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TEAM PVP Ovarian Cancer Donation Link – Or for Jeana’s personal page as team captain -…
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  1. BFvsGF Says:

    lets see what number we can count up to. Ill start


  2. Elena Sunshine Says:

    Jeana is soooooooo fucking HOT

  3. Wardon War Says:

    5:35 close your eyes and listen

  4. yadira ayala Says:

    Hi guys my name is Naleisa I am on my moms Google account and I always
    watch all of your videos and I always want to like and comment and stuff
    like that but I don’t have a Google account. I am 9 years old and I just
    love your videos

  5. Kenneth Bresson Says:

    Bounce bounce…jiggle jiggle…squeeze squeeze…lotion tissue please!

  6. Tee'Vega Says:

    Is that jeana’s bra showing ??! I hope not, thats not a good look.

  7. So Gamer Says:

    5:07 you here that? did he puke?

  8. Sandy Younes Says:

    Once agin I saw jeannas boobs

  9. Hamza Rizki Says:

    That’s what happens to me when I get dizzy

  10. Darrick Tanner Says:

    Who else would buy their sextape if they made one?

  11. karen madrid Says:

    my cousins dog died on September 9

  12. Ashley Inthabounh Says:

    Your next challenge can be how well do you know your bf/gf and if they get
    a question wrong they get a plate of whipped cream to the face.

  13. Legend Peach Says:

    Rip to edu the fucking fãg got burn nh in in 

  14. Vanessa Rocha Says:

    If you close your eyes the first time Jesse gets on it sounds… weird

  15. KidWeazel Says:

    at 1:30 close your eyes and listen…..

  16. Aneel Kana Says:

    Do the drunk racing challenge where you spin around about 20-30 and then
    you two have to race and the winner gets do do what ever they want

  17. Theresa Jajou Says:

    LMFAOOOO I was dying laughing especially at the end when Jeana sneezed on
    Jesse omgggggsh i went back like 10 times and was laughing so hard at that

  18. Yolanda Hernandez Says:

    Please please

  19. karen madrid Says:

    Did they move? cause the house looks diffrent

  20. Jazmine Wilborn Says:

    Jesse may have a big duck because my mom said that if you are scared to be
    spend around you have a big duck

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