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The Platform Problem: Why Big Data Outcomes Still Aren't Real-Time
There's a lot of hype around big data and its potential uses. After all, the technology alone is awe-inspiring, taking us all out of spreadsheets and applying, at scale, what we know humans understand best: visuals. The need for these big data …
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How Big Data Could Either Solve Corporate Diversity Issues or Make Them Worse
Are you feeling a bit paranoid about the use of data-mining tools to sift through huge piles of online information to predict or manipulate your behavior? How would you feel if companies started using Big Data to find job applicants, with an eye toward …
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Prelert Introduces Real-Time Analysis of Complex Anomalies in Big Data Sets
Accurately identifying anomalous activities to detect the fingerprints of an advanced persistent threat or the cause of very complex IT performance issues requires a cross-correlated analysis of multiple data attributes. Performing this type of …
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How 35 Canadian CIOs are sizing up big data and analytics issues
And yet here, I realized, was a great big data problem worth solving: how could a car rental firm optimize information on our preferences and make sure that the vehicles make available to us had the mirrors positioned the right way, or the driver's …
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