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US medical imaging industry moves into big data realm
"Imaging data management will also be a major area for investment as vendors design enterprise-wide solutions that allow a comprehensive view of all the data available to an organization,” she added. There is, however, no clear-cut definition for the …
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ZTE intensifies focus on SDN, NFV and Big Data solutions for enterprise
As the Internet of Things makes the world more connected, ZTE Corporation will intensify research on 5G, SDN (Software Defined Networks), cloud computing and Big Data to help customers build next-generation networks and technology infrastructure …
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Top 10 Priorities for Big Data Management
6. Define places for big data in architectures for data warehousing and enterprise data management Image: iStock 6. Define places for big data in architectures for data warehousing and enterprise data management. “For example, an obvious place to start …
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Is This the Biggest Big Data Company You Have Never Heard of?
But if more healthcare or financial services providers adopted these methods, it could lead to some sections of society being excluded from deals which could make a real difference to their health or bank balance. Acxiom has responded to privacy …
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Building An Omni-Channel Banking Experience Around Digital Natives
In his annual letter to shareholders, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, warned that technology companies armed with smart people, deep pockets and big data are aiming to reinvent the financial services market. While many in the industry consider …
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Just Say No to Bank Overdraft Fees
Banks with fewer assets don't have to report the data. Overdraft fees can add up quickly … Many large banks have been pitching this service to consumers over the past few years, touting the benefits of avoiding having a transaction declined because …
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ADP Launches Its Own Big Data Analytics Cloud Platform
A consumer-grade user experience blended with analytics allows clients to obtain deep enterprise insights across the organization's HCM data. The embedded big data platform is within ADP's core solutions, including ADP Vantage HCM, Enterprise HR, ADP …
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Cloud Services Provider Day1 Solutions Acquires Big Data Consultancy
OpenOsmium provides leading edge advisory services and solutions for data analytics and enterprise search leveraging Big Data and Cloud technologies. The company's customers include Federal civilian agencies and the large systems integrators who …
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3 Big Data & Cloud take-aways from Huawei Network Congress 2015
It also contains the Agile Mobile Solution, which converges wi-fi and LTE networks, allowing enterprises to build a wireless network that supports data and audio communications. Wang Shihong, General Manager, Switch Domain, Switch and Enterprise …
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For Big Data, It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times
eWeek reported last week on a study commissioned by Snowflake Computing, a developer of data warehouse solutions for structured and semi-structured data, reported that big data is “hyped, but not deployed.” Its survey of more than 300 technology and …
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MIT paints grim picture for future of US tech research
2014 was a year of notable scientific highlights: the first landing on a comet, discovery of a new fundamental particle that sheds light on the origin of the universe, development of the world's fastest supercomputer, and research uncovering new ways …
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Seeing Stars Through The Cloud
"Through our Scientific Computing program, our grants and our public datasets, we've found that when researchers have access to the tools and data they need, they find innovative ways of solving big data challenges," said Jamie Kinney, senior manager …
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Sponsored – Big Data – The Future of World Class Cricket
Clearly, Big Data is no longer a trend waiting to happen – it is here and while it is an opportunity to be able to garner so much of data, the challenge is that of making sense of this humungous amount of data. And getting the Big Data opportunity …
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Big Data And Tech M&A Boom Push Up MBA Jobs In Financial Services
MBA jobs in the UK financial services industry are being buoyed by investment in digital technologies like big data, while a boom in mergers and acquisitions has seen big banks snap up more dealmakers globally. Figures from employers' organization the …
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dailymotion puts Big Data at the heart of their vision
Any Big Data startups or companies know well the opportunities that Big Data offer. However, the big challenge lies in how to interpret and act on all this data. Figuring out how to do this is what drives and defines the focus of the dailymotion team …
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Big data has changed things less than you think
That's the key takeaway from a Dell Software-sponsored Unisphere survey, which finds that 75 percent of enterprise data remains under the lock and key of RDBMSes, primarily Oracle and Microsoft's SQL Server for most enterprises. More surprising is the …
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Apple, IBM Launch More Biz iOS Apps
By combining forces, the companies aim to help enterprise customers make more effective use of iPads and iPhones in the workplace by integrating these devices with IBM's big data and analytics capabilities. Among the companies already using the initial …
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Odyssey Consultants Delivers More Powerful Analytics Using Cloudera
Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified platform for big data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop. Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, access, process, secure, and analyze all their …
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Shift Happens: Big Data Causing a Fundamental Shift in C-Suite Strategies
BigData_2015 Platfora, the Big Data Analytics platform built natively on Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, announced a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that explores, in detail, the beliefs, priorities and opinions on big data analytics by …
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Why 2015 Will Be Year of Big Data: Oracle's Five Predictions
“Where the current market is focused on brand value, future trends are expected to shift towards data value. In the final analysis, businesses large and small will be differentiated by the data they hold – information about places, things and people …
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Research and Markets: Executive Impact Analysis of Big Data in the Trucking
This study provides an executive analysis of Big Data in the North American and European trucking industries. Using both primary and secondary research data, analyses and discussions cover key trends, total cost of ownership, and market opportunities …
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Study Examines Big Data Presence, Utilization across Medical, Commercial and
The study, "Big Data in Pharma: Current & Future Trends for Big Data Utilization Across Medical, Commercial and HEOR Functions," addresses many issues that leaders across these three functions are wrestling with, including which functions are using and …
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How financial service firms use big data to meet business goals
Once business outcomes have been determined and prioritized, the firm can then decide on the best big data technologies needed to modernize their enterprise infrastructure to better mobilize the data across the business for consumption, enabling it to …
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Microsoft's Revolution Analytics Deal Is Finalized
"The free Revolution R Open project will continue to enhance open source R. We'll continue to advance the big data and enterprise integration capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise." As a subsidiary of Microsoft, Revolution Analytics will also …
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Beyond Hadoop: The streaming future of big data
However, it isn't the same as making big data easy. As DataStax chief evangelist Patrick McFadin informed me in an interview, getting value from enterprise data isn't as simple as many like to pretend: We've all heard the questions of ROI on storing …
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Lookout bets on big data analytics to secure enterprise mobiles
Lookout will announce its channel partners in the run-up to the launch of the enterprise product. The company hopes to attract enterprise customers through its big-data approach to mobile security to compete against signature and behaviour-based …

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Ryft delivers faster business insights with new big data analytics platform
Big data by its very nature needs complex analysis and that doesn't sit well with the demands of enterprises for information to respond quickly to operational needs. To address that Maryland-based Ryft is launching a new analytics platform aimed at …
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How big data is beating Ebola
… specifically designed for big data. To address the challenges, we took advantage of our own high performance computing (HPC) system, Shadowfax. With 2,500 cores and nearly 1 petabyte of DDN storage, VBI's computational modeling tools are designed …
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Voice Control Will Force an Overhaul of the Whole Internet
Mars also realizes that the massive computing centers that underpin today's internet are ill-equipped for the coming voice revolution, and with his project, he hopes to show how these facilities must change. “We want to understand how future data …
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