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I have the Technisat HDFS now for 2 days and would give him no more. After the connection he made the same software update via satellite (which took about 45 min), eliminating all the mistakes already criticized some.

From the picture I’m overwhelmed! To enjoy the World Cup in HD is amazing! Also, the SD pictures look VERY GOOD.

The menu and the digital “program guide”, as used by Technisat, on the highest level. Everything is self-explanatory and the extensive manual you can put like the first time to the side.

The recording features I could at first only with a no-name USB flash drive (4GB) test, but ran everything with no problems (immediate recording, timer recording, records from the state-by eyed or edit the recordings), unfortunately rich 4GB but only for 39 min . HD-recording, not even for a mid-term … But with a 500GB drive should be well equipped.

The only drawback in comparison to my old HD Receiver Technisat are the switching a little longer, but you get used to it. Compared to other HD receivers, the TechniStar still ahead.

CONCLUSION: The Technisat HDFS is a very chic and high-quality HD Reciver, the auftrumpft with very good facilities and a atemberaubenten image. In this price range it is quite far ahead and is highly recommended by me.

P.S. HDMI cable included, 3 year warranty, and 3 months MTV Unlimeted after registering on the Technisat Homepage

may I emphasize the above points only. I am completely satisfied with the part (to the switching has got used quickly). Have also become an HD + module in it, I can however recommend only limited, given that private stations broadcast little HD (from time to time in the evening once a blockbuster, the normal day program, however, scaled up only what the Reciver but almost exactly Sogut controlled (comparative RTL and RTL-HD-SD, etc.). The public service can much better!

I’m looking for my eternal now concerned the following hard drive. Intenso Memory Station 320GB external hard disk (8.9 cm (2.5 inches), USB-Y cable) black (in the 500GB version) Eternal look, therefore, because, according to countless statements in various forums to choose the right drive so far quite difficult Designs (the Reciver had problems with most plates or vice versa) …

But this works perfectly and evaluates the receiver on again properly. I have tested it extensively and am totally thrilled. So who is looking for a hard drive for his receiver can strike without hesitation!

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