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Top 10 Ultimate YouTube Challenges

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18 Responses to “Top 10 Ultimate YouTube Challenges”

  1. lucy Bridger Says:

    eat a whole lemon
    in just one go.
    good luck! xx

  2. Sophie Wierzejska Says:

    Eat dog poo while pouring sprite fizzy drink at the same time!!!!! Actually
    that was kinda a joke you wouldn’t ever do that would you??? Take the

  3. Nonita Narvasa Says:

    Stop these challenges ure killing ure self

  4. ToNewBeginnings13 Says:

    I dare you to propose to a random girl. Actually that may be too easy. 😉 

  5. Cerin Owens Says:

    I dare u to eat an ant then a jalepeno
    then a wrom then a scorpion chilly
    then eat a small harmless spider and then a ghost pepper

  6. javeon thomas Says:

    Drink liquid ass

  7. GlobeRunner Mitch Says:

    y dose it look like he is crying

  8. Kim Sleeman Says:

    do you think its necacery to put you throwing up on camera?

  9. [TheAssignedGamer] Says:

    Do the warhead challenge

  10. Hailie Wade Says:

    You said you were all about facing our fears right? Okay. This is a fear
    that I have had all my life and I want you to show me that there is nothing
    to worry about. Jump into a volcano. If you can’t do that, please have
    Stephanie throw water balloons at your face! Thx!!! BTW, I LUV YOUR

  11. Katelyn Giraldo Says:

    Do the salt and ice challenge with your whole body in a

  12. Austin Alpert Says:

    Shoot your self in the balls with a paintball gun 

  13. Georgia Davies Says:

    hey guys I haven’t got many subscribers or likes on my videos so there for
    I am asking for a challenge last challenge I done was the faint challenge
    …. FUNNYMENOW that could be ur dare please reply to me everyone and put
    what dare u want me to do I am only 12 so not extreame ones xx

  14. katie faulkner Says:

    i dare you to mix a tablespoon of pepper,with a glass of hot water, add
    only the seeds of a ghost pepper then drink;)

  15. Heyitsmecoco Says:

    Go skydiving…after doing the sprite and banana challenge

  16. yaseen Sadan Says:

    yeah eat a whole lemon

  17. Chandler Vedros Says:

    I dare you to light a match and stick it up your nose also put a fire
    cracker in your pants

  18. Shaylin and Sydney Says:

    I dare you to go outside when it is about 40 degrees in nothing but a
    speedo and a towel around your neck and ask at least 5 people if there is a
    nearby outdoor pool somewhere!!!

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