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This is the class room training videos for Hadoop in DurgaSoftware solutions.

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6 Responses to “What is HIVE in Hadoop”

  1. jaishree rout Says:

    Can anyone know that , can we run any other language script like Rscript
    file or python script from hive. Please suggest

  2. SUMAN KUMAR Says:

    Good Explanation

  3. Naga Vinod Says:

    Hive is not only for structured data storage, we should use like
    unstructured data storage also.

  4. abhrapudi rajasekhar Says:

    Excellent Explanation, Can you explain on MAP joins, Bucketing Map Joins in
    Hive , that would really help in fine tuning of hiveql

  5. Jegan Baskar Says:

    Really well executed. Explanations are awesome. Keep doing good work. All
    the best

  6. Durga Software Solutions Says:

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