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An Overview of MapReduce and Its Impact on Distributed Data Processing

An Overview of MapReduce and Its  Impact on Distributed Data Processing

Organizations collect many types of data about the processes they support: marketing, operational, activity logging, etc. For example, “click stream” and log data provide a record of the end user’s activity during past visits to a web site. Shopping cart data provides information on what items a customer intends purchase, and checkout data records the items eventually purchased. Companies like and Netflix provide examples of how information is used by organizations to enhanc


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Big Data's Big Impact on Sales in 2015
In today's B2B environment, demand is increasing for advanced data analytics to help companies improve financial performance and strengthen relationships with their customers. As we head into 2015 and more companies adopt tools to enable smarter …
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UK government defines 'big data' and is advised to take lead on harnessing
The big data research paper was published alongside another new report from the government's chief scientific adviser Sir Mark Walport. That report identified the "extraordinary range of applications and economic opportunities" that arises from the …

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Franklin, TN (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

Its not easy to predict the impact of Health Care Reform. As health care experiences dramatic change, one of the most widely applicable areas of the industry, Medical Imaging, continues to be under attack.

Medical imaging is often cited as a driver of increased spending on health care as diagnostic testing is used on a broad-range of patients from pediatrics to geriatrics.

In order to cut costs, insurance providers are insisting that the use of imaging must be curtailed while enlisting a host of creative means to limit exam ordering. Meanwhile, the imaging clinicians counter with the multitude of clinical insights new technology delivers that are critical to a proper and timely diagnosis. Cost is not the only issue. It is also a battle for patient access, and concerns from patient advocacy groups across the US.

Instead of waiting to see what happens under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), researchers, data analysts, and industry professionals at Regents Health Resources (Franklin, TN) dedicated themselves to find the answers.

The Tennessee-based specialty consulting firm completed a first-of-its-kind national study to evaluate the future of this multi-billion dollar conflict between PPACA, insurance companies, and the imaging industry.

Regents study provides a clearer picture of the future. Utilizing hard data, they have forecast the impact of the expected influx of new patients gaining access to high tech health care services when PPACA takes effect.

Key research results include:

Imaging use by state, zip code, age group, and modality
Uninsured population
Forecast additional spending on imaging services under Health Reform
And much more

About Regents -Founded in 1996, Regents is the leading national consulting firm supporting medical imaging and imaging business intelligence for hospitals, outpatient providers, cancer centers and physicians. Recognized as the Standard in Medical Imaging Intelligence, Regents has helped over 500 clients nationally. Regents comprehensive suite of services including Strategic Planning, Assessments, Joint Venture Planning, and Sales & Acquisitions was the foundation for the development of Mirror and National Imaging Network. Regents team provides their clients the specialized expertise and leadership needed to develop action and implementation plans that positively influence business and patient outcomes.

About National Imaging Network National Imaging Network, a division of Regents Health Resources, is focused on supporting medical imaging providers improve operational efficiency, utilization and long term sustainability. By providing access to real-time data analytics, NINs data connections enable advanced interactive displays and benchmarking for providers. NIN and its partners provide a forum for members to collaborate, share business intelligence and best practices nationally in order to strengthen and improve medical imaging.

Brian Baker, President of Regents Health Resources and National Imaging Network with more than 27 years in the imaging industry, is available for interviews and to provide a more in-depth look at what the study revealed.

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