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A chart is a visual way to put all information related to any field in one place that allows you to access all the data for analysis at one go. A stock chart is therefore, a chart that brings together all the information that would allow you to make decisions on which stock to buy or sell. As you have the information regarding the stock quotes in one platter therefore it helps you choose better stocks and make better investment decisions. What a stock chart therefore comprises of is a pattern of prices. The prices are plotted day to day, minute by minute, hour by hour basis, and then  it is all drawn together to create the chart that one can use to analyze the working of the stock one chooses to analyze.

The graph will usually have the price of the stock in the ‘y’ axis or the vertical axis and the time span in the ‘x’ axis or the horizontal axis. This will allow one to analyze the price change and movement of the stock over a period of time. Many stock charts will also show the volume below the graph thus representing the activity of trade that is taking place in that stock.

The benefits of having a stock chart are manifold. Firstly, it allows one to get a good idea of how the stock has been priced in the market over the time period that the chart indicates. That gives one a good base as to whether one should invest in that stock on that day, hold on to it if already acquired or sell it and make some profit. Secondly, the chart gives a good indication of the volume of trading in that stock. This helps one analyze how sound the stocks hold is in the investment market. Information like the last trade price in the stock exchange of that share helps one take a call on the wisdom of ones action pertaining to it on that day.

A stock chart that has multi stock information becomes a very good base to judge where ones entire portfolio is headed. It is thus very beneficial because in short it provides us with all the information in the one place and the graphic representation makes it very easy to gauge the stock quotes. This gives one a good idea of where ones stock portfolio is heading and reduces ones anxiety and stress as one gets a full idea of how the stocks are doing.

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