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The LivePerson platform enables over 8500 global businesses to intelligently engage with more than 450 million users a month. In order to get to this scale,…
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Is it Time for Hadoop Alternatives?
Hadoop has progressed from a large scale, batch-oriented analytics tool used by a handful of webscalers to a multi-application processing platform for webscale and enterprise users. The vendors of Hadoop's three major distributions uniformly …
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NoSQL Integration with the Hadoop Ecosystem By @MapR | @BigDataExpo
Apache Hadoop is an open source Big Data processing platform that comes with its own extensive ecosystem to support various business and technical needs. Hadoop's specialty is large-scale processing and analytics over volumes of data that cannot be …
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Altiscale Lands M To Continue Building Hadoop Cloud Service
When you think of Hadoop, you probably think of a complex on-premises set up in your data center, but Altiscale wants to reduce some of that complexity by moving the whole thing to the cloud and offering Hadoop as a service. Today it got $ 30M in Series …
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Presentation control protocol, commonly known as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), is a standard protocol widely used for efficiently controlling the streaming of audio and video data over the internet. The protocol is developed by Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group (MMUSIC WG), also a joint venture work of RealNetworks, Netscape Communications and Columbia University during 1990s.

Unlike the traditional HTTP which uses progressive technique, real-time streaming protocol delivers continuous streams of requested data without actually storing it on the hard disk, the technique known as real-time streaming, thus acts like a remote control enabling the flow on demand. The protocol is used in applications such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, MPEG4IP, JavaFX SDK for Windows platform, Skype, for uni-cast streaming (where data transfer occurs between one client and one server) and multi-cast streaming( between one server and multiple clients).

Real-time streaming protocol uses a combination of protocols such as TCP (connection based protocol), UDP (connectionless protocol), and RTP to achieve various functions by maintaining session/state between server and client through an identifier. In other words, the RTSP server and client can send requests simultaneously by choosing the appropriate delivery mechanism, an advantage over other protocol types.

The session begins with Setup from the client or already defined transport information that indicates the server to allocate resource for data stream, Play, where the data is transmitted according to the request from client, Pause, in which the streaming is temporarily disabled without actually disconnecting the server, Record, where the streaming data is recorded by the client as per the time-stamp carrying the information of start and end time, and Close, where the resources are freed and the client-server session comes to an end.

The other advantage of RTSP is, it is extendable, in the sense new features, parameters and methods can be easily added while coding and/or can include features from other protocols like HTTP, TCP etc. The RTSP provides secure and reliable connection by letting the end user choose the appropriate authentication type.

Since the data can arrive from various servers, this type of protocol is generally prescribed for professional presentations. Also, the client can identify which features are enabled and which are not, in the requested server, making that information available for other purposes.

RTSP uses the standard ISO 10646 UTF-8 encoding (hence called a text based protocol) where each lines are terminated by CRLF, which is then interpreted by the receiver on the other end. Due to this nature of the protocol, it is extensively implemented for scripting languages like Perl and VB. The RTSP is a proposed standard in its preliminary stage and hence some RTSP servers use RTP as the transport protocol and others RDP for the audio/video stream.

All data types are not supported by this type of connection and RTSP option is not recommended for those who do not want to compromise on video quality. The real time streaming protocol is vulnerable to packet loss, transmission delay, congestion and other jitters, just like any other communication protocols, but can prove to be advantageous in many instances such as a conference which could be viewable to many people at once regardless of location.

AVS Installations Robert Leggio has been an officer with several major audio visual companies since 1985. Having extensive audio equipment knowledge, Robert brings AVSI to an elite level with high standards. Co-Sponsored By: Mitsubishi, Tandberg, and AMX Corp.

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Most popular Real time Data Analytics and Data Visualization eBay auctions:

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Most popular Real time Data Analytics eBay auctions:

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Real time data delivery is completely web based technology in which we have nothing to install locally just login from anywhere. By using it you can leads your client in real time data delivery via HTTP post, GET, HTML email, plain text email. In data management software we provide to your client a client portal by which they can login and managing their data. Many lead generation companies provides this kind of data management software but we offer this kind of software with some additional features like real time data delivery & automated delivery features and many more.

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The data management software provides you many wonderful features like data security, data design, data architecture, data maintenance, data access, data quality management etc. for data analyzing , you can use this data management software which also provides a real time data delivery to your client’s. Data management software can easily handle big group or unit & helps you to minimize bugs & maximize efficiency across team, introduce new performance development.

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Foster City, CA (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

Data is only valuable to a company if it can be acted on. The faster organizations are able to move from gathering to acting, the bigger the strategic advantage. Corporate IT departments are feeling the pressure as the push to use big data grows and corporate SLAs become increasingly demanding due to the globalization and consumerization of enterprise IT. In order to meet this demand for action, companies need to make sure they are addressing the Velocity aspect of Big Data solutions, rather than just Variety and Volume.

GridGain (, the Java-based open source middleware platform for real time big data processing, is announcing the availability of GridGain 4.0. GridGain software addresses Velocity as well as Volume and Variety by processing live data using their unique integration of highly scalable compute and in-memory data grid technologies. Unlike complex, decade-old SQL, ERP or Hadoop ETL systems that use dead data for batch offline processing, GridGain 4.0 allows businesses to harness live data for smarter, low latency real time transactional and analytical processing.

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