform to create Action Apps in three easy steps:

– Set “Action Probes” to watch and analyze data from a variety of data sources

– Define “Action Triggers” for priority data events and thresholds

– Automatically deliver “Actions” when events occur

“Actian’s Cloud Action Platform and Action Apps have the potential to change the way BI and Big Data Analytics applications are deployed,” said Robin Bloor, Ph.D. and founder of The Bloor Group. “These products target BI users in their specific context and can provide automated reactions.”

According to Bloor’s white paper, Actian closes the gap between insight and action in a way that allows BI users to set automated actions for discoveries in the vast amount of data that simply passes by without being leveraged by an organization. Today, business opportunities are simply missed because insights gained from data could not be put into action quickly enough.

In addition, mobile computing offers a huge opportunity for the Cloud Action Platform. While most current BI tools aren’t built to incorporate data from mobile devices or interact with them, Actian’s technology will make it possible to know the users’s context and provide an appropriate response. For example, a doctor using an iPad could be automatically provided with a specific patient’s entire medical chart, including medical history, imaging and treatment details just as they enter the patient’s room.

Build Action Apps TodayThe Cloud Action Platform can be deployed both as a SaaS environment hosted in a public cloud, and also for deployment on a customer’s own premises in a private cloud. This flexibility provides for very rapid adoption while still delivering security and performance to meet a wide range of business needs.

Many Action Apps will need to trigger probes from existing Enterprise systems, so Actian has created a robust, four-stage, Action Methodology for delivering this integration rapidly, building on its extensive data management and system integration experience. Use of this method, together with the pre-built components contained within the platform and virtual elimination of custom coding for many scenarios delivers an incredibly rapid Return on Investment.

The whole service emphasizes record-breaking speed. The BI capabilities that the service embodies enable the analysis of large amounts of data, including social media data. New actions can be developed quickly, because the developer can be the person who needs/discovers the business insight that is to be acted upon. Additionally the whole platform is built to execute automated actions quickly and reliably.

The paper recommends that companies who implement the Cloud Action Platform and Action Apps look for opportunities within the company’s operations that might be altered to make the most of the service. According to Bloor, “it is a technology that can change the way an organization works.”

To download a copy of the Bloor White Paper, go to

About Actian: Incite ActionActian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.

Actian, Cloud Action Platform, Ingres, and VectorWise are trademarks of Actian Corporation. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.

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