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Question by a.f: The ps3 FOLDING AT HOME it uses your electricity but what does Stanford do to help there research?
i heard that the ps3 download packets or something like that can anyone explain
how does leaving the ps3 help cure the disease.
i want to help
but i don’t understand how this works

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Answer by Dean B
f@H is a “Distributed computing” progrma that is used to work out the complexeites of protien folding.
if you downlaod the applicaiton ot the ps3 (theres a link under the web browser) then it will get “work units” form the stannford server and the ps3 will use the parele proceeing power of the Cell to worrk out protien foldeing.
If you visit there site ti will tell you all you nend to knwo including there breakthrough in research, and that the ps3 is stupidly good at this.
its all for the good of humankind, if you want that warm fuzzy feeling.

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