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A primer for Testers on Data Warehouses, ETL, Business Intelligence and how to test them Are you hearing and reading about Big Data, Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW), the ETL Process and Business Intelligence (BI)? The software markets for EDW and BI are quickly approaching billion, according to Gartner, and Big Data is growing at an exponential pace. Are you being tasked to test these environments or would you like to learn about them and be prepared for when you are asked to test them? RTTS, the Software Quality Experts, is providing this groundbreaking webinar, based upon their many years of experience in providing software quality solutions for more than 400 companies. This video is geared towards:  QA Testers  Automated Test Engineers  Quality Assurance Analysts  Business Analysts  Developers  Project Managers …and anyone else who is (a) new to the EDW space, (b) wants to be educated in the business and technical sides and (c) wants to understand how to test them. You will learn the answer to the following questions: • What is Big Data and what does it mean to me? • What are the business reasons for a building a Data Warehouse and for using Business Intelligence software? • How do Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence tools and ETL work from a technical perspective? • Who are the primary players in this software space? • How do I test these environments? • What tools should I use? Don’t wait for your QA team to be assigned to an EDW project — view

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