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How financial service firms use big data to meet business goals
Once business outcomes have been determined and prioritized, the firm can then decide on the best big data technologies needed to modernize their enterprise infrastructure to better mobilize the data across the business for consumption, enabling it to …
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Microsoft's Revolution Analytics Deal Is Finalized
"The free Revolution R Open project will continue to enhance open source R. We'll continue to advance the big data and enterprise integration capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise." As a subsidiary of Microsoft, Revolution Analytics will also …
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Big data trends in 2015 reflect strategic and operational goals
In 2015, these businesses will know much more about big data, and what it can and cannot do. Unsurprisingly, many will create their 2015 budgets based upon what they have learned. I predict the trends for big data in 2015 will be a combination of …
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Trends for 2015? More Search, Sponsored Content, Big Data
“Scores of pundits and prognosticators awake and arise this time of year from their marketing crypts to make predictions, outline scenarios on what they see as hot digital marketing trends for the upcoming year,” he continues. “And we see a lot of …
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