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Some recent Hadoop auctions on eBay:

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ADP Launches Its Own Big Data Analytics Cloud Platform
A consumer-grade user experience blended with analytics allows clients to obtain deep enterprise insights across the organization's HCM data. The embedded big data platform is within ADP's core solutions, including ADP Vantage HCM, Enterprise HR, ADP …
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Cloud Services Provider Day1 Solutions Acquires Big Data Consultancy
OpenOsmium provides leading edge advisory services and solutions for data analytics and enterprise search leveraging Big Data and Cloud technologies. The company's customers include Federal civilian agencies and the large systems integrators who …
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3 Big Data & Cloud take-aways from Huawei Network Congress 2015
It also contains the Agile Mobile Solution, which converges wi-fi and LTE networks, allowing enterprises to build a wireless network that supports data and audio communications. Wang Shihong, General Manager, Switch Domain, Switch and Enterprise …
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Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

Hive9, an Austin-based B2B marketing software company, today announced the release of its latest marketing performance application, Hive9 Measure™. Measure™ is a marketing intelligence platform engineered to increase marketing’s impact on revenue through continuous optimization. The announcement comes during SiriusDecisions Summit, one of B2B marketing’s premiere events, taking place in Nashville this week.

Measurement is a hot topic in marketing. With the proliferation of marketing technology and today’s omnichannel execution landscape, the complexity of quantifying marketing’s impact on revenue continues to increase as does the pressure to do so.

“To measure effectively, b-to-b marketers need to be able to draw the connections between the tactics they execute and the business impact those tactics intend to create,” said Ross Graber, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions. “This means reporting on activity metrics, such as email opens and web page visits, within the context of those higher level objectives.”

Measure™ intelligently identifies actionable performance indicators across a wide array of metrics captured, guiding informed and revenue-centric decisions. Its focus on connecting the dots between metrics and their impact helps marketers in any role keep their eye on business value. Hive9 describes this as putting the “so what?” into marketing analytics.

“Measure™ solves a problem marketers are all too familiar with today and brings together disparate data to serve up a consolidated set of dashboards to measure marketing effectiveness,” said Darin Hicks, CEO of Hive9. “And it does that out of the box, with dashboards designed by B2B marketers to minimize implementation time, eliminate technical skillset requirements and increase speed to value.”

Measure™ promises to deliver business value in less than 30 days and unlike traditional business intelligence tools, takes the onus off the users when it comes to API development, report authoring and dashboard design. This is enabled by pre-built integrations and connectors, and standard dashboards designed to meet the unique needs of B2B marketers.

“But we all know it’s what you do with the data that counts, and when you bring all your data sources together you uncover blind spots and unlock possibilities,” said Hicks. “We’ve engineered Measure™ around action and continuous optimization. It’s an intelligence engine intended to power workflows.”

For more information about Hive9’s SaaS applications, visit their website. If you are at SiriusDecisions Summit this week, stop by booth #614 for a demo of Measure™ or their flagship application, Hive9 Gameplan™, a marketing performance and planning solution.


About Hive9

Hive9’s marketing performance and planning software helps B2B marketers increase marketing’s measurable impact on revenue. Hive9’s SaaS applications Gameplan™ and Measure™, are engineered to provide turnkey solutions to the unique challenges of B2B marketers. Hive9’s robust predictive modeling and analytics engine provide actionable insights for increased effectiveness from planning through execution, increasing marketing’s measurable impact on revenue.

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DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

Sandlot Solutions, a leading community health interoperability and analytics provider, today formally announced the release of its advanced, SaaS-based technology platform that expands the organization’s big data capabilities into the interoperability space. The big data analytics technology platform allows for a single collection of community health data provided from a patient-centric point of view, spanning virtually every stakeholder in the healthcare community.

The platform is built using Sandlot’s deep interoperability and workflow experience and serves as the hub for the organization’s suite of community health management solutions, including Sandlot Connect, Dimensions, Metrix, Care Assist and Patient Portal. It brings data together from across the community of care, enabling the agile, real-time collection, transportation, viewing and analysis of clinical, claims, administrative and other healthcare-related data from a single, private and secure environment. It radically changes the way that these data files are collected and offers new ways of merging public and private datasets. This infrastructure allows providers to independently examine and explore large volumes of data and facilitates new levels of analytic insight.

“Sandlot’s platform uses the tools and technologies developed for examining vast volumes of clinical documents and messages in near real time. This allows us to reduce the complexity and minimize the cost of integration, which are typically barriers to addressing community health management,” said Paul Steinichen, Chief Technology Officer, Sandlot Solutions. “The timing and speed at which data is collected and then pushed out as useful information is key to helping healthcare professionals better manage the health of individuals and the population. By applying Web-scale technologies that have proven successful in other industries to the healthcare industry, clients can access the data needed more quickly and easily, providing accurate, up-to-the-minute information for care coordination and population health analytics.”

As a highly scalable, cost-effective solution to clinical interoperability and clinical data standardization, normalization, aggregation and enrichment, this platform makes it simple for healthcare organizations to integrate with the Sandlot suite of products and eliminates the need to do extensive integration work. With this platform, Sandlot clients can take advantage of Web-scale technology advances and prepare their organizations to deal with copious amounts of data, regardless of the formation and structure of that data. To accelerate development of this platform, Sandlot selected Hortonworks® (NASDAQ: HDP) and the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) as a base on which to build the platform. HDP is a modern data management platform with the centralized enterprise services required for running advanced analytics and data processing applications simultaneously across shared datasets.

“Sandlot is driving innovative work with data analytics in healthcare,” said Herb Cunitz, President, Hortonworks. “The company realized the value of our HDP, the market’s only 100 percent open source and enterprise grade Hadoop distribution, and how they could easily build their applications on top of our platform. We look forward to helping them continue to break new ground and accelerate their SaaS business to a wide range of healthcare customers.”

