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Former Vice President of MIT Vannevar Bush’s concept of the Memex introduced for the first time the idea of an easily accessible way to find data. Today, we …
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Big Data Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Prof. Sam Madden – Director, MIT Big Data Initiative Big Data has attracted huge attention in the supply chain domain, and advances in hardware an…
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10 Responses to “Using Big Data in the Workplace — MIT Professional Education Courses”

  1. Jamie Little Says:

    Is this course for beginners, do you learn techniques and tools in this
    course. And is there any programming involved, if so what language?

  2. Mohammad Oli Ahad Says:

    *From* many of *the makers* of this big thing!

  3. Reza Jalili Says:

    I took this online course and recommend it!

  4. Sudarshana rao duttaluri Says:

    Started yesterday..its really cool !!! I Recommend strongly !!!

  5. Lukas Horak Says:

    Using Big Data in the Workplace — MIT Professional Education Courses

  6. Tito Oz Says:
  7. Guillermo Pussetto Says:

    Very interesting.

  8. James Ngare Says:
  9. H Martinez Says:


  10. MIT CTL Says:

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