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Hybrid seeds are the most critical and cost effective input for increasing the vegetable production through improving per acre productivity. Hybrid vegetable seed industry has made great strides in improving vegetable production and has a major role to play going forward. High quality seed with both input traits like higher yields, abiotic and biotic stress resistance, wide adaptability and output traits like shelf life, better colour, flavor, flesh quality will be in high demand. Accurate and quick methods in breeding (like biotech intervention) will further make the companies more competitive.

Segments Coverage: Solanaceae Family, Roots & Bulbs and Cucurbitaceae Family

Countries Coverage: The US, India, China and Japan

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Asia is the largest market for vegetable seeds followed by Europe, North America, South America and Africa. The vegetables market is divided into 6 main crop groupings and 17 major crops. Solanaceae is the largest group that consists of tomato, pepper and eggplant.

The report titled “Global Vegetable Seeds Market Analysis” provides an insight into overall vegetable seeds sector over the years with a special focus on major categories- solanaceae, cucurbitaceae and root & bulb etc. The report includes detailed information on market size, geographical segmentation and import & export trends in vegetable seeds sector. It also discusses key growth drivers, challenges and trends of the market. Further, companies like Vilmorin & Cie, Monsanto and Syngenta AG are profiled in the report. 

Agricultural production is an indispensable factor for the survival of human race and seed is a vital input for agriculture. Vegetable seeds are the fastest growing category within the overall seeds market. Vegetable play a major role in providing an affordable balanced diet. Globally, vegetable seeds market has grown consistently over the past 5 years on account of rising worldwide population, expanding middle class, and shifting eating habits with growing consumption of green vegetables in the diet.

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Governments of different countries are focusing on vegetable seed industry by investing in biotechnology and related researches. Seed companies are investing more and more in application of biotechnological tools in crop improvement. Conventional techniques are being replaced by modern breeding techniques like another culture, markers assisted selection and molecular breeding.

The vegetable seeds market is characterized by intense competition with numerous small and large players competing on the basis of product performance, continuous research and development, introduction of new traits and attainment of intellectual property rights and protection. The leading companies in the sector include Vilmorin & Cie, Monsanto, Syngenta AG and Bayer Crop Science among others.

Table of Contents:

Figure 1: Global Seeds Market Value in US$ Billion, 2008 to 2013E

Figure 2: Geographical Segmentation of Global Seeds Market in %, 2013    

Figure 3: Global Vegetable Production in Billion Tonnes, 2009-2013    

Figure 4: Global Vegetable Production by Type in %, 2013    

Figure 5: Global Vegetable Production by Region in %, 2013    

Figure 6: Global Vegetable Seeds Market Size in US$ Billion, 2008-2013    

Figure 7: Global Vegetable Seeds Market Size Forecast in US$ Billion, 2014-2019

Figure 8: Share of Global Vegetable Seeds Market by Geography in %, 2013    

Figure 9: Share of Global Vegetable Seeds Markey by Crop Group in %, 2013    

Figure 10: Global Solanaceae Family Vegetable Seeds Market Size in US$ Billion, 2008-2013    

Figure 11: Global Cucurbitaceae Family Vegetable Seeds Market Size in US$ Million, 2008-2013

Figure 12: Global Root and Bulb Vegetable Seeds Market Size in US$ Million, 2008-2013    

Figure 13: The US Domestic Seed Market by Value in US$ Billion, 2008-2012    

Figure 14: The US Principal Fresh Market Vegetable Area Planted and Harvested, 2011-2013    

Figure 15: Principal Fresh Market Vegetable Production by Value and Volume, 2011-2013

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