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David S. Linthicum – Cloud Computing Podcast
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McLean, VA (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

Centrifuge, leading provider of Big Data analytics and visualization solutions for fraud, security and risk, announced the availability of the latest release of its disruptive Big Data analytics platform, Visual Network Analytics Version 2.7. The newest version of Centrifuge addresses the need to derive context intelligence and pattern discovery in big data by delivering powerful technology that addresses the growing need to quickly filter, sift and understand large amounts of data; improving discovery time and minimizing cost. Unlike traditional analytics providers, Centrifuge is the first big data analytics solution that enables users to bring their own data without requiring costly data transformation and minimizes the need for data scientists.

Corporate Information security is a big data analytics challenge that cannot be addressed with traditional data mining, BI, or legacy analytics approaches, explains Renee Lorton, Centrifuge CEO. The sheer volume and complexity requires a powerful investigative discovery approach that is easy enough for a non-data scientist to use. Machine data, for example, is one of the fastest growing segments of big data, generated by websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and other sources. Now, discovering patterns in Big Data is both easy and cost effective with Centrifuges powerful interactive data visualization.

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics Version 2.7 provides new ease-of-use features that enable customers to overcome the overwhelming influx of big data, conduct visual discovery and investigative analysis to detect risk and security threats more efficiently. Relationship mapping helps uncover patterns, connections and relationships between people, information, events and behavior to form a more comprehensive visual profile.

New features and benefits include:

Manage larger data sets and fine-tune the analysis to focus on what is important through Incremental Build and Link Metrics features. Now users can easily select, manage and explore the items that appear within a relationship graph. The ability to begin with a simple, uncluttered view and incrementally add or subtract connections improves discovery time. In addition, link metrics about the number and types of associations accelerate trend and pattern discovery.

Save significant time by visually highlighting the shortest and all possible connections between networks through Relationship Path Discovery (Find Path). Customers can now easily discover previously undetectable, hidden and indirect relationships within the data, quickly exposing key connections in complex relationship networks. In compliance and risk usage, this feature can help identify potentially suspicious linkages between traders, companies and employees.

Discover new insights faster through Centrifuge Extensible Data Framework. With broader data access, users now have a complete picture and can find answers previously missed with faster resolution. Centrifuge extensible data framework provides broader access to any data set, including structured, unstructured, machine, streaming and Cloud data. Organizations can now develop their own plug-in to connect any type of data source to the Centrifuge data framework, including big data types such as Splunk, Cloudera and Hadoop. In addition to accessing a broader range of data, the Centrifuge data framework gives organizations more flexible administrative control while reducing costs and realizing rapid time to value.

Bring Your Own Data without time-consuming file conversions. With native support for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 and Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010, users can bring their own data into ad-hoc analyses, leaving the data secure in its original environment and format.

Today, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics has been deployed to thousands of customers across the US Intelligence agencies, analyzing big data sources for cyber security and counter-terrorism. With these new features, Centrifuge is accelerating its presence in addressing security and risk applications, such as insider threat analysis, security surveillance and compliance mitigation. Version 2.7 is available immediately. For more information or an online evaluation, refer to

About Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a leading provider of Visual Network Analysis solutions that help organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in public, cloud and enterprise data and social networks. Centrifuges unique approach enables users to bring their own data from any source, easily integrate and filter it into interactive visualizations and share and collaborate with others. Easy to use and easy to deploy, Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics reduces time to discovery up to 70% in fraud, risk and security applications. Selected for the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab Program, and Winner of the 2012 Always On Global 250 Private Company Top Ones to Watch, Centrifuge powers some of the most demanding data analytics and data visualization applications in the world. With Centrifuge, you can See Clearly NowTM.

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Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

OnRamp Access, a data center service provider in Austin, Texas, offers managed hosting solutions to coastal companies as the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Ike approaches. The destructive Category 2 hurricane made landfall near Galveston, Texas, on September 13, 2008, and still serves as a grim reminder of the devastating effects severe weather can have on coastal residents and businesses alike. With an increased likelihood of storms making landfall in the Atlantic Basin region this hurricane season, OnRamps managed hosting solutions help businesses keep their critical IT infrastructure running securely, reliably, and effectively 24/7/365, from the safety of its geographically stable, Austin, Texas, data center location.

Although some companies in the path of Hurricane Ike were able to maintain their IT infrastructure and online operations, other challenges existed in the storms aftermath. Widespread power outages, lasting several weeks, forced many IT operations to shut down and others to narrowly survive on backup generator power. Those residing in coastal cities and low-lying areas around Houston, Texas, who were able to cope with these power issues, were still met with a mandatory evacuation which displaced their technical staff from their equipment. Primary data storage sites were thus left inaccessible, resulting in a loss of productivity and revenue, and prompting situations of high vulnerability for their critical systems.

