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Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

The Population Health Alliance, the leader in advancing the principles of population health, has been at the forefront of promoting the relevance and appropriate use of data and analytics to improve population health management programs. This focus has guided the organization’s events and structure of its annual conference, the PHA Forum 2014.

On October 2, as part of the Population Health Management Virtual Brown Bag Series, Christopher Coloian, President and CEO of Predilytics, a PHA member, will present the webinar “Improving Population Health Value through Advanced Analytics,” to discuss how consumer preferences, engagement, and conditions can be derived from data elements, spanning consumer, demographic, financial, and clinical sources.

“As an industry, we can deliver improved population impact through the use of more expansive data and computer science,” said Coloian, past Chair of the Population Health Alliance’s Board of Directors. “Today at Predilytics, we are leveraging information about consumer behavior, clinical data including unstructured information from notes, and advanced analytics, to reveal insights to improve consumer engagement, quality of care, and the coordination of care resources. The result is improved individual health status and maximum health improvement for the population.”

The importance of data and analytics to the PHA membership and industry stakeholders was reflected in the high number of proposals on the topic submitted for the scientific presentations at the PHA Forum 2014.

“The review committee decided to form an exclusive scientific track, Analytics to Action for Providers and ACOs, due to the quality of the various presentations,” said Karen Moseley, PHA Director of Research. “This track shows examples of how to turn big data into better health outcomes. It showcases real world examples of how the appropriate use of data and analytics is transforming the way healthcare is provided in a multiplicity of settings.”

As part of the integrated educational experience that is the trademark of the PHA Forum, for 2014 the Solutions Zone, the reinvention of the exhibit hall, added a new neighborhood, the Data Stream, where the theory and research will come to life.

The companies exhibiting at the Data Stream neighborhood will showcase new models that maximize efficiency, encourage rapid learning, and protect patients’ privacy, to fully realize the benefits of HIT for population health.

Attendees will learn about how hospitals are healthcare data HUBs; latest big data trends and tools for accessing information in real time; security innovations; storage solutions; predictive analytics; medical interoperability; wireless infrastructure.

“Between the Analytics to Action for Providers and ACOs track and the Data Stream neighborhood in the exhibit hall, our attendees will learn how to go far beyond the basics of identification and risk stratification to use data for the new levers of population health like provider and consumer engagement, payment methodologies, care settings and other actionable insights,” said Moseley.

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About the Population Health Alliance

The Population Health Alliance (PHA) is a global trade association of the population health industry. Its more than 80 members represent stakeholders from across the healthcare delivery system that seek to improve health outcomes, optimize medical and administrative spend, and drive affordability. Through its robust advocacy, research and education initiatives, the PHA offers members a forum to advance shared learning and applied research to further innovation and establish best practices in the population health field. Visit to learn and get ready to attend the PHA Forum 2014, in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 10-12, 2014.

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