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Lexington, MA (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

jSonar today announced, SonarW, a major, new, capability for its jSonar Analytics Platform. SonarW is a NoSQL Data Warehouse – the industry’s first JSON-native data warehouse. SonarW is 100% MongoDB compatible, providing seamless data warehousing for MongoDB OLTP environments. SonarW can also be easily deployed within Hadoop environments.

SonarW: An Architecture for Speed, Low Cost and Simplicity

SonarW is purpose-built for today’s flexible modern data. SonarW is ultra-efficient, utilizing parallel processing that demands far less hardware than other approaches. SonarW’s second focus is on usability and convenience – bringing NoSQL simplicity to the Big Data world. Key architectural features include:

JSON-native columnar persistence: This works well for both structured and unstructured data; data is always compressed; and can be processed in parallel for every operation.
Indexing and Partitioning: All data is indexed using patent-pending Big Data indexes.
Parallel and Distributed Processing: Everything is done in parallel-both across nodes and within a node to ensure small, cost effective clusters.
JSON Optimized Code: Designed from the ground up for efficient columnar JSON processing.
Lock-less Data Structures: Built for multi-thread, multicore, and SIMD processing
Ease of Use: SonarW inherits its ease of use and simplicity form the NoSQL world and is 100% MongoDB compatible. Big Data teams are more productive and need to spend less time on platform and code.

“At Intensix, we improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital costs by processing high dimensional, high frequency data from multiple sources inside the critical care unit. Our predictive analytics engine is using advanced machine learning techniques to analyze very large sets of clinical data, helping clinicians make better decisions- thus decreasing complications, mortality and length of stay,” said Avigdor Faians, VP Product at Intensix. “We’re excited about SonarW’s game-changing cost/performance for such data sets and the new analytics it will allow us to perform.”

Big Data Benchmark: Breakthrough Cost and Performance Results

One of the benchmarks used for Big Data workloads is the “Big Data Benchmark” run by the AMP lab at Berkeley. This benchmark runs workloads on representatives from the Hadoop ecosystem (e.g. Hive, Spark, Tez, etc) as well as from MPP environments. Benchmark testing shows that SonarW runs as fast- or faster – than other BIg Data technologies with significantly less hardware. Test results show an order of magnitude advantage in price/performance versus other current approaches. More detailed information of the test results are available at

”We are very excited to introduce SonarW – a significant breakthrough for Big Data analytics in terms of simplicity, cost and performance,” said Ron Bennatan, CEO and co-founder of jSonar. “This is the culmination of years’ worth of work and input from customers with some of the world’s largest and most demanding warehousing environments who need to deliver applications quickly and are no longer willing to spend like crazy and get very little in return.”

jSonar Analytic Tools: Point and Click Simplicity

In addition to SonarW, jSonar provides rich analytical tools for JSON-data environments – for both MongoDB and SonarW. JSON Studio, the recipient of a MongoDB Innovation Award, provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that can be used by everyone in the organization. Other high productivity tools include; SonarSQL, SonarR and Sonar Gateway. For more information please visit our web site


SonarW is available July 2015. To schedule a demo or learn more visit

About jSonar

The jSonar Analytics Platform provides an innovative JSON-based capability for Big Data warehousing and a suite of rich analytic tools. SonarW, a core component of the platform, is the industry’s first NoSQL Warehouse. SonarW delivers unprecedented performance, cost savings and vastly simplifies complex Big Data warehousing projects. jSonar also provides powerful analytic tools such as jSON Studio, SonarR, SonarSQL and Sonar Gateway. These tools, as well as SonarW, are 100% MongoDB compatible. JSON Studio is a recipient of the MongoDB Innovation award for 2014 and a certified MongoDB Ready Partner. For more information visit

Contact: Ron Bennatan, jSonar, 781-369-JSON(5766), press(at)jsonar(dot)com

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