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Courses reinforce, prepare students with care and compassion
“When I think of care and compassion, I think it is integrated in every HDFS course,” said Jennifer Crissman Ishler, senior instructor of human development and family studies, who currently teaches HDFS 411. “After all, our major is about helping …
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CTOs to know: Larry Podmolik on Trustwave, cybersecurity, and software
The amount of security data we analyze is scaling rapidly, and to meaningfully process that amount of data, we are increasingly relying on Big Data technologies, including Hadoop (HDFS, HBase, Spark, Flume, etc.) and Elasticsearch. We're also making …
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Top 12 Explanations You'll Hear in 2016 for Why Big Data Isn't Paying Off
Hadoop's fundamental shift to schema-on-read via HDFS provides a faster, more flexible mechanism for exposing the structure of the underlying data without tying it down — in effect, decoupling what the data does from how it does it. 10. Just Putting …
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Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) Course No. 1382

Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) Course No. 1382

24 Lectures • 1 Data Analytics-What’s the “Big” Idea? • 2 Got Data? What Are You Wondering About? • 3 A Mindset for Mastering the Data Deluge • 4 Looking for Patterns-and Causes • 5 Algorithms-Managing Complexity • 6 The Cycle of Data Management • 7 Getting Graphic and Seeing the Data • 8 Preparing Data Is Training for Success • 9 How New Statistics Transform Sports • 10 Political Polls-How Weighted Averaging Wins • 11 When Life Is (Almost) Linear-Regression • 12 Training

List Price: $ 64.99


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Former Vice President of MIT Vannevar Bush’s concept of the Memex introduced for the first time the idea of an easily accessible way to find data. Today, we …
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Big Data Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Prof. Sam Madden – Director, MIT Big Data Initiative Big Data has attracted huge attention in the supply chain domain, and advances in hardware an…
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