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These Are the Marines' Biggest Challenges, 239 Years Later
Today the United States Marine Corps celebrates its 239th birthday. Marines and their families will remember the illustrious history of the Corps and renew their commitment to serve the nation, “In every clime and place.” Marines will also reflect on …
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Inmate Abu-Jamal Challenges Victim-Anguish Law
An outspoken Pennsylvania inmate sued Monday to overturn a recently enacted law the state's governor says curbs criminals from cultivating "obscene celebrity" at the expense of their victims. Mumia Abu-Jamal, fellow inmates and prisoner-rights groups …
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Local student looks past challenges to future at NASA
“My challenges aren't much different than what anyone else has to do. It can be challenging whatever you're up against. Don't try to solve any large problem or some unsolved equation, you just get up and have little victories every day. Those little …
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