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Destiny Challenges on Destiny Shotguns Only Challenge with Destiny Strike Gameplay. On this video I’ll show you my challenge run on the shotguns only challenge on the Moon strike. This challenge…

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24 Responses to “Destiny “Challenges” – Destiny “Shotguns Only” Challenge (Destiny Strike Gameplay)”

  1. Dychronic Says:

    Destiny “Challenges” – Destiny “Shotguns Only” Challenge (Destiny Strike

  2. DefiantShadows Says:

    ROC strike done with the very first weapon you get in the game only.
    Swearing allowed.

  3. Alan Nguyen Says:

    Taste The Rainbow. One Green, One Blue, One Legendary, or One Exotic
    Armor/Weapon. Weapon suggestion have the tree different burns. Comment 1
    for this 1 and like.

    No Jump Challenge. Explains its self comment 2 for this 1 and like

    Hard scope challenge. You always keep on scoping whenever there ‘s enemies
    around. Comment 3 for this 1 and like.

    Super only. explains its self(melee and grenade allowed.) Comment 4 for
    this 1 and like.

    I’m legally blind. Lowest brightness and smallest screen you can have.
    Comment 5 and like for this 1

    Boom Boom Boom. Only explosives. Comment 6 for this 1 and like.

  4. HybridBandit Says:

    Nightfall khostov only Thats all

  5. Kaargoth Steelfang Says:

    How am I doing? Not great, I hope you are doing better.

  6. Conner Z Says:

    Do nexus with only gunsmith guns and without dying
    Swearing allowed of course

  7. Vertex Scorpio Says:

    How about only using common weapons

  8. NoCT Hybrid Says:

    Under Dog challenge: do the lvl 26 ROC strike as a lvl 23 using no exotics.
    Have fun (:

  9. Mr Argolicious Says:

    No sprinting, no heavy, no special, no grenade, no land beyond only. No
    jumping and no swearing. Good luck 😀 plz do this 

  10. The MC Logger Slayer Says:

    I call this challenge leaded boots. No jumping(or falling) or sprinting
    throughout the entire strike. 

  11. butter majectic Says:

    Melee only That will be cool

  12. Zeta Uphill Says:

    I’m Canadian!

  13. Mini Midge Says:

    abilitys only can hold the mida multitool

  14. Mitchell Stodola Says:

    Crouched entire time unless jumping is necessary (no invisibility no supers)
    Rocket launchers only (no gally no supers other than bubble no throwing
    Fusion rifles only (no vex)
    Sniper rifles only zoomed in the entire time (no land beyond is fair game
    and switching weapons is allowed between snipers only)
    Jumping entire time (use or don’t use double jump as much as you want,
    melee is fair game if activated from above)

  15. Sam Littlefield Says:

    Green hand cannon, highest sensitivity, no special or heavy guns and no

  16. Heartgold57 Says:

    Challenge idea: go to settings, then screen bounds and go extremely small

  17. Neptune Bound Says:

    do no supers and only secondaries

  18. alessio7528 Says:

    No supers, melees, or grenades. Only no land beyond, no seocndaries or
    heavies. Everything besides armor and primary need to be green! Also, no
    jumping or sprinting! Also, 10 sensitivity with brightness all the way
    down! And you have to play inverted control of destiny has it I’m not sure
    if it does…. 

  19. Jack Says:

    How about VoG gear only

  20. Benson Walkenhorst Says:

    Or fushin rifle only

  21. Alex Thomas Says:

    Every should hold their controller’s UPSIDEDOWN! You can use whatever guns
    and other snaz you want but your controller needs to upside-down in your
    hand. # Resfaldo 

  22. CaptainLucster Says:

    “gun roulette” challenge: you start with gunsmith weapons BUT you have to
    pick up every green enegram and use it in order. for example you pick up a
    green hand cannon and you have to use it until you get another enegram.
    (shout out plz?)

  23. Diego Mendoza Says:

    Weapon restriction: Heavies only, melee and grenades are allowed!

  24. laxmaster6912 Says:

    you have to walk backwards the entire time and sing the alphabet every time
    u reload
    supers grenades meele allowed

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