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Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python

Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python

Data science libraries, frameworks, modules, and toolkits are great for doing data science, but they’re also a good way to dive into the discipline without actually understanding data science. In this book, you’ll learn how many of the most fundamental data science tools and algorithms work by implementing them from scratch.If you have an aptitude for mathematics and some programming skills, author Joel Grus will help you get comfortable with the math and statistics at the core of data scien

List Price: $ 39.99


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Lexington, MA (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

jSonar today announced, SonarW, a major, new, capability for its jSonar Analytics Platform. SonarW is a NoSQL Data Warehouse – the industry’s first JSON-native data warehouse. SonarW is 100% MongoDB compatible, providing seamless data warehousing for MongoDB OLTP environments. SonarW can also be easily deployed within Hadoop environments.

SonarW: An Architecture for Speed, Low Cost and Simplicity

SonarW is purpose-built for today’s flexible modern data. SonarW is ultra-efficient, utilizing parallel processing that demands far less hardware than other approaches. SonarW’s second focus is on usability and convenience – bringing NoSQL simplicity to the Big Data world. Key architectural features include:

JSON-native columnar persistence: This works well for both structured and unstructured data; data is always compressed; and can be processed in parallel for every operation.
Indexing and Partitioning: All data is indexed using patent-pending Big Data indexes.
Parallel and Distributed Processing: Everything is done in parallel-both across nodes and within a node to ensure small, cost effective clusters.
JSON Optimized Code: Designed from the ground up for efficient columnar JSON processing.
Lock-less Data Structures: Built for multi-thread, multicore, and SIMD processing
Ease of Use: SonarW inherits its ease of use and simplicity form the NoSQL world and is 100% MongoDB compatible. Big Data teams are more productive and need to spend less time on platform and code.

“At Intensix, we improve clinical outcomes and reduce hospital costs by processing high dimensional, high frequency data from multiple sources inside the critical care unit. Our predictive analytics engine is using advanced machine learning techniques to analyze very large sets of clinical data, helping clinicians make better decisions- thus decreasing complications, mortality and length of stay,” said Avigdor Faians, VP Product at Intensix. “We’re excited about SonarW’s game-changing cost/performance for such data sets and the new analytics it will allow us to perform.”

Big Data Benchmark: Breakthrough Cost and Performance Results

One of the benchmarks used for Big Data workloads is the “Big Data Benchmark” run by the AMP lab at Berkeley. This benchmark runs workloads on representatives from the Hadoop ecosystem (e.g. Hive, Spark, Tez, etc) as well as from MPP environments. Benchmark testing shows that SonarW runs as fast- or faster – than other BIg Data technologies with significantly less hardware. Test results show an order of magnitude advantage in price/performance versus other current approaches. More detailed information of the test results are available at

”We are very excited to introduce SonarW – a significant breakthrough for Big Data analytics in terms of simplicity, cost and performance,” said Ron Bennatan, CEO and co-founder of jSonar. “This is the culmination of years’ worth of work and input from customers with some of the world’s largest and most demanding warehousing environments who need to deliver applications quickly and are no longer willing to spend like crazy and get very little in return.”

jSonar Analytic Tools: Point and Click Simplicity

In addition to SonarW, jSonar provides rich analytical tools for JSON-data environments – for both MongoDB and SonarW. JSON Studio, the recipient of a MongoDB Innovation Award, provides a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that can be used by everyone in the organization. Other high productivity tools include; SonarSQL, SonarR and Sonar Gateway. For more information please visit our web site


SonarW is available July 2015. To schedule a demo or learn more visit

About jSonar

The jSonar Analytics Platform provides an innovative JSON-based capability for Big Data warehousing and a suite of rich analytic tools. SonarW, a core component of the platform, is the industry’s first NoSQL Warehouse. SonarW delivers unprecedented performance, cost savings and vastly simplifies complex Big Data warehousing projects. jSonar also provides powerful analytic tools such as jSON Studio, SonarR, SonarSQL and Sonar Gateway. These tools, as well as SonarW, are 100% MongoDB compatible. JSON Studio is a recipient of the MongoDB Innovation award for 2014 and a certified MongoDB Ready Partner. For more information visit

Contact: Ron Bennatan, jSonar, 781-369-JSON(5766), press(at)jsonar(dot)com

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Morrison, CO (PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Bit Refinery, a provider of VMware and Hadoop infrastructure as a service, today announced the company is partnering with Hortonworks (HDP) to provide a new hosted sandbox. The HDP Sandbox is a personal Hadoop environment that includes numerous interactive tutorials. It allows the user to get a feel of this exciting new technology as well as build proof of concepts and test new functionality in a fully operational environment.

The Bit Refinery hosted Sandbox will provide a hosted version of this popular learning tool which allows access from any Internet browser. Coupled with the growing list of interactive tutorials from HDP and other partnering vendors, the Sandbox has become the premier learning tool for anyone that wants quickly get up to speed on Hadoop.

“Our partnership with Hortonworks gives us the chance to provide a secure environment for businesses to experience the flexibility of trying the Hortonworks Sandbox without the time and resources required when running it on their personal computers.” said Bit Refinery Managing Partner Brandon Hieb, in a statement. “Businesses today understand the potential solution Big Data can provide, but are challenged with evaluating and implementing them effectively.”

