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(Set of 3) Grow the Worlds Hottest Peppers at Home! DIY Kits by Challenge

(Set of 3) Grow the Worlds Hottest Peppers at Home! DIY Kits by Challenge

  • (Set of 3) Challenge Crazy Hot Peppers – Grow Your Own!
  • Includes 1 each of the following Kits: Challenge Scorpion, Moruga & Ghost Chili Peppers.
  • Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale: 1,400,000 / 2,000,000 / 1,000,000
  • Easy way to grow peppers – just add water.
  • Rated Worlds Hottest Edible Peppers by Guinness

(Set/3) Challenge Peppers Kits – DIY Self Grow – Worlds Hottest by Guinness

Challenge Dynamite Hot Peppers lets you Grow Your Own Crazy Hot Peppers!

These three peppers rank high on the Scoville heat unit (SHU) scale. Until very recently, both the trinidad scorpion and moruga peppers had held the Guiness World Record as hottest chili pepper in the world! But don’t be fooled–the ghost chili will burn up your mouth too.

Here’s an easy way to grow your own pepper plants at

List Price: $ 17.94


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Question by a.f: The ps3 FOLDING AT HOME it uses your electricity but what does Stanford do to help there research?
i heard that the ps3 download packets or something like that can anyone explain
how does leaving the ps3 help cure the disease.
i want to help
but i don’t understand how this works

Best answer:

Answer by Dean B
f@H is a “Distributed computing” progrma that is used to work out the complexeites of protien folding.
if you downlaod the applicaiton ot the ps3 (theres a link under the web browser) then it will get “work units” form the stannford server and the ps3 will use the parele proceeing power of the Cell to worrk out protien foldeing.
If you visit there site ti will tell you all you nend to knwo including there breakthrough in research, and that the ps3 is stupidly good at this.
its all for the good of humankind, if you want that warm fuzzy feeling.

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The day before yesterday (May 19, 2009) of State Council executive meeting held to encourage the deployment of


Appliances “

TM to

“Policy measures, decided to adopt the way of financial subsidies to encourage the automotive, appliance” TM. “Update the existing old vehicles scrapped subsidies based on the expansion of the scope of subsidies, increase subsidies efforts. Also plans to take the lead in nine provinces municipalities


Machines, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers Category 5 household electrical appliances “TM” pilot. Ningbo is also the pilot area.

Press yesterday (May 20, 2009) interviews with home appliances in Ningbo stores and auto dealers, they both said that good policy is closely following the latest trends in this, eagerly looking forward to the early introduction of specific implementation details.

Financial sector:

Wait rule introduced

“We also learned the news from the newspaper, not received formal notification.” Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Industry, Communication Department, the Finance told reporters, “This definitely should have rules, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce should soon there follow-up action to establish rules.

With details of how we will know the subsidies, which can be within the scope of subsidies for products and specific how much money the other. ”

Reporter learned from the financial and taxation departments

, Ningbo had old cars scrapped in the implementation of updated release of subsidy funds. The latest issue of subsidies was just last month to apply.

“The new policy models and the old policy will certainly be different from the information we now know, subsidies will be expanded, efforts will also improve, although the exact details still have to come out so clearly before.” Ningbo Municipal Finance Bureau Industry, Communication Department official said, after the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce released the “old vehicle scrapping subsidies updated Interim Measures”, subsidies to passenger cars, trucks, buses based.

Appliance business:

Great market space

Major home appliances in Ningbo on the home appliances business channels, “TM” has shown great concern about the policy.

“News of the day, executives at a meeting convened by our headquarters.”


Electrical appliances in Ningbo, said Wu Jun, general manager that this is another big step to expand domestic demand, as a household electrical appliance enterprises will respond positively. Suning and major appliance vendors also discuss the same time in government subsidies, factories, enterprises also make part of the benefit, for giving “TM” customers more benefits.

Five Star

Revenge of Planning Manager also believes that the “TM” policy on the home appliances business is good news, “TM” is also different from before “

Bringing home appliances

“Broader. At present, they are closely following the policy and plans to further follow up.

“High penetration rate of home appliances in Ningbo as a secondary cities, large household appliances TM to market space.” Jun Wu, general manager of Suning Appliance in Ningbo introduction to the publication of the “TM” Category 5 Appliances are large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines,


, Air conditioning service life of 8 to 10 years shorter life expectancy of computers, in 5 to 8 years. Consumption from household appliances to see the overall situation, large numbers of people to buy appliances from the last century began, so far, many people are facing home appliance product replacement issues, with the support of national policy, I believe this market will be significantly growth.

“Last month we had already launched ‘TM to’ preferential measures to the computer, for example, for the age of the customer’s home computer to range from 200 to 1,000 yuan subsidy, a good effect.” Five Star Planning Manager, said Jian Jin, Ningbo strong public consumption, I believe that with the government’s subsidy policy, the public update will increase the enthusiasm of home appliances.

Car dealer:

Policy favorable automobile market

“Car ‘TM to’ policy for the second half is good news for the auto market is expected to promote the part of the market, especially those with replacement demand of consumers.” That the state-funded subsidies to car “to a new leaf “message, Ningbo is very concerned about the car dealer.

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