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Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)

Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)

This is the first book in the two-volume set offering comprehensive coverage of the field of computer organization and architecture. This book provides complete coverage of the subjects pertaining to introductory courses in computer organization and architecture, including:. Instruction set architecture and design. Assembly language programming. Computer arithmetic. Processing unit design. Memory system design. Input-output design and organization. Pipelining design techniques. Reduced Instructi

List Price: $ 163.00


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Healthcare Data Analytics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series)

Healthcare Data Analytics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series)

At the intersection of computer science and healthcare, data analytics has emerged as a promising tool for solving problems across many healthcare-related disciplines. Supplying a comprehensive overview of recent healthcare analytics research, Healthcare Data Analytics provides a clear understanding of the analytical techniques currently available to solve healthcare problems.

The book details novel techniques for acquiring, handling, retrieving, and making best use of healthcare data. It

List Price: $ 99.95


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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

Simplilearn (, a leading edtech company providing certification courses to professionals, today announced it raised $ 15 million in Series C funding to continue to fuel the company’s impressive growth and success. The round was led by Mayfair, with existing investors Kalaari Capital and Helion Venture Partners also participating. With this round, Simplilearn has raised a total of $ 27 million in capital.

Simplilearn offers a multitude of training and certifications for business use and career advancement. The blended learning platform offers a combination of online classes, in-person workshops and corporate trainings, all led by Simplilearn’s over 2,000 qualified trainers. Courses span vendors, industries and platforms: Simplilearn offers training for everything from Advanced Cloud Computing to Six Sigma.

“Simplilearn has had an impressive growth over the last few years, and we are confident that this momentum will continue as more individuals seek professional certification(s) to succeed,” said Navin Chaddha, Managing Director of Mayfield. “We believe that the additional capital will allow Krishna and his team to grow even faster and outpace the market.”

“Our strength has been in providing a wide range of certification-based courses that have direct impact on the learner’s career. This focus on impact has ensured that we continue to grow at an aggressive pace,” says Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn. “With more of our learners moving to mobile and online learning, the current funding will allow us to continue to invest in the platform, expand our course coverage, and also look at rapidly expanding in the US and other primary markets.”

“Certification training is a serious business, and we pride ourselves in guiding our customers to achieve career growth and success,” said Rajesh Raju, Managing Director of Kalaari Capital. “This team has made significant progress in this space, and the latest round will further strengthen our positioning in the US and international markets.”

“The certification-based training industry is seeing a phenomenal growth, and Simplilearn is leading this from the front,” said Rahul Chowdhri, partner at Helion Venture Partners. “This additional capital infusion will allow them to aggressively invest and expand.”

Simplilearn was founded in 2009, and launched its signature blended learning solution in early 2010. It is currently one of the largest certification training providers in the world, offering over 200 courses and over 40 global accreditations. More than 400,000 people have been certified using Simplilearn in courses including Hadoop, Six Sigma, PMP and SAP among others.

Simplilearn is currently presenting its training solutions at DEMO in San Francisco. For more information, visit

About Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a leading provider of professional certification courses that addresses the unique learning needs of working professionals. With a large India-based back office that operates 24/7, Simplilearn provides unmatched customer experience, which handholds a customer – right from enrolling into an online course to getting Industry-recognized certificate in hand. Simplilearn represents 20 certification bodies, prominent ones being PMI, Exelos, Scrum Alliance, Peoplecert, and The Open Group. Simplilearn is now diversifying into vendor certification like those from Microsoft, Cisco, and Salesforce. For more information, please visit

About Mayfield

Mayfield is a global, early-stage venture capital firm with over $ 2.6 billion under management. During its 45-year history, the firm has invested in more than 500 companies, of which 113 have gone public and over 150 have merged or been acquired. The firm is currently deploying Mayfield XIV, a $ 365 million US fund and Mayfield India II, a $ 108 million dedicated India fund, and investing in the energy and technology sectors in China. For more information, please visit

About Helion Venture Partners

Helion Venture Partners is a leading multi-stage venture fund with over $ 600 million under management. The fund invests across the technology and consumer sectors. For more information, visit

About Kalaari Capital

Kalaari Capital is a leading early-stage venture capital fund with a focus on technology-oriented companies. The fund is passionate about investing in entrepreneurs who are poised to be tomorrow’s global leaders. For more information, visit

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Big Data Technology Series: data mining technology and engineering practice(Chinese Edition)

Big Data Technology Series: data mining technology and engineering practice(Chinese Edition)