While this platform offering is available now to all market segments of the healthcare community that Sandlot serves, the initial rollout is focused on hospital associations, large metropolitan area healthcare cooperatives and state-wide community health management organizations.

Sandlot Solutions will exhibit at HIMSS15 in Chicago from April 12-16, Booth #2641. Attendees are invited to visit the booth to learn more about Sandlot’s big data analytics platform and the company’s full suite of integrated solutions.

About Sandlot Solutions

Sandlot Solutions, founded in 2006, is a leading provider of clinical interoperability and community health management solutions focused on: the exchange of clinical and claims data across the care community, population data analytics and enhanced care coordination. Sandlot provides the tools and technology that enable healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care, understand and manage risk, reduce costs and transition to new business models. The software-as-a-service, cloud model with configurable technology streamlines data sharing and provides physicians with actionable patient information and analytics at the point of care. Sandlot’s technology works within physicians’ existing workflows using a proprietary, patent-pending digital envelope enabling physicians to proactively address gaps in care at the point of care. For more information, visit

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Ryft delivers faster business insights with new big data analytics platform
Big data by its very nature needs complex analysis and that doesn't sit well with the demands of enterprises for information to respond quickly to operational needs. To address that Maryland-based Ryft is launching a new analytics platform aimed at …
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How big data is beating Ebola
… specifically designed for big data. To address the challenges, we took advantage of our own high performance computing (HPC) system, Shadowfax. With 2,500 cores and nearly 1 petabyte of DDN storage, VBI's computational modeling tools are designed …
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Voice Control Will Force an Overhaul of the Whole Internet
Mars also realizes that the massive computing centers that underpin today's internet are ill-equipped for the coming voice revolution, and with his project, he hopes to show how these facilities must change. “We want to understand how future data …
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Posted by admin March - 21 - 2015 1 COMMENT IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. Why a platform versus…
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The LivePerson platform enables over 8500 global businesses to intelligently engage with more than 450 million users a month. In order to get to this scale,…
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Big Data Startups – an online big data platform

Big Data Startups - an online big data platform is an online big data platform where organisations that want to take full advantage of big data and develop a big data strategy can find Big Data startups from around the world that develop algorithms and tools to analyse, understand and visualize big data. These big data startups are collated and reviewed to help organisations find the right tool. The platform also discusses and shares information regarding big data news, trends, open source tools, strategies and other big

List Price: $ 0.99


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Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) January 08, 2015

ScoreData Corporation today announced that it has been selected to join the New York-based consulting network, The O Alliance, as a Technology Platform Affiliate.

The partnership aligns unique interests and expertise. The O Alliance, has created a unique transformational platform, challenging the retail industry to replace omni-channel strategies with a Seamless Circular Commerce approach. It’s trademarked “The O Method™” technique, leverages a network of best practice providers under the extraordinary thought leadership of co-founder Andrea Weiss, who brings thirty-plus years of retail executive and board leadership experience.    

ScoreData was founded on the premise that decades of human learning and intuition about buying behavior can finally be incorporated into consumer-facing digital touch-points by studying large volumes of data statistically and incorporating that learning into the machines that drive commerce. It’s ScoreFast™ engine uses advanced mathematics and statistical techniques to learn about incoming data, develop a customized model and then predict consumer propensities for action. This allows Retailers to offer just-in-time recommendations and offers that will drive revenues and profits in real-time.

“Data is the “coin of the realm” in the new world of retail. We have a vision to integrate critical data so that the retailer can use the same data in a consistent way across all engagement channels in the retail enterprise. We are delighted that our vision is aligned with The O Alliance, and looking forward to working with Andrea Weiss and her network to create new value for the Retail Predictive Enterprise”, said Vas Bhandarkar, CEO of ScoreData Corporation.

“Data is the currency of commerce that aligns all channels around the customer” said Andrea Weiss, of The O Alliance. “We are delighted to welcome ScoreData Corporation to The O Alliance Affiliates. They bring a unique combination of predictive analytics expertise, with hundreds of unique data models deployed in consumer facing industries, which we believe can deliver a 360 degree insight into unique customer behavior for retailers.”

About The O Alliance

The O Alliance is new consulting model that leverages a network of transformational practitioners with expertise in all the critical areas that will unlock value and empower a retailer-digital, technology, operations, change management, marketing and talent. Designed to align a retailer’s organizational practices around today’s digitally savvy consumer, The O Alliance’s holistic approach delivers customer focused strategy and solution driven execution that creates a circular shopping ecosystem. For more information visit

About ScoreData Corporation

ScoreData has developed a state of the art cloud-based Predictive Analytics Platform leveraging its deep expertise in developing predictive solutions for consumer facing industries. Our mathematicians and statisticians have built hundreds of unique models for Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, and Retail industries. We have generated hundreds of millions of scores for consumers, on petabytes of data, with hundreds of data attributes, using gigabytes of data to train our models.

ScoreData’s unique ScoreFast™ Engine utilizes machine learning to train a custom model with specific data, with focused human supervision and domain intuition for the specific problem at hand, delivering the best of both the worlds, a custom scorecard developed in near real-time yielding dramatically shorter times to market than a standard model off the shelf. ScoreData scorecards have been used in Fraud Detection, Collections and Recovery, Cross-sell and Up-sell, and several other data-intensive applications for some of the largest companies in the world.

Press Inquiries:

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Smart Metering Management Platform from Cognizant

The Smart Meter Management Platform (SMMP) addresses the big data and analytics challenges Utilities face as they try to re-align their business processes to…
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