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Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

CivicScience, the provider of the InsightStore™ enterprise platform for intelligent polling and real-time consumer insights, today announced a new market research giveaway program for eligible U.S.-focused non-profit organizations to give them an opportunity to inform or validate their marketing strategies.

Each calendar quarter starting in July 2015, a submitting organization will be chosen by the CivicScience team to receive three months of access to the InsightStore’s vast repository of consumer polling information as well as several custom research questions to gather insights specific to their organization.

The first call for submissions is now open through June 15, 2015. Interested organizations can learn more about the program and enter at:

Examples of research areas that non-profits could explore with CivicScience’s public-opinion gathering capabilities include: sentiment around a cause or mission statement; brand awareness or sentiment; including re-branding decisions; advertising campaign reaction; social media campaign sentiment; awareness and opinion about major events or fundraising programs; or other areas that are promotional in nature.

“Many of us at CivicScience volunteer or even sit on the boards of non-profit organizations, so we know what a luxury it would be to have budget available for rigorous, credible research work. But the reality is that funds are often not available for this type of needed intelligence,” said Jennifer Sikora, vice president of marketing at CivicScience. “We want to give these hard-working and mission-oriented organizations the chance to benefit from the rich and current insights we can mine from the general public using our proven methodology.”

About CivicScience

CivicScience, Inc. provides the leading intelligent polling and real-time insights platform, the InsightStore™. Its proprietary platform powers the world’s opinions and quickly gets that data to the decision makers who care. Every day, CivicScience polls ask millions of people questions related to thousands of topics, while its powerful data science and big data technology analyzes current consumer opinions, discovers trends, and accurately predicts future behaviors and market outcomes. CivicScience polls run on hundreds of premier websites, in addition to its public polling site at CivicScience’s InsightStore™ is used by leading enterprises in consumer brands, media, marketing research, advertising, financial services, and more.

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Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2014

As the demand to harness the power of big data grows, TARGIT today announced their platform support of big data management with Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). The Business Intelligence and Analytics company specializes in Microsoft Dynamics, with over 80 percent of their customers as Dynamics users. The TARGIT Decision Suite now supports APS, and unlike most other tools, TARGIT Decision Suite does not require the use of a programming language. This is just one more way TARGIT has demonstrated its flexibility and ease-of-use for end users.

“Microsoft Analytics Platform System is a key product in Microsoft’s comprehensive data platform,” says Joe Corigliano, TARGIT VP of Global Channels Programs. “At TARGIT, we’re supporting what customers want. They want to bring together data from Microsoft APS and Microsoft Dynamics and they need the TARGIT front-end for user-friendly data discovery, analytics, and visualizations. Now they can have the best of both worlds.”

This means seamless integration of data sources for those business users harnessing the power of big data. Microsoft Dynamics users can pull their APS data directly into the TARGIT platform and immediately begin working with the full power of the TARGIT tool set.

“TARGIT’s new solution offers Microsoft Dynamics users a front-end for data visualizations and analytics, data discovery tools, and mobile BI for sharing and collaborating,” said Eron Kelly, general manager of Data Platform Group at Microsoft. “TARGIT has always been an add-on for Microsoft ERP systems, and this is just one more way the company is providing value for Microsoft customers.”

Microsoft APS integration is just one of the updated features of the TARGIT Decision Suite 2014, available this September. In addition to the ability to more easily integrate big data platforms into the TARGIT Management Studio, the system upgrade includes smarter and easier data discovery, improved ability to incorporate personalized gauges, deep integration with platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, and improved sharing and collaboration.


TARGIT,, is the maker of the market’s most intuitive Business Intelligence and Analytics solution for all business users, the TARGIT Decision Suite. With over 18 years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Analytics segment and over 300,000 users globally, TARGIT has been consistently considered as a top player in the industry by Gartner and BARC. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for strong applications development. The TARGIT Decision Suite is the only BI and Analytics platform that delivers real-time dashboards, self-service analytics, user-friendly reporting, mobile capabilities with notifications, and data-discovery technology in a single, cohesive solution. TARGIT gives companies the courage to act.