Language:Chinese.Pub Date: 2014-10-01 Pages: 400 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press Data mining is one of the most active areas of current. Big Data Technology Series: data mining technology and engineering practice. according to his own 20 years of experience in data mining. data mining summarizes the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to provide a lot of information on line. This book introduces the concept of data mining and misunderstanding. then introduce data exploration metho

List Price: $ 128.25


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The Data to Dollars(TM) Value Chain: A Practical Guide to Business Analytics (The Morgan Kaufmann Series on Business Intelligence)

The Data to Dollars(TM) Value Chain: A Practical Guide to Business Analytics (The Morgan Kaufmann Series on Business Intelligence)

The Data to Dollars™ Value Chain: A Practical Guide to Business Analytics provides guidance on how to create successful analytics projects, assemble teams, and plan for ongoing initiatives. The book is a thoughtful, skilled, technical and analytical guide on the methods used to truly understand customers, consumer behavior, and market opportunities. This practical guide contains all components of the process, along with the methods and templates needed to unlock the potential of data. Reader

List Price: $ 54.95


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Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Metaps Inc. (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Katsuaki Sato, hereafter “Metaps”) announced that they have completed a $ 36 million Series C round of financing, headed by pre-existing and multiple new stakeholders in Japan and with the participation of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Regarding the new business partnerships formed in this round of funding, plans are to reveal details later this year.

CEO Katsuaki Sato commented, “At this stage of our growth we felt the timing was right to bring in more outside funding to help our AI and financial services initiatives reach the next level. We are already a trusted monetization partner for app developers worldwide, and we are expanding into a solutions provider for all e-commerce companies and smart device developers.”

Metaps was selected by Forbes Japan as one of the “Top Startups” in Japan for 2014, and Sato featured as one of the top 10 young entrepreneurs in Japan.

Metaps offers a one-stop app monetization platform “metaps”, supporting app analytics, user acquisition and monetization. The metaps Platform improves the efficiency and automation of app marketing by learning the patterns of users through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The infrastructure of the metaps Platform has expanded to reach over 100 million app users through their network, which includes apps that have been downloaded a total of over 1.2 billion times.

Metaps has supported app monetization for developers through the formation of their 8 offices worldwide.

Intended use of Series C funding

1)    Expand implementation of artificial intelligence technology

Metaps will continue to advance automation and increase efficiencies across all types of businesses utilizing “big data” accumulated over time. This will be accomplished with data analysis, pattern recognition, future forecasting and by improving the accuracy of automated processes by the Metaps’ AI system. For these purposes, funding will be used towards aggressive hiring of experts in the field, and investing in necessary research.

As indicated in the corporate vision of Metaps: “Through big-data and computer learning, our aim is to be the world’s brain by empowering people to make smarter decisions”, Metaps will go beyond smartphones and make the capabilities of the metaps Platform accessible to developers for all smart devices. Metaps will plan product expansion with the goal of increasing the platform infrastructure to reach 10% of the world’s population (800 million people) by 2016.

2)    Expand financial services operations

Metaps is currently expanding the scale and operations of their new business, zero commission online payment service “SPIKE”. Over 50,000 accounts have been registered, and SPIKE is expanding rapidly amongst individual and small e-commerce businesses. With a mission to “Change the rules of money with technology”, SPIKE will strive to become an all-encompassing financial service and not limit itself to online payments.

About Metaps

Corporate site:

Service sites:    



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– CEO Series: The Next Seismic Shift: Understanding Big Data
from Radical Disruptions: The Transformative Power of Technology
View Details about

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

Magellan Holdings, LLC, a leading provider of mobile OTT media delivery solutions, and Crowded Reality Inc, the worlds first crowd-funding platform for reality tv and talk shows, today announced a strategic partnership to stream new talk show Wake Up! “backstage” video content to mobile app users.

OTT delivery of content is now mainstream and quickly becoming the preferred delivery method, especially with recent net neutrality legislation in the U.S. and other countries around the world. OTT media delivery to custom mobiles apps is the new trend in media delivery by creating a unique “station / channel” for content owners. The Magellan OTT platform includes advertising, subscription, and pay-per-view capacities to enable immediate monetization of media content.

The first show to be fully funded, sponsored and distributed off the Crowded Reality platform, the show is hosted by the most beloved experts in Mind, Body, Spirit. Wake Up! is the show for the New Mainstream, providing insight into the answers people really want.

The brainchild of award winning producer Adryenn Ashley, a pioneer in the #SocialTV space, and Lisa Marie, a globally successful entrepreneur with a knack for cracking open new markets, the new multi-platform show app creates deep engagement with the audience though its Backstage Pass application, with more content, interviews, information and community. All the shows on the Crowded Reality platform have a #SocialTV component.

