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Question by : Can hadoop be used to play games?
I have been researching lately about “hadoop” over the web since our professor at the university told us about it(i am a Computer Science student).So far I have found out that it can be used to all sorts of things, like searching,compilling large texts, image recognitioning and many many more, but then when I searched at google I couldn’t find anything about hadoop and game developing.So here is my question, can “hadoop”, with its “Map-Reduce”, be used to program 2-3 CPUs so that they can run the same game at the same time?
Let’s say that a game requires 2.6 GHz CPU processor and you got 2 laptops with 1.5 GHz CPU processor each, can I apply that somehow so I can run the game smoothly??

P.S.Sorry if I said too much this is the first time that I use Yahoo Answers.

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Answer by abhishek j
if a game requires large set of data (like to be searched or processed) or some calculation which cannot be handled by one cpu than it might help..

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