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St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) June 10, 2015

Amerinet Inc., a leading national healthcare solutions organization, held its annual Innovation/New Technology Show at the recent Amerinet Member Conference in Orlando, Fla., where Amerinet members, affiliates, sales teams and management met with emerging technology and diversity suppliers.

“This event has grown in both size and scope tremendously over the past several years and is a vital tool in allowing us to explore potential partnerships that bring members improved quality of patient care, reduced costs and enhanced revenue opportunities,” said Dale Wright, chief contracting officer.

The suppliers presented innovative healthcare solutions that are not currently on contract with Amerinet. Amerinet has contracted with a number of suppliers who participated in the show in past years and several other participants are currently under evaluation for possible addition to the Amerinet contract portfolio.

Among the solutions highlighted at the event were:

    Cold compression therapy.
    Health information exchange and data analytics.
    Mobile monitoring technology.
    E-procurement software.
    Hygiene and safety products.
    Wound therapy technology.

“Healthcare is evolving at such a rapid pace,” said Wright. “This event is another opportunity to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s new in the market and what our members think are the most important solutions.”

About Amerinet

As a leading national healthcare solutions organization, Amerinet collaborates with acute and alternate care providers to create and deliver unique solutions through performance improvement resources, guidance and ongoing support. With better product standardization and utilization, new financial tools beyond contracting and alliances that help lower costs, raise revenue and champion quality, Amerinet enriches healthcare delivery for its members and the communities they serve. To learn more about how Amerinet can help you successfully navigate the future of healthcare reform, visit

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Washington, D.C., (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

The Big Data and Enterprise Architecture Conference, to be held by the non-profit Data Management Forum on November 19-21, 2014, in Washington, D.C., is a premier event that shows how breakthroughs in Big Data, Data Warehousing methods, tools and approaches are shaping enterprise architecture within major corporations, governments and businesses on a world-wide basis, while citing from practical applications developed in various industries. It will describe how Big Data—and unstructured data in particular—will vastly influence the Data Management world over the next few years.

Speakers involved with DAMA, NASA, IBM, National Science Foundation, DARPA, National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Defense and White House Presidential Initiative on BIG DATA Research and Development and similar organizations dealing with Big Data issues will discuss some of the most successful programs that promise to greatly improve the tools and techniques needed to access, organize, and glean discoveries from huge volumes of digital data. Such programs hold the promise to solve the Nation’s most pressing challenges using Big Data Technologies in Education; Science; Defense/Intelligence; Biomedical Research; Computing; Energy; and in many more major arenas.

On Friday, the main seminar day, The 2014 Data Warehouse and Enterprise Architecture conference speaker list showcases topics in big data, analytics, enterprise architecture and data warehousing. Bill Inmon, the “Father of Data Warehousing” will present the keynote address, concerning the role of unstructured data in the big data world. Bill describes how some important innovative architectural features are intertwined – the life cycle of data, the need to connect unstructured data with structured data, the need to tightly couple metadata with the warehouse itself, the need for an enterprise metadata repository – all these features are vitally important for the next generation of data warehousing – and all are important to accommodate the needs for big data and analytics.

As an example of the power of NoSQL DB s in handling ANY kind of data—BIG or small—Mr. Norman T. Kutemperor (who has been called the “Father of NoSQL”), of Scientel will present an enhanced Enterprise Content Management & Search (ECMS) solution based on Scientel’s Gensonix NoSQL DB for structured and unstructured Big Data. ECMS can store, organize, and access at many levels virtually any kind of digitized data that an organization wants to track cost-effectively.

It will also focus on how its Gensonix NoSQL DB stores structured/unstructured data in Relational, Network, and Document formats, and is ideal for business, scientific, medical, etc., environments, as well as raw data analysis applications.

Other primary aspects will also be described, such as: Gensonix utilizes the NSQL® language; is native to low level languages such as C; supports many intrinsic functions; and performs easy recursive database/computing operations. Supporting multi-dimensional array processing, Gensonix is capable of very efficient analysis of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at ultrahigh speeds. Gensonix also runs on Large Data Warehouse Appliance configurations and scales to large numbers of multiprocessor nodes.

Brief example case studies to be presented will show how: (a) Gensonix is faster and more economical in both development and production environments; (b) Gensonix can tackle complex problems that are difficult or nearly impossible with certain other types of database solutions; (c) Gensonix fully processes Trillion-record level large data tables without the use of table joins; (d) Scientel’s Gensonix-based ECMS can perform comprehensive, Enterprise-wide, cost-effective, management of ALL digitized data—“Big” or not.; (e) Gensonix can handle Big Data transactional data at speeds in excess of 1 Million transactions/minute, with R&D focusing on speeds much larger on LDWA equipment.

About Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

Scientel Information Technology, Inc. is a U.S.-based, international, systems technology company, operational since 1977. Scientel also designs/produces highly optimized high end servers, which can be bundled with its “GENSONIX® ENTERPRISE” DBMS software, as a single-source supplier of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel also customizes hardware and software for specific applications resulting in higher performance


Scientel’s specialty is advanced NoSQL DBMS design and applications/systems integration for advanced business processes. This includes applications for Big Data, commercial intranets, Supply Chain management, IT consulting, support, etc., along with “beyond mainframe-level” Large Data Warehouse Appliance hardware/systems.

GENSONIX® allows very user-friendly data manipulation capabilities found in standard, SQL-based, database management systems, but it goes beyond. It is truly an “ALL-in-One SQL” — an “All Data Management System” in the form of an ultra-flexible, NoSQL DBMS of perfectly general capabilities and application potentials. It can also function in concert with mainline SQL systems to efficiently handle both structured and unstructured data as a large data warehouse repository. However, it can handle heavy database loads by itself with the aid of the GENSONIX® NSQL©™ query/procedural language. GENSONIX® supports both telnet as well as http interfaces. GENSONIX® is capable of handling trillions of rows/transactions for billions of customers, which is a huge advantage in “truly Big Data” structured applications.

Business customers can take advantage of Scientel’s capabilities in advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to grow their business by handling Big Data more cost-effectively and with greater insights to remain competitive. Scientific, government, and similar organizations can use these capabilities to efficiently process Big Data, instead of being swamped by it. And, Scientel’s Enterprise Content Management & Search solutions can vastly simplify storage, access, and management of any kind of digitized data for any size organization.

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) January 13, 2015

Marc Duey, President of ProMetrics, has over two decades of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology fields. Mr. Duey founded ProMetrics in 1994 to provide data aggregation, integration, analysis and decision support to pharmaceutical companies. Under his direction, the firm has serviced over 140 clients and managed over 9,000 projects. ProMetrics is highly experienced in Specialty Pharmacy Data collection which provides full insight into the patient journey and dollar lifecycle.

Marc Duey’s presentation, titled “Optimize Data Aggregation and Product Decisions Across the Spectrum of Stakeholders” will touch on several leading tactics that executives and their team can utilize to aid in strategic decision support for pharmaceutical brands.    

The presentation will discuss several key solutions, on how to:

Leverage patient-centric data aggregation across service vendors
Discuss meaningful data and how to capture it
Evaluate specialty pharmacy data challenges and views for physicians and patients
Gain insight into regulatory and compliance issues (HIPAA vs marketing opt-in)
Assess the future role of payers and ACOs
Bridge the gap from SPs/service providers and physicians/patients

We hope that you will join us at CBI’s 2015 Hub Models and Program Design conference. This unique two-day event will bring together a dynamic assortment of Bio/Pharmaceutical leaders, whose expertise can provide insight into determining effective decisions on the challenges facing patient services and program effectiveness.

For more information on ProMetrics, please visit our Website, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

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Conference will give eMerging businesses the stage
eMerge Americas' main event Monday and Tuesday at Miami Beach Convention Center aims to offer something for everyone — from big enterprise companies' tech executives and professionals, to academic and community leaders, to students and self-professed …
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Nuspire Networks' Acquisition of Security Confidence Combines Big Data
Nuspire Networks, the leading provider of state-of-the-science network management and security solutions, today announced its ongoing efforts to integrate Big Data analytics with correlation and human analytics to deliver a new level of security …
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Odyssey Consultants Delivers More Powerful Analytics Using Cloudera
Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified platform for big data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop. Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, access, process, secure, and analyze all their …
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Professor David Hand, Imperial College London and Winton Capital Management, at the Demographics User Group Conference 2012. The conference focused on ‘Retai…

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Some recent distributed computing auctions on eBay:

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Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) January 08, 2015

Vision-e announced today that it will release eMaps, a premier geo-location Salesforce application, for MobilePro at the 2015 USCG (NAAO) Agent Owner Partnership Conference January 12-14 at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The Vision-e team will be on-hand to answer any support questions from Agent Owners and present best practices for eMaps.

With eMaps, agent owners can view a client’s contact information as well as maps showing the location of leads, current accounts and more. The app offers map view, satellite view, or street view, allowing sales representatives to quickly identify the location of their next client visit all behind the wheel of their car.

Not only can users view their web-based maps on their phones, they can also use the application’s route-optimized driving directions, potentially cutting hours of drive time. Sales reps can find it easier than ever to navigate and plan their stops throughout the day with eMaps useful combination of Google Maps and Salesforce1.

Product Key Features

With eMaps, users can enjoy many productive features, including: Report mapping; customizable pin colors; map Chatter; map sharing; automatic route optimization; a drawing tool for free-form territory design and management; big data visualization with heat maps; and real-time traffic and weather.

