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Hospitals Are Finally Starting to Put RealTime Data to Use
(See this article on predictive analytics.) In this regard, health care is way … CBI is an IT system that collects and analyzes data and delivers the results to frontline clinicians in real time, helping them to make better decisions. It can be used …
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RealTime Analytics Can Help Stop Ebola
While there's a role for PhD-level data scientists, the real power is in making advanced analysis work for mainstream — often Excel-wielding — business users. Here's how. Get the Analytics For All issue of InformationWeek Tech Digest today. (Free …
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Big Data and Analytics Software Gives Researchers a RealTime View of
The software provides real-time analysis for more than 10,000 data points per second from sensors measuring carbon levels and other environmental indicators such as relative humidity, temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric pressure and ambient noise …
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