OnRamps data center is situated in a geography that is far removed from the threat of natural disasters, has a low seismic risk and zero incidents of hurricanes, making it an ideal location for companies storing mission critical data. Whether OnRamp serves as a companys primary data storage site, or as a secondary site for managed hosting purposes, we make sure your IT operation is safely running 24/7/365, said Chad Kissinger, Founder of OnRamp. For companies who do not host their IT operations in a geographically stable part of the country, there is a risk of downtime associated with natural disasters that can result in a loss of revenue, or worse, force them to shut down their business altogether. OnRamps managed hosting solutions pair best in class hardware equipment from HP, Cisco, NetApp and EMC with redundant power, multi-homed bandwidth over fully meshed networks and 24/7/365 monitoring for 100% uptime. OnRamps experienced onsite engineers manage, monitor and maintain each managed hosting solution to ensure 100% uptime, a feature that is especially important for disaster recovery customers who are intentionally distanced from their equipment in Austin by design.

OnRamps managed hosting services offer the flexibility of customizing a solution that bests suits a companys budget and agenda. From managed servers, to managed network devices, dedicated server hosting, managed storage and managed backups, OnRamp can create a managed hosting solution to meet its clients specific needs.

About OnRamp

OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas. As one of Texas first Internet operations companies, OnRamps history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers colocation, managed hosting, cloud and disaster recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

DATAVERSITY today announced a number of late additions to the NoSQL Now! Conference schedule making this year’s event the most anticipated multi-vendor NoSQL event on record. The conference, set for August 21 – 23 at the San Jose Convention Center, expects 1000 attendees and 80 presenters.

New presentations added to the conference line up include:

Dropping ACID: Architecting with Eventual Consistency in the Cloud by Jason Bloomberg of ZapThink.
Moving Beyond the No/New/SQL Debate: Introducing the Application Data Layer, by Mike Miller of Cloudant
Keeping up with Streaming/Sensor Data by Dave Brown of EMC
Market sensing Using a Graph Database by Montiago LaBute of YarcData

To see the full program go to:

Many new sponsors and exhibitors have also joined the exhibit floor in recent weeks, including VoltDB, Versant, Oracle, OpenShift (by Red Hat), StarCounter, Phasic Systems, Yarc Data, Analytica, Gigaspaces, Clustrix, Cloudant, Metric Insights and Manning Publications.

Some highlights from these exhibiting organizations include:

VoltDB is a NewSQL database that is focused on high velocity, 100% accuracy with real-time analytics. VoltDB will conduct a Lunch n Learn workshop so that conference attendees can start to gain experience with VoltDBs newest generation database for micro-transactions, low-latency, real-time feeds, sensor-driven data, and throughput of millions of operations per second.

Metric Insights will show a detailed Big Data case study of how Barnes & Noble Inc. uses Metric Insights to create insights from a 100 Terabyte Aster data store. The system is used by hundreds of users daily, both internal and at external partners sites.

Starcounter will discuss the companys patent-pending VMDBMS technology, which is more than 100 times faster than traditional databases and 10 times faster than high performance databases. Its in-memory database is ideal for highly transactional large-scale and real-time applications, while guaranteeing ACID-compliant transactions.

YarcData’s uRiKA system is a Big Data appliance for graph analytics. uRiKA helps enterprises reveal unknown, unexpected or hidden relationships in Big Data by creating a highly-scalable, real-time graph analytics warehouse that supports ad hoc queries, pattern-based searches, inferencing and deduction. Yarc Data is a Cray company.

Versants Robert Greene, will examine NoSQLs adoption problems that stem from a lack of standards-based programming techniques, and will describe how to use JPA to get around them. The presentation will feature Big Data deployment examples from the utilities and energy management sectors showing how consumer energy demand response and AMI harvesting can be performed at high speed and scale using Hadoop and Java.

NoSQL Now! is the preferred industry platform for developers to announce product launches and breaking news. Leading vendors will demonstrate dozens of innovations. This years Platinum level sponsors include leading graph vendors like Neo Technology (creators of Neo4j) and Objectivity, the company behind InfiniteGraph. Additional NoSQL and high-performance database companies who will be exhibiting include 10gen, Couchbase, DataStax, Amazon Web Services, Clustrix, Franz and Cloudant. For more information on sponsorship or opportunities to promote your products and services, please contact Tony Shaw at tony(at)dataversity(dot)net.

To register for the conference, request a press pass, or to view the program schedule visit:

For press inquiries please contact Gretchen Hydo at Gretchen(at)Chatterboxink(dot)com or (818) 203-6060.

