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Challenges eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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Greenwood Village, CO (PRWEB) December 23, 2014

zvelo, a leading provider of contextual and semantic data sets about URLs, text, social media conversations, unstructured data and more, has enhanced its AI and NLP-based categorization engine to boost the category granularity and coverage of Turkish websites and web content.

“Some of our customers have a significantly increasing number of Internet users within this large geographical area,” explains Jay Rollings, zvelo’s Sr. VP of Service Delivery. “This rapid growth and strong demand led us to not only enhance our Turkish categorization coverage; we also improved our infrastructure to allow us, and our customers, to scale with future surges in traffic stemming from the European and Asian territories that the language is spoken in.”

The data sets stored in the company’s zveloDB® URL database are accessible via an on-disk SDK or a cloud API. A sample of the company’s data sets can be previewed at

About zvelo, Inc.

zvelo is a leading “Data as a Service” provider whose contextual categorization, malicious website and ad fraud detection services are used to generated a wide range of data sets, attributes and other signals including language, category values (including IAB taxonomies), named entities/sentiment, ad fraud, malicious and more for URLs, the Deep Web and unstructured data. These data sets can be accessed through simple, straightforward SDKs and APIs for integration with applications in the online advertising, data analytics, network security and endpoint security, and other use cases where contextual categorization accuracy, responsiveness, coverage, malicious detection, high performance throughput and scalability are required. To learn more visit

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Today Omnibond Systems, LLC and the OrangeFS development community at AWS re:Invent announced the release of OrangeFS, version 2.9 with Hadoop 2.x ecosystem support, capability based security and distributed metadata for directory entries.

OrangeFS enhances Big Data computation by delivering Hadoop Compatible File System (HCFS) support for the latest versions of the Hadoop ecosystem. The OrangeFS Hadoop Client also supports accessing multiple independent OrangeFS systems. Further, existing Hadoop clusters using Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) may utilize other OrangeFS systems as an alternative method of distributed storage. A Hadoop user can easily specify the preferred file system. The OrangeFS Hadoop Client extends and enhances the ability to share HPC and Big Data resources and reduces the time-consuming operations of data transfers from one environment to another. Together, these two open source products can perform massive computations at multi-petabyte scale. Additionally, OrangeFS provides seamless integration with other HPC resources.

Capability-based security is a significant OrangeFS 2.9 enhancement with two new security modes. Key-based security, designed for a trusted client infrastructure, provides each OrangeFS client and server system with a cryptographic key pair. Certificate-based security utilizes user certificates and associated key pairs. OrangeFS can leverage LDAP directories to provide a consistent mapping of identities to certificates. Certificate-based security mode supports untrusted clients, so it is suited for dynamic environments. Once validated with either mode, file operations leverage signed capabilities for efficient scalable file operations.

OrangeFS stripes large data files across multiple servers to provide highly concurrent access; however, prior to version 2.9, the metadata for large directories were stored only on a single server, potentially creating a hotspot with a large number of concurrent requests. OrangeFS 2.9 includes a scalable distributed directory service to support efficient concurrent access to the progressively larger directories of the future. Scalable distributed directories make OrangeFS 2.9 an attractive option for data monitoring and real-time application monitoring which can require creation of many files under the same directory.

“This release is a major milestone in the transformation of scalable distributed file systems,” said Boyd Wilson, from Omnibond, “starting with a new security infrastructure as a foundation, distributed metadata scalability improvements and a rigorous testing cycle laying the foundation for the future generations of scalable distributed storage software.”

Omnibond will be on the floor at AWS re:Invent and SC14 and will be discussing the new OrangeFS release and other products including CloudyCluster beta, built on the capabilities of OrangeFS.

OrangeFS 2.9 can be downloaded at and, home of the software’s development community. also has information on enterprise support, development and maintenance services for OrangeFS. Information on Omnibond’s other products can be found at

About OrangeFS

OrangeFS (Orange File System) is the next evolution of the open source Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS), capable of using many storage servers or cloud instances and combining their throughput capability creating a high-performance storage cluster. OrangeFS is designed for combined high-performance computing (HPC) and Big Data workloads that require high-speed access to storage for parallel computing applications. OrangeFS continues to embrace these high-end computing needs while addressing new directions in stability, resilience and diverse client access. For more information about the OrangeFS user and development communities, visit and

About Omnibond

Omnibond is a technology development company currently focused on software engineering and support for networked identity/access management, HPC and Big Data parallel virtual file systems, and computer vision technologies. Our newest forays include commercial-grade product services for OrangeFS. For more information visit

For more information, send an email to ofs-sales(at)omnibond(dot)com or call 844-GOT-OMNI (844-468-6664) or 864-416-3827. For press inquiries, contact Amy Cannon at amycannon(at)omnibond(dot)com.

