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Hadoop eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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San Jose, California (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Today, bnocular ( announced its introduction of two new product line offerings, bringing consumer retail brand industry reports to buy-side investment firms, and its addition by Instinet as one of the select independent research providers marketed through its Instinet Access program. bnocular measures the in-store performance of competitive retail brands to discover trends and performance metrics before they’re visible to the public.

“Using its proprietary mobile applications and data analytics methodology, we’ve seen bnocular deliver real value to customers,” said Craig LoGrande, head of Instinet Access ( “Its innovative approach to measuring and quantifying the in-store merchandising of competitive sets of brands allows an early view for investors.”

With this announcement, two new product lines are also now available to investment firms.

First, bnocular has officially launched the availability of its custom research programs that track specific retail brands or groups of brands. The company has brought to market technologies and methodologies that enable it to track the in-store performance of specific retail niches: women’s and men’s fashion, sportswear, mall REIT vacancies and tenancy turnover, fast-casual and restaurant company traffic, pricing and in-store ordering programs, among other retail niches. These programs are designed specifically for each requesting buy-side firm and cover brands over time frames and global geographies that are appropriate for delivering early insights.

Second, bnocular will deliver a subscription product of an ongoing retail cohort analysis of the in-store performance of Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren. bnocular is tracking the changing dynamics of women’s handbag strategies and new lines of merchandise with pricing and discounting trends over time. This subscription product is available by quarterly commitment.

“By joining forces with Instinet, we now have reach to the major buy-side investment firms in the U.S.,” said Richard Mandeberg, CEO of bnocular. “With our new product lines including ongoing bespoke programs for investment funds, we’ll expand our coverage to a broad spectrum of consumer niches, such as fast-casual dining, teen fashion, sportswear, and others. Our technology and data methodology can measure all manners of activities in the physical world; combined with online data, it can deliver real insights about the brands that drive a large portion of our economy.”

For more information, contact:

Hope Timmermann


573-999-0794 (ext. 706)

About bnocular:

bnocular deploys people with smart devices over wide geographic areas to quantify the physical world. The company measures the in-store performance of competitive retail brands to discover performance trends before they’re visible to the public.

Employing proprietary mobile technology and data analytics, this work is delivered via bespoke programs, limited syndicated projects, and subscription products that track specific cohorts of competitive brands over time. Bnocular sells to financial investment firms, retail analysts, brands, and marketing agencies. For more information, please visit or call 888-510-7301.

About Instinet:

Instinet Access is a product group of Instinet that provides marketing support to independent third-party research providers. Instinet makes bnocular’s research available to clients upon request through subscription. Instinet and its affiliates aren’t affiliated with bnocular, play no role in producing bnocular’s research, and do not provide any input into bnocular’s content determination. For more information about Instinet Access, please call 888-819-5236.

As the equity execution services arm of the Nomura Group, Instinet Incorporated’s subsidiaries, including Instinet, provide independent, agency-only brokerage services to clients throughout the world. Through its advanced suite of electronic trading tools, experienced high-touch trading group, and unparalleled access to insightful content and unique agency-only liquidity, Instinet helps institutions lower overall trading costs and ultimately improve investment performance. Over the course of its more than 40-year history, Instinet has introduced a range of now industry-standard trading technologies, as well as the world’s first major electronic trading venue, one of the first U.S. ECNs, and most recently, the Chi-X businesses. Instinet is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries throughout the world. For more information, please visit

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– Driving Business Performance Through Analytics
from Data and Analytics – HD
View Details about

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Albany, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2015

Call 866-997-4948 (Us-Canada Toll Free) Tel: +1-518-618-1030 with your industry research requirements or email the details on sales(at)researchmoz(dot)us

The report caters to an audience of big data and analytics companies, data processing and management corporations, all types of cloud-based service providers, public investment organizations such as investment banks, application programmer interface (API) companies, and private investment including hedge funds and private equity.

To get sample report with TOC Click Here:

Big data analytics allows examining of large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, market trends, consumer preferences, unknown correlations, and other relevant business intelligence. These analytical findings enhance marketing and can lead to new revenue opportunities. It also provides improved operational efficiency, better customer service, and a consequent competitive advantage. Most business executives know the importance of market analysis and its impact to their business. However, this process has been carried out for decades by experts distinct from the business itself. These expert professionals enhance the business leaders’ knowledge about the market, which helps them to implement a more informed decision.

