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Question by light star girl: How to stop image theft from my blog?
hi all,

i’ve just set up a blog and am trying to stop people downloading my pictures.

I have installed both the “”WP-prevent copy blogs”” and “”WP- copy protect”” plugins. These are supposed to disable right lcicking and copying. However, there is a big flaw with both of them…

if you click on an image to open it up to it’s full size then the plugins don’t work!
Right clicking brings up the optins to ‘save as’ as usual.

Without resorting to large watermarks, does anyone have any suggestions for plugins or workarounds that I can emply to save my work from theft.

PS, i already make sure that i save my files at a minimum resolution and every picture has meta data copyright info contained.


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Answer by I8AShroom
There is no way to stop someone from taking an image you post online other than not posting it.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: How to stop image theft from my blog?”

  1. kingjohnscastle Says:

    You MUST use a watermark. Design something that’s not too intrusive and fade its opacity in Photoshop (or similar).


  2. joedlh Says:

    There is no way to prevent somebody from capturing an image from your screen. However, I don’t think you should be too upset about it because you’re doing the right thing to protect yourself. Posting low resolution images will not keep people from stealing them, but it renders them pretty useless for everything but web presentation. I’m assuming that your low resolution is between 600 and 800 pixels on the long end. You could use a watermark. However, I find a watermark splashed across an image to be tremendously off-putting. The point of posting an image on-line is to have an audience appreciate it. So why deface it yourself?

    Image use falls into lots of categories. Somebody may take an image for personal use. If you want to prevent this, it’s a lost cause. The only way is to not post anything. But then, how do you become famous? Another use is if somebody steals your image and tries to make money off of it. If you discover what they’ve done, then you can sue them. However, a low resolution image is not going to be useful for somebody with this intention.

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