About NoSQL Now!:

NoSQL Now! is an educational conference and exhibit focused on the emerging field of NoSQL technologies. NoSQL (Not Only SQL) refers to the new breed of databases that are not based on the traditional relational database model, including document stores, key value stores, columnar databases, XML databases and graph databases. The NoSQL Now! Conference is designed to educate developers, data managers and architects on how these new technologies work, the applications they are best suited for, and how to deploy them. Additional details are available at


DATAVERSITY provides resources for information technology (IT) professionals, executives and business managers to learn about the uses and management of data. Our worldwide community of practitioners, advisers and customers participates in, and benefits from, DATAVERSITYs educational conferences, discussions, articles, blogs, webinars, certification, news feeds and more. Members enjoy access to a deep knowledge base of presentations, research and training materials, plus discounts off many educational resources including webinars and conferences. For more information please visit: or email info(at)dataversity(dot)com.

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A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions – The Wave of the Future Podcasts
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by Lamsus Crusoe

Article by Benedict Smythe

The Palpable Paradigm Shift in Networking and Computing – Computers

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The last decade has shown the gradual yet speedy decentralization of computing. All around the world, the role of the large mainframe computers, who used to handle nearly all vital functions in computing, are losing power.

This decided loss of power of the traditional mainframes can be attributed to the rise of smaller yet dynamic networks of computers. Sometimes the ones handling these networks aren’t even professionals. The keyword here is distribution.

According to John S. Quarterman and Smoot Carl-Mitchell of Texas Internet Consulting:

“Timesharing and batch systems still have uses, but the large mainframe is no longer the only way to do computing. Networks have spread computing power, access, and costs beyond centralized computer centers.

“Personal computers have made computing accessible to many new users. Distributed computing attempts to bring the manageability of mainframe computing together with the accessibility of networked computing and the transparency of personal computing.”

Perceived effects

The perceived effects of this palpable paradigm or theoretical or conceptual shift from centralized computing to well-distributed computing is what the authors above call “great organization and transparency”.

Client and server computing and even peer to peer networks are forming dynamic lives and rules of their own, separate from the large mainframe computers of the yesteryears.

It is important to note these changes because the decentralization is key to the rise of the DOTCOM era in the nineties. To view computing as simply a hindrance to profit is inexcusable. There has to be scientific grounding first.

John S. Quarterman and Smoot Carl-Mitchell of Texas Internet Consulting further explain the concept of distributive computing:

“Many open systems are based on or implement interfaces related to the UNIX timesharing system. When open networking also provides transparent user access to resources and other users, it is called distributed computing.”

Boom and bust

Similar to the boom and bust cycle of capital-intensive industries, the wild frontier that is the Internet owes its own small Market and Economy to the distributive form of computing.

With the independence of small merchants with relatively small computer systems, the online mercantile system had been made possible. While larger companies are using larger computer systems, it remains a fact that thousands upon thousands of online merchants are using small systems for business.

Historically, we can locate the shift with the appearance of the following:

Four technological factors drove the decentralization of computing:

* Portable UNIX operating system
* Publicly available networking protocols
* Cheap microprocessors
* Cheap data communications (fiber optics) (Quarterman & Smoot-Mitchell, 32)

Microprocessors made Google king

With cheaper communications, it follows that many profited from the Internet enterprise. Google is one of the largest profiteers in the online boom and bust. We can make sense of this if we understand just what happened to the most expensive part of the computer a few decades ago:

“These are essential for both personal computers and workstations. Processors have decreased in price steadily over the past decade, but around 1986 processors such as the Intel i386 and the Motorola MC68020 became available that were powerful enough and inexpensive enough to support UNIX-class workstations with reasonable network performance, RISC chips such as the Motorola 88000, those from MIPS, the Sun SPARC chip, and the IBM ROMPchip, are also becoming increasingly popular.” (Quarterman & Smoot-Mitchell, 33)

About the Author

The author of this article is Benedict Yossarian. Benedict recommends Comm Store for all your networking needs including Cat 5e Cable and also Root3 for IP CCTV systems

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Benedict Smythe

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Some cool Big Data Analytics images:


Image by Almere DataCapital


Image by Almere DataCapital

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Paul M Gustafson, Director – CSC > Leading Edge Forum
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Check out these distributed computing products:

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Check out these distributed computing images:


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".


Image by Lamsus Crusoe
2nd day (July 5)

Session 5G: distributed & grid computing 2 (DPS)

5G-4 (11:35-12:00)

The title of my presentation is "A Process Description Language for Cooperative
Computing Systems using Super and Compact Computers".

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