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Cloudera is a company that helps developers with big database problems. Here the CEO Mike Olson gives us a tour through the major database changes that are hitting lots of startups now.
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In this webcast, Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia and O’Reilly author Tom White will provide an introduction to Hadoop/MapReduce, the open source project that allows organizations to process, store and analyze massive application datasets.

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Question by ION-CONSTITUTION: How big is Choice Point? How many companies have they bought? Does it smell like Monopoly?
ChoicePoint is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based company that sells information in three markets–insurance, business and government, and marketing. According to a recent quarterly statement filed at the Security and Exchange Commission, ChoicePoint sells: “claims history data, motor vehicle records, police records, credit information and modeling services…employment background screenings and drug testing administration services, public record searches, vital record services, credential verification, due diligence information, Uniform Commercial Code searches and filings, DNA identification services, authentication services and people and shareholder locator information searches…print fulfillment, teleservices, database and campaign management services…”

ChoicePoint has managed to attain a large share of the commercial data broker (CDB) market with strategic purchases of other businesses. Since its spinoff from Equifax in 1997, ChoicePoint has acquired a number of information collection and processing companies. These include:

National Data Retrieval, Inc., a provider of public records information; List Source, Inc., d/b/a Kramer Lead Marketing Group, a marketing company in the life and health insurance and financial services markets; Mortgage Asset Research Institute, Inc., a mortgage fraud monitoring company; Identico Systems, LLC, a customer identity verification company; Templar Corporation; insuranceDecisions, Inc., an insurance industry claims administration company; Bridger Systems, Inc., a USA PATRIOT Act compliance company; CITI NETWORK, Inc. d/b/a Applicant Screening and Processing, a tenant screening company; TML Information Services, Inc., a provider of motor vehicle reports; Drug Free, Inc., a drug testing company; National Drug Testing, Inc., a drug testing company; Application Profiles, Inc., a background check company; Informus Corporation; a company enabling ChoicePoint to offer products online; Tyler-McLennon, Inc., a background screening company; ChoicePoint Direct Inc., formerly known as Customer Development Corporation, a database marketing company; EquiSearch Services, Inc.; DATEQ Information Network, Inc., an insurance underwriting services company; Washington Document Service, Inc., a court record retrieval service; DataTracks Technology, Inc., a public record information company; DataMart, Inc., a database software company; Statewide Data Services, Inc; NSA Resources, Inc., a drug testing company; DBT Online, Inc., a public record services provider; RRS Police Records Management, Inc., a provider of police reports and related services; VIS’N Service Corporation; Cat Data Group, LLC; Drug Free Consortium, a drug testing company; BTi Employee Screening Services, Inc., an employee pre-screening services company; ABI Consulting Inc., a drug screening company; Insurity Solutions, Inc., an insurance rating company; National Medical Review Offices, Inc.; Bode Technology Group, Inc., a DNA identification company; Marketing Information & Technology, Inc., a direct marketing company; Pinkerton’s, Inc., a preemployment screening company; Total eData Corporation, an e-mail database company; L&S Report Service, Inc., a provider of police records; Resident Data, Inc., a residential screening services provider; Vital Chek Network, Inc., a provider of vital records; Accident Report Services, Inc., a provider of police records; Programming Resources Company, insurance software company; Professional Test Administrators, Inc., a drug testing company; CDB Infotek, a seller of public records; Medical Information Network, LLC, an online physician verification service; and, an online provider of criminal records data.

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Answer by Alex B. Ph.D.
Where is the monopoly breakers and anti trust legislation when you need it?

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Question by No Chance Without Jesus: Is the mind like a computer….?
capable of parsing data, executing programing and working off a preprogramed code? Incapable of performing outside the box of its parameters?

Not to age myself, but when I was in high school we used to be able to play with the main frame computers at the Stanford University Computer lab through a teletype terminal. This was fascinating early age of computers stuff, and you could play games and make programs but you had to know exactly what to tell the computer to get it to perform. You had to type in lines of code perfectly and if you made any mistakes it would spit out the message,

“Entry error: does not compute”

Well over the intervening decades computers have become easier to use, but no less frustrating, anything presented to them beyond their capabilities or parameters just gets spits out and things crash

Is this what happens when the mind alone is presented with God? I will be the first to admit that on a simple logic level, God does not really make sense. But humans and the human experience is so much more than just logic.

Even our brains are designed with only one half that concerns itself with logic.

There is another part to the human being where beauty, music, art, love, fear, hate, happiness and all the wonderful irrational, illogical things that make us human take place. This is the human heart, the human soul. Which is much grander and more able to handle the complex issues of human life. This is where God must be apprehended, this is the gateway that must be opened to receive God.

Trying to make God pass through the narrow parameters of the human brain is like trying to to program a computer using the musical score from phantom of the opera. The computer wants 0’s and 1’s and you ar trying to feed it quarter notes and treble clefts

“error entry, does not compute.”

Oh sure you can translate those notes into a compiled language the computer could understand, and with the right program it could even spit it back out as music……but in the end it has no comprehension of it, it’s all 0’s and 1’s to the computer.

So is it any wonder then when someone is so bound to only the limited ranges of the human mind, they would not be able to comprehend God and spit out “error, does not compute”?

Open your hearts people! The world, the universe, ….YOU are much bigger than you give yourself credit for, there is a loving God waiting at the door to bring you into a better place, if you will only free yourself from the narrow confines human mind.

Take a break from the 0,s and 1’s and dive into the big old chocolate sundae that is the human experience of the heart….and in doing so, you might find that God actually does “compute”

(Yes I know this could be classified as a rant, Yes, I know this could be reported. It was just on my heart to say, so I said it. I hope it helps someone before it gets deleted)

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