The HDP Sandbox is just the first project Bit Refinery is planning to offer on its nationwide VMware and Hadoop hosting infrastructure. Development is already underway to offer numerous other software technologies such as Elasticsearch, Apache Ignite and Apache Spark to potential customers allowing them to experience Big Data technologies in a real working environment. The new hosted sandbox offering will be made available on March 30, 2015 via their website

About Bit Refinery

Bit Refinery is a VMware® and bare-metal Hadoop Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based out in Denver, Colorado. Featuring VMware® virtualization technology and bare-metal server nodes hosted within its fully redundant infrastructure, companies of all sizes benefit from outsourcing their infrastructure to the Bit Refinery Cloud while maintaining complete control of their mission critical environment. For more information please visit


VMware© and VMware vCloud© are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of VMware, Inc in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. The use of the word “partner” or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership between VMware and any other company.

Media Contact:

Shannon Faulkner

Bit Refinery, Inc



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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Representatives of SNOA Sleepwear, a luxury women’s sleepwear brand, confirmed today that CMK will in fact present SNOA at CURVE for the brand’s winter, alongside CMK’s other upscale intimate apparel brands.

Anh Oppenheimer, spokesperson for SNOA, explained that SNOA was first conceived of as a winter-only line, the first of its kind: an American-made, eco-friendly line of luxury sleepwear that is both sexy and warm, something she describes as “an unheard of combination that filled an important niche.”

The winter challenge of being cozy, comfy and looking great is one that SNOA loves and excels at, Oppenheimer explains. To achieve this feat, SNOA Sleepwear uses layers of high-end Micro Modal – a biodegradable, cellulose-based fabric which does not pill and keeps its shape beautifully. Micro Modal is lauded as a smoothing and flattering material on the female form.

2015 is the first winter that CMK will present SNOA at CURVE to boutique and specialty store retailers.

According to Oppenheimer, CURVE is a key trade show event in the intimate apparel industry, and is also an accomplishment for the brand in moving towards selling to the wholesale market – meaning SNOA’s products ( may become more widely available at brick-and-mortar stores.

SNOA’s summer introduction at this August’s CURVE show to boutiques nation-wide was an entirely new achievement on the national front. This season’s presentation of SNOA by CMK is also a new and exciting first for the young brand as they present for their higher-grossing season, Fall/Winter.

“In its mom & mom days,” Oppenheimer recalls, “SNOA was available only through an online boutique that generated sales via press, blog reviews and local marketing events.”

Based in San Francisco, most press mentions were local and therefore most of SNOA’s happy customers were local as well.

Because of expanded focus on their web efforts in 2014, SNOA’s visibility expanded and orders began to flood in from New York, Virginia (among others), Australia, the UK, and parts of Northern Europe.

The prospect of being sold in boutiques and in ultimately department stores nation-wide is a huge step forward for what was a small-scale company, just a couple years ago.

For more information, please visit and

About SNOA Sleepwear

SNOA Sleepwear was created when its founder, Anh Oppenheimer, climbed into bed wanting to feel not only sexy, but warm.

With an oversized sweatshirt and thick ski socks, she knew that night that although she was warm, her outfit was lacking in sex appeal. In 2011, Oppenheimer launched the very first line of luxury sleepwear that was “devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm.”

SNOA donates a portion of its profits to protecting polar bear habitats through the Center or Biological Diversity. All SNOA Sleepwear purchases benefit this cause.

Source: SNOA Sleepwear LLC


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Franklin, TN (PRWEB) May 10, 2012

Its not easy to predict the impact of Health Care Reform. As health care experiences dramatic change, one of the most widely applicable areas of the industry, Medical Imaging, continues to be under attack.

Medical imaging is often cited as a driver of increased spending on health care as diagnostic testing is used on a broad-range of patients from pediatrics to geriatrics.

In order to cut costs, insurance providers are insisting that the use of imaging must be curtailed while enlisting a host of creative means to limit exam ordering. Meanwhile, the imaging clinicians counter with the multitude of clinical insights new technology delivers that are critical to a proper and timely diagnosis. Cost is not the only issue. It is also a battle for patient access, and concerns from patient advocacy groups across the US.

Instead of waiting to see what happens under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), researchers, data analysts, and industry professionals at Regents Health Resources (Franklin, TN) dedicated themselves to find the answers.

The Tennessee-based specialty consulting firm completed a first-of-its-kind national study to evaluate the future of this multi-billion dollar conflict between PPACA, insurance companies, and the imaging industry.

Regents study provides a clearer picture of the future. Utilizing hard data, they have forecast the impact of the expected influx of new patients gaining access to high tech health care services when PPACA takes effect.

Key research results include:

Imaging use by state, zip code, age group, and modality
Uninsured population
Forecast additional spending on imaging services under Health Reform
And much more

About Regents -Founded in 1996, Regents is the leading national consulting firm supporting medical imaging and imaging business intelligence for hospitals, outpatient providers, cancer centers and physicians. Recognized as the Standard in Medical Imaging Intelligence, Regents has helped over 500 clients nationally. Regents comprehensive suite of services including Strategic Planning, Assessments, Joint Venture Planning, and Sales & Acquisitions was the foundation for the development of Mirror and National Imaging Network. Regents team provides their clients the specialized expertise and leadership needed to develop action and implementation plans that positively influence business and patient outcomes.

About National Imaging Network National Imaging Network, a division of Regents Health Resources, is focused on supporting medical imaging providers improve operational efficiency, utilization and long term sustainability. By providing access to real-time data analytics, NINs data connections enable advanced interactive displays and benchmarking for providers. NIN and its partners provide a forum for members to collaborate, share business intelligence and best practices nationally in order to strengthen and improve medical imaging.

Brian Baker, President of Regents Health Resources and National Imaging Network with more than 27 years in the imaging industry, is available for interviews and to provide a more in-depth look at what the study revealed.

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