Additional Resources

About Vision-e

Vision-e is a premier provider of solutions. Vision-e helps businesses of all sizes and budgets streamline their Salesforce organization and become more productive, efficient and profitable. Made up of more than just consultants, Vision-e was founded by sales professionals who believe customers come first—no matter what.

From on-of-a-kind business productivity applications to customized services from certified Salesforce Administrators, Vision-e drives the ROI clients want and expect from their Salesforce investment.

“Vision-e provides elegant, highly customizable solutions that help companies of all sizes get the most out of the Salesforce platform. Vision-e: it’s Salesforce…extraordinary.” Jule Limoli, CEO, Vision-e

For more information on Vision-e, go to or call 888-611-2679. Vision-e is headquartered in Fairfield, NJ.


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New York, New York (PRWEB) February 07, 2015

The federal multidistrict litigation established for Lipitor lawsuits ( that claim the medication is associated with an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes continues to move forward in the U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina, Bernstein Liebhard LLP reports. According to court documents, the proceeding’s next Status Conference has been scheduled for Thursday, February 26th at 10:00 a.m. The parties have been directed to submit a Joint Status Report to the Court by February 19th. (In re Lipitor (Atorvastatin) Litigation, MDL No. 2502)

“Our Firm is pleased to see this proceeding moving forward, as we are representing a number of clients who have filed Lipitor diabetes claims. We look forward to the Conference later this month,” says Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a nationwide law firm representing victims of defective drugs and medical devices. The Firm is currently offering free and confidential case reviews to individuals who may have been harmed by Lipitor.

Lipitor Diabetes Litigation

Court records indicate that the litigation surrounding Lipitor and diabetes began to grow in the wake of a U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) alert regarding a possible association between the use of cholesterol-lowering statins and Type 2 diabetes. At the time, the agency said the labels for Lipitor and other statins would be updated to include new information about their potential association with Type 2 diabetes. The FDA was prompted to act by the publication of a study in JAMA: Internal Medicine the previous month which suggested that post-menopausal women treated with statins faced an increased risk of developing new-onset Type 2 diabetes. *

Since then, court records indicate that more than 1,600 Lipitor diabetes claims have been filed in state and federal courts around the country, the majority of which are pending in the federal proceeding underway in South Carolina. Among other things, the lawsuits assert the modifications made to the Lipitor label to comply with the FDA’s 2012 mandate still do not sufficiently inform patients about Lipitor’s association with Type 2 diabetes. The drug’s manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc., is also accused of concealing information about diabetes in order to protect sales of Lipitor.

Lipitor patients who allegedly developed Type 2 diabetes due to the medication may be entitled to compensation from Pfizer. To learn more about filing a Lipitor lawsuit, please visit Bernstein Liebhard LLP’s website. To arrange for a free case review, please call 800-511-5092.

*, JAMA Internal Medicine, January

About Bernstein Liebhard LLP

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is a New York-based law firm exclusively representing injured persons in complex individual and class action lawsuits nationwide since 1993. As a national law firm, Bernstein Liebhard LLP possesses all of the legal and financial resources required to successfully challenge billion dollar pharmaceutical and medical device companies. As a result, our attorneys and legal staff have ben able to recover more than $ 3 billion on behalf of our clients. The Firm has been named by The National Law Journal to the Plaintiffs’ Hot List, recognizing the top plaintiffs firms in the country, for the past 12 consecutive years. Bernstein Liebhard LLP is the only firm in the country to be named to this prestigious list every year since it was first published in 2003.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP

10 East 40th Street

New York, New York 10016


ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. © 2015 Bernstein Liebhard LLP. The law firm responsible for this advertisement is Bernstein Liebhard LLP, 10 East 40th Street, New York, New York 10016, 800-511-5092. Prior results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter.

Contact Information:

Felecia L. Stern, Esq.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP

info (at) consumerinjurylawyers (dot) com

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Cray to Present at Stifel 2015 Technology Conference
Global supercomputing leader Cray Inc. ( NASDAQ : CRAY) provides innovative systems and solutions enabling scientists and engineers in industry, academia and government to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. Leveraging more …
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Netizen Report: Asian Governments Embrace Surveillance in the Name of Security
Global Voices Advocacy's Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world. This week's report begins in East Asia, where several governments are amping up Internet …
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The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations: Social and Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management (Springer Proceedings in Complexity)

The 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations: Social and Big Data Computing for Knowledge Management (Springer Proceedings in Complexity)

The proceedings from the  eighth KMO conference represent the findings of this international meeting which brought together researchers and developers from industry and the academic world to report on the latest scientific and technical advances on knowledge management in organizations. This conference provided an international forum for authors to present and discuss research focused on the role of knowledge management for innovative services in industries, to shed light on recent advances in

List Price: $ 349.00


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