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In today’s episode of the Minecraft Survival Challenges, we race to see who can collect all of the items for the Pizza challenge. Grape: Subscribe: http://subsc…
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24 Responses to “Minecraft Survival Challenges Episode 59: Pizza”

  1. Graser10 Says:

    It’s time to put my pizza skills to the test. #SurvivalChallenges

  2. whit pillow Says:

    I will be VERY surprised if Graser loses this.

  3. BraydenFan Says:

    Pepperoni=Apple….Not sure if you’ve heard of a certain thing called
    redstone before…

  4. Megan Hi Says:

    (5sos fam would understand

  5. Andrea C. Says:

    ohhh I had pizza today

  6. Bobermama Says:

    1am, good job Master G

  7. Esmeralda Rojas Says:

    Wow guys im early!!!

    <) ) / Fabulous!!!

  8. Joy Wang Says:

    Wait why did Graser need redstone? Sorry I’m dumb XD

  9. Rachel George Says:

    I was gonna sleep.. then graser posted. XD

  10. Jake Stevick Says:
  11. lola sepos Says:

    did anyone else see the apple he stepped over at 5:23?

  12. Neon Cheese Sticks Says:

    Good Mythical Morning challenge:
    You must collect :
    Diamond and rename it wheel of mythicality
    Chicken and rename it mythical beast and blaze powder for logo (chicken and
    blaze powder make logo)
    Blue dyed leather pants for Rhett’s jeans that he always wears
    Black dyed leather cap for Links glasses or hair (I’m not sure which one)
    A pair of boots for the will of shoe challenge
    Pumpkin pie for will it pizza challenge
    Water bottle for water taste test challenge
    That’s all!!! :D

  13. SperaPlays Says:

    PvP challenge: get items about pvp
    1. Diamond sword
    2. bow named katniss
    3. 16 arrows
    4. Iron armor
    5. Fishing rod named rocket rod
    6. Flint and steel
    And when your done you can fight! lol

  14. TheSetariZeno | Minecraft & More! Says:

    My prediction is that Graser will win. He created the very stupid Pizza
    video and he won Rusher’s Pizza video which means he is the master of Pizza.
    Prizzar10 confirmed.

  15. Omg Cookie Says:


  16. Sophia Alafriz Says:

    was i the only one who was looking throughout the comments for spoilers?
    bec. if Graser lost….I wouldn’t watch the rest of this video :P

  17. david hoho Says:

    why did you go back for redstone??

  18. Erin Turner Says:

    Just put a pizza in the oven and went on YouTube. Perfect

  19. Neeraj Pillai Says:

    Noooo I can only watch this tomorrow

  20. Taylor Byrd Says:

    Why did they need red stone 

  21. PhillyCheeseSteak Says:

    I liek pizza

  22. Theez Bronys Says:

    Lol I just had pizza for dinner.

  23. AliciaHugz Says:

    Pepper is black??? Not green. :/

  24. TheYellowYoshi Says:

    hey graser, are you a purple squirrel?

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