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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

This month, ODS attended the MISB conference with a high-level goal to better understand the specifics of the current standards, as well as gauge their trajectory and how ODS might participate moving forward. MISB, or the Motion Imagery Standards Board of the NGA, is responsible for reviewing and recommending standards for motion imagery for use within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and United States Imagery and Geospatial System (DoD/IC/USIGS). The conference was a great mix of participants and the presentations were very engaging. ODS was able to discuss details with specific individuals and engage in meaningful conversations around aspects of the digital media space, both with private company representatives as well as currently engaged government contractors. These discussions were very useful in helping to understand the current state of various standards, as well as in mapping some of the challenges ODS is interested in solving against their ReactNOW NoCDN Framework.

Orions Digital Systems, Inc. (ODS) has experience in the commercial world in dealing with large scale video solutions for global broadcasting, crowdsourced human intelligence and distributed computing. ODS is currently coming out of stealth mode with a focus on information gathering and early key customer development. One aspect of this stage of the ODS business is increasing ODS involvement in government forums in order to help select and focus on the best areas of entry for its products and vision. As there are many standards being used by the government today, it is important to understand these, as well as share with others ODS perspective on specific challenges with which it has novel and industry-proven experience.

— Defining a new space NoCDN –

As original architects of many of the core tools and digital media standards that have dominated the last 20 years, it is only natural that ODS is currently the only company defining the new space of digital sensor intelligence technology and NoCDN solutions. While video is typically the most important factor, other sensor types are equally important in generating a unified and accurate picture for forensics and analysis. As the first to build a digital media platform from the ground up and having geared its current solution towards the intelligence community challenges of big data and large sensor arrays, Orions Digital Systems is positioned to take a groundbreaking step in a new direction for the intelligence technology niche. ODS is tremendously excited about the initial preview response it has received from early demos and customer research discussions within this sector.

Other systems utilize digital video tools that were made for the entertainment sector and that, due to their nature, end up adding to the complexities of handling large data sets. Moreover, the management of video has become a commodity, and it has created complacency in how digital media is thought about. Architects and big companies look at this data as a set of images in a big disk array, yet there is no way to apply scientific principles against these data sets to invent and be creative around what might be possible without millions of dollars and a multi-year timeframe between hypothesis and conclusion, says Nils B. Lahr, Orions Digital Systems founder. While the last decade was all about the software development industrys ability to reduce this cycle to months or weeks, Lahr and the team at ODS feel it is now time to bring the same tools, development principles and platform standardizations to the intelligence communitys theater.

— Emerging from Stealth Mode —

Orions Digital Systems has been in full stealth mode until very recently, and is now discussing some of the details of its inventions with key government agencies. It has taken slightly over three years of work by a core team of senior developers to get this far. ODS started with a blank slate that assumed nothing about todays digital media tools. Rather than fall into the same tradeoffs that were made for Entertainment, efforts were taken by the team to develop a media platform that would scale to super computer sizes, rather than a media framework that would simply be another tool built from other tools. The ODS system is as much a new computing paradigm as it is a novel way of handling large data sets from all types of available sensors.

Current solutions have been road blocked both by an inability to scale to todays data demands as well as by the complexity and paradox inherent in creating a balance between stability and new feature requirements. The difference in ODS solution has already become evident to a number of industry thought leaders. This will revolutionize how we store, index and utilize our data. It will also change the way our analysts operate, says one of the top National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency executives.

— About Orions Digital Systems, Inc. –

Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, Orions Digital Systems (ODS) is the leader in providing solutions to enable big data analytics around digital video and alternative sensor types. Solutions from the founder of ODS in the Entertainment space are already used within almost all government agencies, such as the US Department of Defense, National Intelligence agencies, US Air Force, US Army and others. ODS is working closely and in stealth mode with only a select few to finalize development of a new approach that will enable next generation advanced big data analytics and real-time intelligence solutions. ODS is the leader in the NoCDN movement, which targets the scaling and creation of new solutions within the intelligence and analytics big data market where video is the primary driver. (

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