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Hadoop architecture is a well respected and appreciated project. It is open-source software that guarantees reliability, scalability and offers distributed computing. It is software which is designed to simplify tasks running on large clusters. To manage large data sets with so much conviction this system requires some quality ingredients which can help produce the intended results. It has a structured architecture which comprises a number of elements. At the bottom, the Hadoop Distributed file system (HDFS) is present which stores files across storage nodes within the Hadoop cluster. Above the HDFS, there is a Mapreduce engine that consists of two elements – JobTrackers and TaskTrackers.

Here all the elements have a special purpose like a JobTracker is added in the system to perform task assignment. Tasktracker is present to perform map and reduce tasks, a very critical and important task in the whole process. NameNode is an element which comes into picture only when the Hadoop file system is used. It keeps all the file system metadata and is kept as a separate server from JobTracker. There is another NameNode, called as secondary NameNode, which has the main purpose to check-points the file system metadata periodically.  Another element which plays a vital role in the Hadoop architecture is called as DataNodes. The main activity which it performs is to store HDFS files and handle HDFS read/write requests. Its location preferably exists with TaskTrackers. The placement is done because this will make the data locality optimal.

At the time installation, there are three different modes – Local mode, which is also called as Standalone Mode, Pseudo-Distributed Mode and Fully-Distributed Mode. There is a requirement of the software such as JavaTM 1.6.x. It would be great if you use it from Sun. While installing the Hadoop architecture you must use the right configuration.

If you want to use this Hadoop MapReduce model for processing your large amount of data in parallel, you need to understand the software structure and each element in detail. Each step is important and significant in the installation. Don’t miss even a single step; otherwise you would not get the perfect Hadoop architecture in your business set-up. It provides a general partitioning mechanism that distributes workload across different machines and makes it work effectively. Basically, you need to select the right key for the record while stepping to different stages.

Choose a professional who knows everything about the Hadoop architecture and can help you install it to perfection.

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