*All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

As the demand to harness the power of big data grows, TARGIT today announced their platform support of big data management with Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). The Business Intelligence and Analytics company specializes in Microsoft Dynamics, with over 80 percent of their customers as Dynamics users. The TARGIT Decision Suite now supports APS, and unlike most other tools, TARGIT Decision Suite does not require the use of a programming language. This is just one more way TARGIT has demonstrated its flexibility and ease-of-use for end users.

“Microsoft Analytics Platform System is a key product in Microsoft’s comprehensive data platform,” says Joe Corigliano, TARGIT VP of Global Channels Programs. “At TARGIT, we’re supporting what customers want. They want to bring together data from Microsoft APS and Microsoft Dynamics and they need the TARGIT front-end for user-friendly data discovery, analytics, and visualizations. Now they can have the best of both worlds.”

This means seamless integration of data sources for those business users harnessing the power of big data. Microsoft Dynamics users can pull their APS data directly into the TARGIT platform and immediately begin working with the full power of the TARGIT tool set.

“TARGIT’s new solution offers Microsoft Dynamics users a front-end for data visualizations and analytics, data discovery tools, and mobile BI for sharing and collaborating,” said Eron Kelly, general manager of Data Platform Group at Microsoft. “TARGIT has always been an add-on for Microsoft ERP systems, and this is just one more way the company is providing value for Microsoft customers.”

Microsoft APS integration is just one of the updated features of the TARGIT Decision Suite 2014, available this September. In addition to the ability to more easily integrate big data platforms into the TARGIT Management Studio, the system upgrade includes smarter and easier data discovery, improved ability to incorporate personalized gauges, deep integration with platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, and improved sharing and collaboration.


TARGIT,, is the maker of the market’s most intuitive Business Intelligence and Analytics solution for all business users, the TARGIT Decision Suite. With over 18 years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Analytics segment and over 300,000 users globally, TARGIT has been consistently considered as a top player in the industry by Gartner and BARC. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for strong applications development. The TARGIT Decision Suite is the only BI and Analytics platform that delivers real-time dashboards, self-service analytics, user-friendly reporting, mobile capabilities with notifications, and data-discovery technology in a single, cohesive solution. TARGIT gives companies the courage to act.

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AUSTIN, TX (PRWEB) October 11, 2012

OnRamp Access, a data center operations company headquartered in Austin, Texas, improves the reliability of its colocation customers operations with ReadyServers on-demand solutions that reduce the difficulty of employing replacement infrastructure in an emergency. Bridging the gap between traditional colocation and the cloud, ReadyServers provide OnRamp colocation customers with a pre-provisioned, virtualized environment that can be quickly and directly incorporated into a customer’s infrastructure in the event of a hardware node failure within a customer’s environment or to address an immediate need to scale online operations. For clients colocating their own equipment in OnRamps state-of-the-art data center, the ability to quickly recover from equipment failure or scale operations to meet unexpected needs is crucial to maintaining high levels of availability for their data.

OnRamp offers a suite of ReadyServer solutions to ensure colocation customers have on-demand access to OnRamps pre-provisioned pool of hardware that has been pre-loaded with hypervisors and is standing by, ready to incorporate into a colocation customers equipment at a moments notice, stated OnRamps Founder Chad Kissinger. OnRamp’s ReadyServer solutions solve the challenge of needing to quickly obtain and provision a new or spare server on-demand without the time or resources to act in an emergency situation and is one of the many reasons we believe colocation customers are more likely to be successful working with OnRamp.

OnRamp colocation customers can take advantage of a full suite of ReadyServer solutions, including: ReadyNodes, ReadyConnect and ReadySAN. ReadyNodes, are a pool of virtualized computer servers that are installed, powered on and standing by to be incorporated into a customers colocation space through the addition of a dedicated connection, or ReadyConnect. ReadyConnect is a pre-provisioned connection between the pool of ReadyNodes and a specific customers colocation space. This enables customers to integrate a new ReadyNode into the infrastructure in very little time, and without having to form a new connection. And, to support a companys business continuity or disaster recovery plan, OnRamps ReadySAN solution provides a timely alternative to the tedious process of restoring from tape by allowing a customer to take a snapshot of their existing servers and store them on OnRamp Managed Storage, making them available to the ReadyServer pool on short notice. Each of the ReadyServer solutions was specifically designed to support OnRamps colocation customers by both limiting downtime in the event of a clients own equipment failure and by removing the barriers to rapid growth.

In addition to the capabilities afforded by OnRamps ReadyServer solutions, colocation customers benefit from the data center companys value-added managed hosting, managed services and Full7Layer Support from onsite engineers, which are available 24/7/365.

