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– Global Air Quality: Knowledge Gaps and Data Challenges
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The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) is a global collaboration of more than 140 computing centers in 35 countries, the 4 LHC experiments, and several national and international grid projects. The mission of the WLCG project is to build and maintain a data storage and analysis infrastructure for the entire high energy physics community that will use the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The LHC Computing Grid is an evolving infrastructure due to the continuous increment of capacity, performance and adoption of new technologies. Within this context and in order to provide excellent access to data and computing resources, quality needs to be managed at different levels: Quality of sites: the reliability of the computer centers belonging to the infrastructure; Quality of resources: the performance of the available computing clusters and storage systems; Quality of data: the integrity of the information collected by the 4 LHC experiments; Quality of middleware: the access to both data and computational resources in a standard and secure way. This presentation describes in detail how these quality aspects have been addressed during the ten years of existence of the LHC Computing Grid.
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Blake Montgomery - Hardware Simulation of a Sony Playstation 3 Distributed Computing System

Blake Montgomery (ASMS) presenting his summer research on using Sony Playstation 3 systems for distributed computing.
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Jim Harris – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ) Radio
from Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ) Radio
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