Hence, most business executives believe that big data technology aids their business analytics. However, there are many key differences between business analytics and big data. These differences have been elaborated upon in the report. Big data technologies have the potential to bring a higher rate of performance to the analytical process which is conventionally more powerful than analytics. This can be attributed to their improved ability to detect, measure, and manage data with precision. Big data technology represents a revolution in the world of management. Nonetheless, as it happens with any other major change in business the organization can face certain challenges which call for executives’ engagement to sustain big data technologies and keep extracting superior value out of it.

To Browse a Full Report with TOC:

The report provides an executive summary of the industry with big data and business analytics evaluation by volume, velocity, and variety. All the solutions and challenges such as continuous flow of data, privacy challenges, importance of data insights, regulation conflict, and human error latency are addressed in the report. Furthermore, a case study focused on implementation of a big data project has been provided in the report. This case study gives insights about the necessity to understand business needs, benefits of big data to the enterprise, big data planning and goal setting, big data architecture role, and fraud detection.

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Managing for Results: Analytic Challenges in Measuring Performance: Hehs/Ggd-97-138

Managing for Results: Analytic Challenges in Measuring Performance: Hehs/Ggd-97-138

Pursuant to a legislative requirement, GAO reviewed the implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act’s (GPRA) requirements in the pilot phase, focusing on: (1) the analytic and technical challenges agencies are experiencing as they try to measure program performance; (2) the approaches they have taken to address these challenges; and (3) how the agencies have made use of program evaluations or evaluation expertise in implementing performance measurement.

List Price: $ 16.75


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Big data to drive high performance computing demand
"This is just one example of the business opportunities big data can deliver," says McNiven. In countries like the US, big data processing demand is already driving increased uptake in high performance computing (HPC) solutions, with HPC already making …
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Peter Thiel: Mobile computing, big data, and edu software nothing but buzzwords
In fact, he didn't touch the book at all. Instead, Thiel spoke at length about his healthy skepticism of education and healthcare IT software, mobile computing, SaaS, the cloud, and even big data. For him, these amount to Valley buzzwords — and …
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NSF seeks big data middleware for scientific computing
The National Science Foundation wants to explore ways new commercial big data tools might be brought to bear on the data management and analysis challenges of research-oriented scientific computing. The NSF awarded a $ 5 million grant to university …

Microsoft Previews Hadoop Big Data Analytics on Azure HDInsight
In many cases, Storm will integrate with an event queuing system like Event Hubs or Apache Kafka," wrote Oliver Chiu, product marketing for Hadoop/big data and data warehousing for Microsoft Azure, in a blog post. Apache Storm is an open source project …
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Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science)

Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers (Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science)

Written by high performance computing (HPC) experts, Introduction to High Performance Computing for Scientists and Engineers provides a solid introduction to current mainstream computer architecture, dominant parallel programming models, and useful optimization strategies for scientific HPC. From working in a scientific computing center, the authors gained a unique perspective on the requirements and attitudes of users as well as manufacturers of parallel computers. The text first introduces th

List Price: $ 72.95


More Distributed Computing Products

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San Carlos, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

TierData, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise performance and data management software, today announces the newest release of its innovative data management solution, AutoPilot Performance Management Platform 2.0. The release enables customers to manage big data for enterprise applications in minutes and makes significant progress towards a near zero downtime implementation for customers with growing application databases and analytic applications.

AutoPilot 2.0 introduces several industry first enhancements for performance on large business applications as well as support for big transaction data. Large application database customers have historically struggled with finding solutions for maintaining enterprise applications over 10TBs in size. AutoPilot 2.0 not only makes it possible to manage these data intensive applications and analytic data stores but makes it nearly effortless to implement and maintain.

Our latest innovations continue to build on our commitment to managing data and performance on the largest databases in the world. said Rich Butterfield, Chief Executive Officer for TierData. Customer adoption and feedback on the latest release of AutoPilot 2.0 has proven that our innovative approach is allowing customers to realize benefits they never thought possible with traditional methods. This has opened up entirely new markets for us that were previously untapped because of traditional architecture limitations. Customer demand is increasing exponentially as databases continue to grow unabated

New capabilities in AutoPilot 2.0 include:

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