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EMC Corporate CIO Vic Bhagat and Corporate CTO John Roese Discuss IT Transformation, IT for Millennials, & Vital Data. Moderated by Calvin Smith, Principal M…

VIDEO Wyden in Intelligence Hearing on GPS Surveillance Mail … ▻ 1:07▻ 1:07‎ 5 hours ago – Uploaded by mailonline news …

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Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) November 17, 2014

In CHAMPS Patient Experience’s most recent blog post, Northeast Ohio Healthcare Leaders Discuss the Shift to Value-Based Healthcare, Carol Santalucia shares her thoughts on the topic.

On November 7, Santalucia had the pleasure of attending a luncheon at The City Club of Cleveland on healthcare delivery featuring Northeast Ohio healthcare leaders discussing the shift to value-based healthcare. Not only was it an interesting and informative panel discussion, it was also very encouraging. The Northeast Ohio healthcare leaders on the panel agreed the Affordable Care Act has forced leaders to think about the delivery of healthcare in a whole new way. For the first time, everyone is really challenged to think about wellness rather than sickness.

The Northeast Ohio healthcare leaders talked about the need to look at the value of healthcare in terms of a mathematical equation, with the numerator being quality and the denominator being cost. When looking at the value of healthcare from this perspective, it is clear – healthcare leaders must continue to look at ways to improve quality and/or reduce cost in order to increase value.

The panel of Northeast Ohio healthcare leaders also stressed the importance of going beyond the hospital walls to look at improved quality. We must look at how the patient does once they are discharged from the hospital and back in their homes. Do they have access to healthy foods? Have they made their follow up appointment, and do they have the means to go to the appointment, or is transportation too large of a barrier for them? Do they understand the different medications they are on, and have they gone to pick them up at the pharmacy? Can they afford their meds?

One way CHAMPS has seen these questions being addressed is with the development and implementation of a patient navigation program. Patient navigators, a relatively new segment of the healthcare industry, are helping to make the shift to patient-centered care a reality.

When everyone thinks about the patient experience, they must consider all of these things. It is not just about the service a patient receives in the hospital. It is about their overall health and wellness, about partnering with them, listening to them, and meeting them where they are, to truly make the care “patient centered.” As one of the Northeast Ohio healthcare leaders said, “This truly is the most transformative time in healthcare, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!”

Santalucia closes her blog by asking readers if they have seen their organization prepare for the shift to value-based healthcare.


CHAMPS Patient Experience specialists will partner with you to inspire and sustain a culture of empathy, service and respect by igniting passion and purpose throughout your healthcare organization. Rooted in our services are five essential components. Together, we will create an optimal patient experience by incorporating leadership commitment and development, staff engagement, patient and family involvement, process improvement and sustainability into our customized, outcomes-based services. We believe providing an optimal patient experience not only makes sense intuitively but also leads to improved healthcare outcomes, increased patient loyalty and an enhanced financial position for our clients. Our specialists, who work in partnership with Carol Santalucia, a nationally-recognized leader with more than 30 years of expertise, provide outcomes-based services designed to create an optimal patient experience. CHAMPS is honored to be named as one of The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Top Workplaces in 2014 and to ERC’s Northcoast99 List in 2003, 2004, 2010, 2012 and 2014. To learn more, visit

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New Haven, Connecticut (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

More than 70 higher education and K-12 educators and administrators gathered last week to share ideas and best practices in financial literacy education at Bridging the Gap: Increasing Financial Capability Among College-Bound Students, a symposium held in advance of the Council for Economic Education’s Annual Conference and hosted by Higher One, a leader in providing financial services and data analytics to more than 1,900 colleges and universities.

“The symposium created a wonderful environment where professionals from both K-12 and higher education could come together and discuss the needs of today’s students in regard to financial education—we were able to address concerns and give possible solutions for our specific student populations,” said attendee and presenter Ashleigh Lewis, student development professor and ‘Academic Foundations’ coordinator at Tyler Junior College in Texas. “The importance of financial education was highlighted and verified as a significant aspect within a student’s progression and completion of their degree.”

Money Matters on Campus, a recently released research report that examined the financial attitudes and behaviors of 65,000 first-year college students, found that those who received financial literacy education in high school scored significantly higher than their peers on financial knowledge questions and are more responsible when it comes to money.

However, even though K-12 and college-level interventions can have a positive impact on a student’s ability to become financially capable, there has been a lack of dialogue between K-12 and higher education practitioners on the issue, explained Mary Johnson, director of financial literacy and student aid policy at Higher One.

“After seeing that the conversation about financial literacy education has been predominantly separate in terms of K-12 and higher education, Higher One wanted to bring together these groups to explore the different ways each is preparing students to succeed through innovative approaches to financial literacy,” said Johnson. “The results of Money Matters on Campus show the need to start financial literacy education in the K-12 setting and continue throughout a student’s college years—it’s imperative that we work together to bridge the gap and increase financial capability among students.”

Bridging the Gap featured an array of speakers, including Eileen Klein, president of the Arizona Board of Regents, who showcased the state’s AZ Earn to Learn initiative that aims to “prepare high school students for college with financial education and matching funds.” Further, a panel of K-12 innovators and high school educators—featuring teachers from Reading, Ohio, and Duncanville, Texas—discussed the ways in which they have addressed financial literacy in high school courses through peer-to-peer mentorship programs and mobile technologies, including the Moneythink model.

“One of our district’s core beliefs is that our schools should be impacting the community. Producing graduates who are credit wise borrowers, disciplined savers and savvy investors will result in both personal financial security and a healthy local economy,” said attendee and presenter Jerry Lozier, economics instructor at Duncanville High School. “I have found that our students rank personal financial literacy and smart money management as the most important skills they need to acquire for future successes in the ‘real world.’ This event introduced me to an entire network of individuals committed to helping students learn these necessary and relevant skills.”

From a higher education perspective, attendees learned about Tyler Junior College’s “Good Cents” financial literacy program, which has been established through a partnership with a local bank; Sam Houston State University’s Student Money Management Center, offering financial coaching sessions, workshops and classroom presentations; and heard from Bryan Ashton, assistant director of the student life student wellness center at The Ohio State University, who highlighted his institution’s approach to financial literacy, which includes a focus on peer-to-peer counseling as “preparing students for successful citizenship beyond college.”

About Higher One

Higher One Holdings, Inc. partners with colleges and universities to lower their administrative costs and to improve graduation rates. We provide a broad array of payment, refund disbursement and data analytics and management tools to institutions that help them save money and enhance institutional effectiveness. And for students, we offer financial literacy programs and convenient, flexible and affordable transaction options to help them manage their finances. Higher One is a leader in higher education, supporting more than 1,900 schools and 13 million enrolled students. More information about Higher One can be found at

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Frisco, TX (PRWEB) July 17, 2012

Frisco, TX July 17, 2012 Calpont Corporation, a leading provider of high-performance analytic databases today announced a webinar, Analytic Platforms in the Real World, which will be held Wednesday, July 18, at 1:00 p.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. PDT. The free webinar explores new advances in data technologies with the rise of Big Data, focusing on the emergence of analytic platforms.

During the webinar, Matt Aslett and Bob Wilkinson will discuss how analytic platforms are addressing traditional and new requirements for BI and analytics. It will provide DBAs, data scientists, data warehousing experts, a look at the evolved data management landscape, the role of analytic platforms in that landscape, and two industry use cases in which InfiniDB, Calponts analytic platform, has been deployed.

Specific takeaways for participants to learn include:

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IDC and SAP discuss the challenges that telcos face regarding big data.

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