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Financial stability is the key to a successful life. People have to learn to manage their money well in order to live a stable lifestyle where they can have the things they want most out of life. Life insurance, on the other hand, works a little differently because you are not provisioning for your current financial status. Even though the insurance is in place so that your future financial needs can be met when you are no longer around, it will still impact your current finances as you are spending that money right now. For that reason, you have to consider your current financial situation in order to ensure the affordability of such a policy. You may have the best intentions of providing for your family when you are gone, but if you end up falling short on your monthly payments because of it, then it won’t make good financial sense to take the policy out just yet.

The best way to find the best possible premium is to shop around. You need to be able to get quotes from a variety of places so that you can compare life insurance quotes. You need to be able to compare what the quotes cost, what benefits they offer and whether or not they can be extended to cover you for any other life changing events. Unfortunately, death is not the only thing that we need to worry about. We have to consider the possibility of disablement and dreaded disease as well. It may not seem like a big risk, but the problem is that if it occurs you could end up in apposition where you can’t work and provide for your family the same way you would under normal circumstances. Being disabled or falling ill with cancer doesn’t mean that you no longer need to be provided for, because you are still around. In fact, over and above your usual monthly costs, you also have to pay for treatments for the illness as well as your comfort levels. If you become disabled, you would have to modify your house for wheelchair access for example. You would also need to pay for the wheelchair itself for example. These things can become quite costly, and if you are already struggling to manage your finances, you will put a lot more strain on the household income with the additional expenses.

It’s important to plan for all of these financial events in case they happen. If you haven’t reviewed your financial situation recently, it is time to take stock and see where you are at.

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London, UK (PRWEB UK) 14 September 2014

CMC Insurance Limited (CMC Insurance), the specialist firm that delivers complex programmes in regulatory, risk and finance data for the (re)insurance market, today announces that it has established foundations for its newly launched European operations, based in Zurich.

Against the backdrop of its successful UK launch in February this year, and based on positive feedback from global industry leaders, CMC Insurance identified Europe as a key market for the regulatory, risk and finance data business. The business has formed a strategic partnership with Dr. Alexander Quack-Grobecker and his specialist (re)insurance consultancy firm, Accredes AG (Accredes), for the provision of regulatory, risk and finance data services to the European (re)insurance sector. Accredes specialises in strategy, operational efficiency, risk and capital management for (re)insurance clients.

Alex Quack-Grobecker brings over 30 years’ (re)insurance and financial markets experience, and prior to establishing Accredes, he was a Partner at Oliver Wyman AG, Zürich. Previously, he held senior positions at General Re and McKinsey & Company.

Nick Stammers, Director, CMC Insurance said, “Solvency II remains a key issue in Europe. There are varying levels of readiness for the January 2016 deadline, with Pillar III proving to be a major challenge for (re)insurers. Improved risk management across all parts of the (re)insurance business remains a priority, and data challenges and the ability to produce meaningful reports from data are still high on the industry’s agenda. Establishing a presence in the European market was the next natural step for CMC Insurance. It will enable the delivery of global regulatory, risk and finance data programmes to clients. The next 12 months in particular promise to be an exciting time for CMC. We will continue to penetrate new regions to expand our already healthy portfolio, as well as further develop our proposition to the market.

He continued, “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Alex Quack-Grobecker to the CMC network. Having consultants of Alex’s calibre and experience partnering with CMC Insurance is testament to the emphasis we are placing on enhancing our existing capabilities and business solutions. Alex is highly experienced and extremely well-regarded throughout the (re)insurance industry. He brings considerable knowledge to CMC, and I am confident that our clients and colleagues alike will find him to be a valuable asset.

Commenting on the agreement with CMC Insurance, Dr. Alex Quack-Grobecker, Managing Director, Accredes, said, “I am delighted that Accredes has become a CMC Insurance partner. In its short time since launch, CMC Insurance has already gained recognition as a respected provider of regulatory, risk and finance data programmes to the (re)insurance sector. I believe that jointly we can help satisfy the requirements for greater transparency and efficiency in the European (re)insurance marketplace.”

For more information:

Nick Stammers


CMC Insurance Solutions Ltd

T: +44 (0)20 7422 0491

M: +44 (0)7940 482 020

E: nick.stammers(at)cmc-insurance(dot)co(dot)uk

Amanda Burton


Adaugeo Media

T: +44 (0)20 3086 7753

M: +44 (0)7974 428 026

E: amandab(at)adaugeomedia(dot)com

Dr. Alexander Quack-Grobecker

Managing Director

Accredes AG

T: +41 55 415 66 33

M: +41 79 927 57 67

E: aqg(at)accredes(dot)com


CMC Insurance Ltd (CMC Insurance) is a specialist consulting firm dedicated to building a true alternative to the ‘Big Four’ consulting firms for the (re)insurance sector. The business specialises in delivering complex programmes in regulatory, risk and finance data for the global (re)insurance market.

CMC Insurance’s solutions include:

Data Governance and Management
Delivering practical and achievable steps to bring data under real control and return tangible benefits

Regulatory and Risk Programmes
Adapting IT & data capabilities for regulatory change

Organisational Transformation and Business change
Remediating the way in which organisations manage and use their data

CMC Insurance, Director, Nick Stammers has previously held senior roles at Pro Insurance Solutions, part of the Tawa Group; at software and consulting firm, Concentra, and technology company, Serverside Group.

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Accredes AG is a professional advisory firm focussing on the European insurance, reinsurance and banking industry. The business supports clients in strategic decision-making, operational excellence and leadership talent development. Accredes operates through an international network of experts and specialists, delivering a best of class solution to specific client situations.

Dr. Alexander Quack-Grobecker, Managing Director of Accredes AG, is a former partner of Oliver Wyman and a former senior vice president of General Re.

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