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Top 10 YouTube Challenges 2013

Top 10 YouTube Challenges 2013 Subscribe! In today’s video, we count down the top 1…

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18 Responses to “Top 10 YouTube Challenges 2013”

  1. Katie Lee Says:

    Cut off your arm

  2. Robert Vazquez-Nichols Says:

    Set your self on fire

  3. Aom Shrok Says:

    Pull off hair from your nose! MAN.. it’s gonna be painful!

  4. Lee Mattock Says:

    Kill your self

  5. Alanna Watson Says:

    Let it go let it go

  6. Gracie Meyer Says:

    ice bucket challenge … dont forget to donate

  7. jepty staples Says:

    That Last One Was NASTY XD

  8. Bob Smith Says:

    Shoulda done cinnaman challenge

  9. Cole F. Says:

    i dare u to drink pepper spray

  10. alia chy Says:

    That’s awfully

  11. nancy shehata Says:

    cinemon challange

  12. Megurine Luka Says:

    you sir are crazy

  13. manny lo Says:

    your freaking crazy man CRAZY TROLOLOLOLOL !!!

  14. jerry hensley Says:

    well i beleave we found the dumbest person in the world i geuss mom was
    right if somebody tells u to jump of of a bridg would u do it i know this
    dumb ass would

  15. Peepee bandits Says:

    Suck a dick

  16. Halyn Hill Says:

    drink your pee and try your dogs poop

  17. Lilyana Quinton Says:

    Glue your lips together

  18. tails1152 Says:

    My favorite is the cupcake slingshot.

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