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Cloudera is a company that helps developers with big database problems. Here the CEO Mike Olson gives us a tour through the major database changes that are hitting lots of startups now.
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In this webcast, Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia and O’Reilly author Tom White will provide an introduction to Hadoop/MapReduce, the open source project that allows organizations to process, store and analyze massive application datasets.

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20 Responses to “What is Hadoop? Other big data terms like MapReduce? Cloudera’s CEO talks us through big data trends”

  1. saeedamr Says:

    Great Video. Very Nicely explained. Looking forward to more videos similar to this.

  2. kyousukeX Says:

    Great video!!!!

  3. satipandhu Says:

    whats the site..which he was referring to

  4. taostoner1 Says:

    Why is their video randomly eating 100% of my cpu?

  5. saithn Says:

    Nice video, thanks for uploading!

  6. TheShaunRyan Says:

    I’ve been in large scale (microsoft) data warehousing for many years. This stuff is really fascinating… unstructered big data is where it’s at.

  7. tdlob1 Says:

    18:53 Bet you that’s some good coffee.

  8. medh2000 Says:

    Great explanation of why to adopt Hadoop platform vs traditional RDBMS, the kinds of problems Hadoop is intended to solve

  9. manojkthakur Says:

    A great intro to your company, hadoop and new BIG Data technologies and players. I would strongly recommed for someone to begin the domain understanding. Thanks to youtube for getting us such a powerful presentation to us.
    Additionally I would have liked to hear few case studies.

  10. odebroque Says:

    Smart guy. Great video.

  11. FranklyImShocked Says:

    Open source is the way forward.

  12. SuperHelloja Says:

    That was an excellent intro to Hadoop and Cloudera. I think the reporter did a pretty good job of asking the right technical questions and interjecting the correct terms as such Mike can talk about it. Bit surprised that some folks did not like it.

  13. JefferySchmitz Says:

    Great talk Cassandra has been around a while though – cheers

  14. maneatermonster99 Says:

    bad bad very bad audio good presentation but very bad audio couldn’t tolerate the audio for long time

  15. Jzarecta Says:

    I wish they could post-produce this audio, a small equalization would have been painless and much better for the listener.

  16. timchang650 Says:

    Sad that O’Reilly posted this…it really doesn’t represent the normal quality of their work. They (either O’Reilly or Cloudera) should have extra bucks for a conf call service + microphones….

  17. rafaelg45 Says:

    I fell sleepy 45 minutes into the presentation. The audio is really for making me sleep – maybe I should download just the audio and play to help me put to sleep in the evening.

  18. klassica Says:

    Buy a better microphone please!

  19. guami007 Says:

    Seriously? Tom White presenter can’t be understood. Sounds like his tongue is pierced in multiple places. WTH?

  20. syrious1000 Says:

    this sound cuts my ears

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