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Article by RealWire

Survey of Nearly 1,000 Organizations Shows that Users Want Intuitive, Mobile and Actionable BI and Big Data Analytics – Bloor Group White Paper Reveals Technology Architecture to Deliver It

REDWOOD CITY, CA, November 10, 2011 – Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.), today announced the results of a survey it commissioned to give a realistic picture of how Business Intelligence (BI) is perceived as well as its usage patterns within large enterprises. The results show that users want more intuitive, mobile and actionable BI and Big Data Analytics. In addition, Actian is releasing a white paper by Robin Bloor, Ph.D. of The Bloor Group that reveals details of the technology architecture designed to deliver them.

The worldwide survey, carried out by Actian, polled 918 organizations. Respondents included BI power users, managers and executives, 74 percent of which have BI implementations. The poll found that 76 percent of respondents with BI solutions available to them recorded use at just five percent of their time or less.

Users cited a range of reasons for lack of use, including non-intuitive design, a mismatch of output data to business needs as well as the inability to take action based on reports. In addition, 69 percent of respondents wanted access to BI on their mobile devices, claiming that such functionality would be useful or very useful. More than three quarters (76.2 percent) wanted users to have the ability to set event triggers based on real time data analytics – something that to date has not been available, especially within the confines of the enterprise.

“These results will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked in the data analytics space over the past couple of years,” said Steve Shine, CEO, Actian. “Our customers regularly report on the stagnation of BI, as well as an inability to keep pace with the consumer technology that users enjoy in their personal lives. As data management becomes one of the key opportunities for companies to create competitive differentiation, Actian is connecting the gap between big data analytics and consumer style apps to bring action to BI.”

Actian’s Cloud Action Platform and Action AppsIn September, Actian announced plans to launch a Cloud Action Platform to make it easy for any business user to create Action Apps – lightweight consumer-like applications that automate business actions from insights and real-time changes in data. Using the Action Methodology Developers will be able to use the Cloud Action Platform to create Action Apps in three easy steps:

– Set “Action Probes” to watch and analyze data from a variety of data sources

– Define “Action Triggers” for priority data events and thresholds

– Automatically deliver “Actions” when events occur

“Actian’s Cloud Action Platform and Action Apps have the potential to change the way BI and Big Data Analytics applications are deployed,” said Robin Bloor, Ph.D. and founder of The Bloor Group. “These products target BI users in their specific context and can provide automated reactions.”

According to Bloor’s white paper, Actian closes the gap between insight and action in a way that allows BI users to set automated actions for discoveries in the vast amount of data that simply passes by without being leveraged by an organization. Today, business opportunities are simply missed because insights gained from data could not be put into action quickly enough.

In addition, mobile computing offers a huge opportunity for the Cloud Action Platform. While most current BI tools aren’t built to incorporate data from mobile devices or interact with them, Actian’s technology will make it possible to know the users’s context and provide an appropriate response. For example, a doctor using an iPad could be automatically provided with a specific patient’s entire medical chart, including medical history, imaging and treatment details just as they enter the patient’s room.

Build Action Apps TodayThe Cloud Action Platform can be deployed both as a SaaS environment hosted in a public cloud, and also for deployment on a customer’s own premises in a private cloud. This flexibility provides for very rapid adoption while still delivering security and performance to meet a wide range of business needs.

Many Action Apps will need to trigger probes from existing Enterprise systems, so Actian has created a robust, four-stage, Action Methodology for delivering this integration rapidly, building on its extensive data management and system integration experience. Use of this method, together with the pre-built components contained within the platform and virtual elimination of custom coding for many scenarios delivers an incredibly rapid Return on Investment.

The whole service emphasizes record-breaking speed. The BI capabilities that the service embodies enable the analysis of large amounts of data, including social media data. New actions can be developed quickly, because the developer can be the person who needs/discovers the business insight that is to be acted upon. Additionally the whole platform is built to execute automated actions quickly and reliably.

The paper recommends that companies who implement the Cloud Action Platform and Action Apps look for opportunities within the company’s operations that might be altered to make the most of the service. According to Bloor, “it is a technology that can change the way an organization works.”

To download a copy of the Bloor White Paper, go to

About Actian: Incite ActionActian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.

Actian, Cloud Action Platform, Ingres, and VectorWise are trademarks of Actian Corporation. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.

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