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Would you like to be a part of Accenture’s Big Data practice? Learn more about all the work we’re doing with Big Data. Read this article today:… – HP CEO Meg Whitman and HP Software EVP George Kadifa take questions about key IT trends and the evolution of HP’s key …
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  1. Jeff Frick Says:

    George Kadifa’s #theCUBE Interview from HP Vertica Event 2013
    George Kadifa – HP Vertica Big Data Conference 2013 – theCUBE´╗┐

  2. Jeff Frick Says:

    George Kadifa’s #theCUBE Interview from HP Discover Las Vegas 2013
    George Kadifa – HP Discover 2013 – theCUBE´╗┐

  3. ONeillDonTube Says:

    If the cloud is not enterprise ready yet, how can an organization use cloud
    computing or the Internet for data or information it cannot afford to lose
    or cannot protect? After all, consumers have a duty and responsibility to
    safeguard the proprietary information under their control from the clear
    and present danger associated with cloud computing or Internet use.

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