About OnRamp

OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas. As one of Texas first Internet operations companies, OnRamps history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers the highest levels of security, redundancy, reliability and technical expertise for colocation, managed hosting, cloud and disaster recovery backed by Full7Layer Support.

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Austin, Texas (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

OnRamp Access, a data center service provider in Austin, Texas, offers managed hosting solutions to coastal companies as the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Ike approaches. The destructive Category 2 hurricane made landfall near Galveston, Texas, on September 13, 2008, and still serves as a grim reminder of the devastating effects severe weather can have on coastal residents and businesses alike. With an increased likelihood of storms making landfall in the Atlantic Basin region this hurricane season, OnRamps managed hosting solutions help businesses keep their critical IT infrastructure running securely, reliably, and effectively 24/7/365, from the safety of its geographically stable, Austin, Texas, data center location.

Although some companies in the path of Hurricane Ike were able to maintain their IT infrastructure and online operations, other challenges existed in the storms aftermath. Widespread power outages, lasting several weeks, forced many IT operations to shut down and others to narrowly survive on backup generator power. Those residing in coastal cities and low-lying areas around Houston, Texas, who were able to cope with these power issues, were still met with a mandatory evacuation which displaced their technical staff from their equipment. Primary data storage sites were thus left inaccessible, resulting in a loss of productivity and revenue, and prompting situations of high vulnerability for their critical systems.

OnRamps data center is situated in a geography that is far removed from the threat of natural disasters, has a low seismic risk and zero incidents of hurricanes, making it an ideal location for companies storing mission critical data. Whether OnRamp serves as a companys primary data storage site, or as a secondary site for managed hosting purposes, we make sure your IT operation is safely running 24/7/365, said Chad Kissinger, Founder of OnRamp. For companies who do not host their IT operations in a geographically stable part of the country, there is a risk of downtime associated with natural disasters that can result in a loss of revenue, or worse, force them to shut down their business altogether. OnRamps managed hosting solutions pair best in class hardware equipment from HP, Cisco, NetApp and EMC with redundant power, multi-homed bandwidth over fully meshed networks and 24/7/365 monitoring for 100% uptime. OnRamps experienced onsite engineers manage, monitor and maintain each managed hosting solution to ensure 100% uptime, a feature that is especially important for disaster recovery customers who are intentionally distanced from their equipment in Austin by design.

OnRamps managed hosting services offer the flexibility of customizing a solution that bests suits a companys budget and agenda. From managed servers, to managed network devices, dedicated server hosting, managed storage and managed backups, OnRamp can create a managed hosting solution to meet its clients specific needs.

About OnRamp

OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, Texas. As one of Texas first Internet operations companies, OnRamps history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers colocation, managed hosting, cloud and disaster recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support.

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(PRWEB) March 07, 2012

IT overheads, especially for large enterprises, have seen significant growth over the past few years. The cost of managing Big Data, the proliferation of mobile technologies and Bring Your Own Device and the increase in Cyber Security threats in the corporate space have made the role of the CIO vastly more complex.

IT departments have also suffered larger bandwidth and storage costs, and with the requirement to keep up with new Operating Systems and ensure interoperability, large-scale PC refreshes and other resource intensive projects can be a necessity.

(Download the White Paper: Addressing 3 Common Enterprise CIO Challenges with Best Practices Registration Required)

TCTA is the Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority – a South African state-owned entity that works to finance and implement bulk raw water infrastructure in the Southern African region. They had a data management nightmare on their hands – Our user data increased by 1200 percent over the space of three years, says Nikesh Maharaj, Network and Infrastructure Specialist .

In order to successfully manage such a dramatic increase in data (and the additional future increases expected), TCTA needed to find a solution that would allow central management of user data, whilst optimizing use of its limited bandwidth and storage infrastructure. Ultimately, they had to control and reduce IT support costs, whilst finding a solution that offers operational efficiencies and assists in protecting their business critical data.

The problem experienced at TCTA is certainly not unique, The 2011 Data Loss Survey illustrates how IT managers and CIOs are finding it increasingly difficult to manage and protect user data. In 2011, over 50% of companies lost data.

At TCTA, their script-based backup policy was a significant factor in their inability to effectively manage data. It proved to be a complicated, labour intensive method of managing user data. Maharaj stated.

By introducing Cibecs, a data backup and recovery solution built for enterprise environments, TCTA was able to cut data recovery time by several hours per incident often representing a real time and support cost saving of between 500 and 1000%.

Its not just the post-installation cost saving that impressed us, says Maharaj. The actual roll-out was quick and simple with guidance provided by Cibecs on-site IT support. Nikesh further states that users have largely been oblivious to the Cibecs agent running on their PCs.

Maharaj offered insight into some of the features he says have made the biggest impact, and that he believes companies suffering from Big Data challenges should invest in.

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