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MapR 5.0 Brings Real-Time to Hadoop Big Data Apps, Searches and More
MapR Technologies' latest update to its Hadoop distro delivers a new level of real-time capabilities to big data apps. Notably, MapR 5.0 supports access to transactional data by auto-synchronizing storage, database and search indices. IDN speaks with …
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LinkedIn open-sources its Groovy Gradle plugin for Hadoop
Hadoop has gotten itself another big-name contributor in the shape of business-oriented social network LinkedIn Corp., which has just made the LinkedIn Gradle Plugin for Apache Hadoop available on GitHub. LinkedIn's Gradle plugin was designed by the …
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Take measured steps to build a Hadoop cluster architecture
What's needed is a focused approach, with measured steps being taken to deploy and expand a Hadoop cluster architecture, according to Raheem Daya, director of product development and manager of the Hadoop platform at RelayHealth, a McKesson …
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Just How Deep is the HPC, Hadoop Chasm?
There has been a great deal of investment and research into making HPC speak Hadoop over the last couple of years. The basic assumption is that if powerful high performance computing hardware can be harnessed to pull Hadoop and MapReduce …
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Hive – Ultrasonic Sound
from The Matrix (Music from the Motion Picture)
Price: USD -1
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Some recent HDFS auctions on eBay:

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Does InfiniBand Have a Future on Hadoop?
Hadoop was created to run on cheap commodity computers connected by slow Ethernet networks. But as Hadoop clusters get bigger and organizations press the upper limits of performance, they're finding that specialized gear, such as solid state drives and …
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DataTorrent tackles complexity of Hadoop data ingestion
Working as a component within a Hadoop platform, dtIngest can work with both streaming and batch data. It can exchange data across a variety of file systems and protocols, including NFS, FTP, the Hadoop File System, Amazon Web Service's Simple Storage …
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Yahoo struts its Hadoop stuff
We've heard a lot lately about how Hadoop has stalled. Matt Asay recently cited a Gartner report describing demand for Hadoop as "fairly anemic," while in March InfoWorld blogger James Kobielus pointed to a "puny adoption rate." The problem is, to get …
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Hadoop 101: Simplifying MapReduce Development
hadoop-101 Learning a new development framework takes time, and, as is well known, the Hadoop platform is no exception. MapReduce developers face a steep learning curve when first deploying and configuring a Hadoop cluster and later when verifying …
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Actian DataFlow, the Little Hadoop Engine That Could, But Probably Won't
In Hadoop's ecosystem of massively parallel cluster computing frameworks, Actian DataFlow is an anomaly. It's a powerful little engine that thinks it can take on any data processing problem, no matter the scale. The trouble is that unlike MapReduce …
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Spark 1.2 challenges MapReduce's Hadoop dominance
The first is to shed the straitjacket created by legacy dependencies on the MapReduce framework and move processing to YARN, Tez, and Spark. Gary Nakamura, CEO of data-application infrastructure outfit Concurrent, believes the "proven and reliable" …
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Medically known as urticaria, hives is an ailment of the skin which causes rings and patches all over the body. Hives are caused by a chemical termed as histamine, which is why red blotches form on the skin surface. These appear in groups and are generally red in color. Hives appear in different sizes, varying on how serious the illness is. It is usually caused when a person is allergic to a particular thing. These may be a particular medicine, nuts, eggs, berries, insect bites, jelly fish, etc. at times, it also occurs due to tight clothes, exposure to extreme weather, hereditary or even sweat. The most common symptoms of hives are swelling on the affected region, itchiness, pain and difficulty in doing routine activity. However, hives can be cured at home retreating to the natural remedies. Learn how to treat hives at home.

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Although the causes of hives are going to change, the symptoms that you have with them are not. These are raised areas that can be red or white and vary in size. Sometimes they are single, and sometimes they come up in groups. Most of the time, your hives are just going to just fade out, but sometimes they will erupt. You should also note that their can be a burning or stinging affect in the area that you have the hives. The itching of these hives can be very small to very severe.


In most cases, hives do not need any kind of treatment at all. There are some different medications you can take that have been affective hive treatment options in the past, but normally you just have to wait it out. The only time that you have to worry is when you find that the hives are starting to cut off your airways. If your have hives in your mouth or around your neck that are starting to make it hard to breath, then you need to go see your doctor. That is because, if the hives swell anymore, it could become impossible for you to breath.


Home Remedies for Hives

To get rid of the itchiness you can apply calamine lotion, it will provide your body with instant relief.
Itchy feeling can also removed by making use of milk of magnesia.
Taking bath with warm water can provide you with great relief. At the same time if you put in the water a bit of cornstarch and baking soda and soak yourself for at least an hour, you will be amazed to see the results.
Apply vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel on the affected areas can also help.
Intake as much Vitamin E, C as you can.
There are many kinds of tea you can drink and they prove to be very effective, such as herbal tea, passionflower, peppermint, valerian, chamomile and catnip.
It is always recommended to apply cool compression on the affected areas.
A long bath with extremely cold water and after that few minutes under fan can result in great relief.
Taking all these hives home remedies into account can help you perfectly in getting rid of hives fast and easy.

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Some recent Hadoop auctions on eBay:

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