Wake Up! is about creating an atmosphere where the people who are “wondering about” can meet the people who “know about”, inspiring all to start “being about” this new way of making the world a better place, adding their social currency to the power mainstream TV.

“We are creating weekly segments that will highlight topics driven by our social media outreach, answering questions, providing information in a easy going, conversational mobile app format. Magellan’s OTT platform gives the viewing audience with a wealth of new exclusive media content and ability to stream previously aired weekly segments, and engage as a community, among a host of other features,” said Adryenn Ashley, CEO of 21st Century Pictures Group.

“Crowded Reality fully understands the future of media delivery over OTT and the importance to have a custom mobile app for content owners to maximize brand and financial upside. Due to our platform approach, each successful TV series on the platform can be quickly and at low cost configured to custom native mobile apps for a true ‘station / channel’ user experience,” said Greg McGregor CEO of Magellan.

About Magellan Holdings, LLC

Magellan ( is a San Francisco based software development company with significant experience in developing software to meet the most challenging applications. From a mobile industry perspective, Magellan’s experience developing software applications for mobile network operator (MNO) infrastructure has span from 1G-AMPS, 2G-GSM-CDMA-TDMA, 3G-UMTS, and 4G-LTE.

Over the past 20 years, Magellan Holdings, LLC and its core team (Magellan) has patented (in most cases) and developed such innovated products as BT Cellnet’s original Pay & Go, iBEAM’s video streaming platform, QoS / QoE solutions for 3G / 4G LTE for Hutchison Whampao (3), CDNs for Loral Space Systems’ satellite networks, advanced computer vision for retail auditing, object recognition technology with advertising applications, and data migration tools utilized by Workday and Google, among other large enterprises around the world.

About Crowded Reality Inc., the niche crowdfunding platform, created by award winning producer Adryenn Ashley, offers show creators three ways to fund their show, through a system designed to reveal the reach of new shows, and to incite competition for the opportunity to sponsor or air each show. With algorithmic triggers that alert pre-screened and “vetted” sponsors, the site interacts with and introduces show-specific sponsors even before the funding cycle is complete.

Using a factor called Social Currency, tied to proprietary back end tools, can calculate the reach and value to a sponsor and the demographic most interested in a show. This feature encourages sponsors to take action and secure their position with the show to leverage the social currency the show has built and gives potential sponsors the certainty they are looking for when choosing where to invest their marketing dollars, while leaving creative control in the hands of the show creators. Crowded Reality lets independent producers prove the viability of their reality TV and talk show concepts by crowd-funding the pilot, and using social currency, unlock access to sponsors and nationwide distribution.

In less than 100 days Crowded Reality has proven the concept, by fully funding one pilot, gaining $ 100K in sponsorship for talk show Wake Up!, and signing 2 shows into nationwide distribution. With over 11K+ visitors and garnering over 2.5M in social currency, Crowded Reality fulfills a gap in the marketplace between the command and control studio system and the new media makers who long for broadcast access.

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Big Data Technology Series: Hadoop application development techniques detailed(Chinese Edition)

Big Data Technology Series: Hadoop application development techniques detailed(Chinese Edition)

Paperback. Pub Date :2014-01-01 Pages: 408 Language: Chinese Publisher: China Machine Press Big Data Technology Series: Hadoop application development techniques explain. a total of 12 chapters. 1 to 2 chapter describes in detail the Hadoop ecosystem. key technologies. and installation and configuration; Chapter 3 is MapReduce Getting Started. allowing readers to understand the whole development process; 4 to 5 chapters explain in detail the HDFS distributed file system and Hadoop file IO; Chapt

List Price: $ 136.22


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Visual Storytelling with D3: An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript (Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series)

Visual Storytelling with D3: An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript (Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series)

Master D3, Today’s Most Powerful Tool for Visualizing Data on the Web   Data-driven graphics are everywhere these days, from websites and mobile apps to interactive journalism and high-end presentations. Using D3, you can create graphics that are visually stunning and powerfully effective. Visual Storytelling with D3 is a hands-on, full-color tutorial that teaches you to design charts and data visualizations to tell your story quickly and intuitively, and that shows you how to wield the p

List Price: $ 39.99


Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results

Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results

A “how-to” guide to boosting sales through predictive and prescriptive analyticsData Driven is a uniquely practical guide to increasing sales success, using the power of data analytics. Written by one of the world’s leading authorities on the topic, this book shows you how to transform the corporate sales function by leveraging big data into better decision-making, more informed strategy, and increased effectiveness throughout the organization. Engaging and informative, this book tells the story


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