Posted by mod198 February - 23 - 2015 17 COMMENTS This video reviews 11 case histories where companies have used Big Data analytics to find profitable insights for th…
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This talk provides an overview of the open source Storm system for processing Big Data in realtime. The talk starts with an overview of the technology, inclu…

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17 Responses to “Big Data Analytics: 11 Case Histories and Success Stories”

  1. Fabien Madrid Says:

    le gars est bon, j adore sa façon de transmettre son énergie positive et
    enthousiasme sur un concept qui pourrait paraître ennuyeux au premier

  2. Ken Johnston Says:

    Nice collection of examples. Good summary of some of the major trends in
    the use of big data. 

  3. weydesign Says:

    Thanks for collecting all the examples. Presentation is fine :)

  4. Ravi Ramanathan Says:

    Wow! This is a brilliant presentation. So very well articulated. Enjoyed
    watching the video and learnt!

  5. DLGreen Says:

    Fascinating video. These were great examples of Big Data in action.

  6. Praveen Kumar Says:


  7. Kirill Eremenko Says:

    Well done

  8. Donald White Says:


  9. uma mahi Says:
  10. Fatih Özel Says:

    Thanks for the video, it’s interesting and fun.

  11. Susan Lucas Says:

    Very interesting, a little bit scary too. Used for good this is an amazing
    tool for our businesses and making our world a better place.

  12. William Miller Says:

    Scary and cool at the same time

  13. Tin Ho Says:

    Hi, would you please share slide in this video? many thanks return.

  14. Open Spectrum Inc Says:

    ▶ Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm – YouTube

  15. Delta Force IT Says:

    ▶ Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm – YouTube

  16. ForceField IT Says:

    ▶ Real-Time Big Data Analytics with Storm – YouTube

  17. Paolo Maresca Says:

    Storm, as it is seen by one of its biggest sponsor!

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