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Capturing reliable data from wearable health devices still a challenge for
y brain While there may be an explosion of wearable health devices for consumers that bring them a multitude of new data streams, incorporating those devices and that data into a major health system's EHR remains a daunting, slow-moving task.
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Discussing 'Big' Data Challenges
CHENNAI: Systems and applications for cloud-based storage and processing of big data in e-governance are challenges indeed, especially given the amount of raw data that's generated in databases across the country each day, said V B Ganapathy, …
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A news story that aired on CNBC in 2001 about the company named “United Devices” and its work to launch a public grid (volunteer computing style) in cooperation with Oxford University and Intel to find a cure for cancer. The United Devices software was used to run and the World Community Grid.
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big data demo At Intel’s Research & Innovation Forum 2011 we can across an demo that shows how huge amounts of data can be manipulated on mobile devices. They are revisiting traditional volume rendering techniques to provide excellent realism on platforms with high end CPUs and integrated graphics. Check out the mobile device using their advanced rendering technique to display streamed data. With more and more big data in the cloud finding ways to enable visualization of large, complex datasets on the new generation of mobile devices is important. The demo specifically how end users in the medical field can now use their smartphones or tablets to view tomography data in an operating theater.

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