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Debate: What Is the True Cost of Mitigating Climate Change?
This highlights the remarkable growth rate in solar in Hawaii, which has resulted in some of the highest solar penetrations in any jurisdiction in the world. However, the utility slowdown in processing interconnection applications will be a temporary …
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The Latin America Cloud Analytic Market is Estimated to Grow to Reach 8.8
The exponential growth in big data has fueled the demand for efficient business analytics solutions for the purpose of decision making and strategy formation. Traditional solutions are complex to deploy and difficult to manage, … The cloud analytics …
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One problem with treating Ebola is that Ebola treatment is draconian
Most people's views of Ebola are probably informed by Hollywood — they think of it as a deadly and contagious virus that swirls around the world, striking everyone in its path and causing them to hemorrhage from their eyeballs, ears and mouth until …
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Engaging Patients: Interviews With Patients, Providers, And Communities Across
Her goal is to increase the participation rate of minorities in health research. She is training a … The increasing use of home care technology is likely to create exponential growth in the patient-generated data that are needed to improve outcomes …
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