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Hadoop 101: Simplifying MapReduce Development
hadoop-101 Learning a new development framework takes time, and, as is well known, the Hadoop platform is no exception. MapReduce developers face a steep learning curve when first deploying and configuring a Hadoop cluster and later when verifying …
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Actian DataFlow, the Little Hadoop Engine That Could, But Probably Won't
In Hadoop's ecosystem of massively parallel cluster computing frameworks, Actian DataFlow is an anomaly. It's a powerful little engine that thinks it can take on any data processing problem, no matter the scale. The trouble is that unlike MapReduce …
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Spark 1.2 challenges MapReduce's Hadoop dominance
The first is to shed the straitjacket created by legacy dependencies on the MapReduce framework and move processing to YARN, Tez, and Spark. Gary Nakamura, CEO of data-application infrastructure outfit Concurrent, believes the "proven and reliable" …
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