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MapReduce is a software framework. Its main purpose is to help in writing and constructing those documents which have huge amounts of data and other such things. This software basically helps to ease the process by taking care of all the faults et al. The work is carried out in a reliable way by dividing the data that is available into different groups and then sorting them out as per the needs of each document to be prepared. It is a framework which has the responsibility of monitoring and completing all such tasks and even re-doing them in case there is a failure.

MapReduce tutorial is available on the internet and must be carefully gone through before one begins to use the Hadoop applications. It works at two levels. At the first level, it takes in all the information and then processes it. It sub-divides it into groups and then distributes it to carry on the work. It may further be divided as well which will make multiple levels which need to be worked on accordingly. The problem is then solved and the replies are sent back. The second level is when all these solutions are combined and then sent as a reply to the main problem, which becomes the output.

So, in order to process large sets of data and huge amounts of information, one can go for MapReduce, which is an efficient, easy and user friendly way to do so. It is dependable and is a very easy-to-understand software. All this comes under a system called the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS.) It works in almost all operating systems and has the ability to perform tasks quickly and by removing all faults, even when the data set is enormous. It ultimately leads to better working of companies by increasing productivity and thus, the efficiency. Since it is compatible with all operating systems, file transfer and exporting or importing of data becomes very easy and even saves a lot of time.

Hadoop Distributed File System also has a special feature by the name of Hadoop ecosystem, which is unique in its own ways. It is a special software which further adds value and more characteristics and abilities to the already available distributed file system. In other words, it has some additional tools and understands higher level languages too, which further increases the level at which tasks are carried out. In fact, it uses online applications to select the required data and carries out all the operations at very high speed.

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Lawrence Ampofo: Digital Strategist, Big Data, Internet of Things, Social Media – SR Podcast
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Big data has changed things less than you think
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Joe Stein – All Things Hadoop
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